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Lt1 Employment Opportunities:
Multiple Open Positions 

TxOHC Career Center is pleased to post four (4) new employment opportunities currently available for Dentists, Dental Assistants, and a Front Office Manager.

Community Dental Care has multiple full-time and part-time positions opened in Corpus Christi and Abilene. Please visit http://txohc.org/Employment.html for details regarding position requirements and their benefits package.
Lt2Nominations Requested for the 2015
Texas Oral Health Champion

The Texas Oral Health Coalition's Board of Directors are now accepting nominations for outstanding individuals and/or organizations who are dedicated to improving oral health in Texas.

This is an excellent opportunity to show someone how much their work is appreciated. Award winners will be honored during the annual meeting at the Oral Health Summit, Friday, November 6, 2015 at the Omni Colonnade in San Antonio.


All nominations must be submitted by: Monday, September 21st at 5:00 p.m. CDT.


General Information/Instructions
  1. Please nominate only one individual or organization. Awards are designed to recognize contributions that far exceed that of the normal course of duty. 
  2. No endorsement letters may be attached to nomination .
  3. Please complete the online Oral Health Champion nomination form here.
Love to write and possess a strong desire to share something about oral health with others?
Please consider becoming a guest contributor on our
new blog. 
Should Wisdom Teeth Stay or Should They Go?

Please read this month's blog post "Should Wisdom Teeth Stay or Should They Go?" by guest contributor Dr. Mac Lee and let us know your thoughts on wisdom teeth extraction. 


If you are interested in becoming a TxOHC Sponsor or Exhibitor, please submit a completed Sponsor Prospectus.

For more information regarding sponsorship and in-kind donations to be used towards your sponsorship fees, please visit the TxOHC Sponsor page at
Community Water Fluoridation Update for  
Austin and San Marcos

VICTORY for Austin residents!!!
August 19, 2015, in a combined meeting of the Austin City Council's Health & Human Services and Public Utilities Committee, a panel discussion was conducted regarding the cessation of Community Water Fluoridation (CWF).
To view this hearing, please go to http://austintx.swagit.com/play/08192015-749
The motion to send the proposed resolution to cease CWF to the City Council was proposed by Councilman Don Zimmerman, but the resolution was lost when no one seconded his motion.

TxOHC would like to thank the Austin Public Health officials, HHS and PUC members, all of the pro-fluoridation attendees, the many organizations and individuals that wrote letters in support of CWF and especially the members of the pro-fluoridation panel: Phil Huang, MD, Matthew Heck, MS, DDS, Elyse Barron, DDS, John P. Brown, BDS, PhD and Jane Burazer for an outstanding job!

This was truly a collaborative effort from many sources and resulted in a win for all residents in Austin. Kudos to you all!


Water Fluoridation on the
November 3rd San Marcos Ballot

The November ballot will ask San Marcos voters to amend the City Charter to prohibit adding fluoride to the municipal water supply.        
  • PROPOSITION NO. 1Amending the San Marcos City Charter to add a separate section relating to fluoridation of the San Marcos municipal water supply to read as follows:  "The City of San Marcos shall not add, or direct or require its agents to add fluoride in the form of hydrofluorosilicic acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, or sodium silicofluoride to the San Marcos municipal water supply;"
Interprofessional Collaboration  
a t its Highest; Connection Made at
Texas Oral Health Summit

Pediatric Dentistry and Cardiology -

Access to Care Solution?

Gary Badger, DDS, MS
Keila Lopez, MD, MPH  

Excerpt from The Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society, August 2015.

A pediatric dentistry and cardiology pilot study was performed to evaluate their knowledge about health disparities and access to care when combining care for families whose child has Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). The project involved screening of CHD patients for dental caries, assessing caries risk and assigning caries risk levels based upon family history, diet, and oral hygiene habits. This combined program integrated pediatric dentistry and families. Each doctor read ethics articles to determine how the project affected their understanding of ethical and health disparities issues. The results showed that it was possible to train cardiology professionals to combine oral screenings and assign an oral risk level at their cardiology appointments while performing their cardiac evaluations.  The ethical and health disparity awareness, reflected the need for improved efficiencies within the health care.

View full article here http://www.txohc.org/PDFsPPs/Pediatric-Dentistry-Cardiology-Access-to-Care-Solution.pdf.
2015 Texas Oral Health Summit
"Strengthening the Network"

Online Summit Registration  
September 1, 2015

What are the Top Five (5) Reasons to attend the 2015 Texas Oral Health Summit?

Attendees will LEARN . . .
  1. How to achieve sustainable behavior change to improve health through motivational interviewing.
  2. How to utilize TELEDENTISTRY in underserved communities and populations.
  3. How to integrate HEENOT not just HEENT, putting the mouth back in exams!
  4. How to incorporate oral health EDUCATION AND PREVENTION into primary care.
  5. Why ORAL HEALTH is so important to your patient's OVERALL HEALTH.
Plan now to join your friends and colleagues for the Texas Oral Health Coalition's premier public health education event November 5-7, 2015 at the Omni Colonnade Hotel in San Antonio.

For additional information regarding course topics, speakers and objectives please visit
Poster Presentations:
In an effort to increase participation for this event,  presenters do not have to be registered for the summit.  Please read the Poster Presentation Guidelines and  Application for complete details and  send in your application soon to secure your place and an opportunity to win a monetary award.  
Opening Reception:
Join us Thursday, November 5th, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. to relax and unwind with colleagues during this fun-filled opening reception. Enjoy light hors d' oeuvres  at the Opening Reception, while you bid on those "must have" items donated by TxOHC members and friends during the Silent Auction. Money raised during this event go to support the infrastructure of our valuable coalition.   
Silent Auction Donations:
Donate something you would enjoy or reach out to a local company for a donation to help promote their brand.  Donating products or services are a nice way to share the brands you like with other health providers, while supporting the Texas Oral Health Coalition, Inc., our favorite 501c3 nonprofit.
Please complete the donation form and submit to   Beth Stewart  by October 5, 2015.

2015 Oral Health America's  
Fall for Smiles Campaign  

OHA's annual Fall for Smiles campaign is coming up this September, encouraging all Americans to take care of their mouths through daily oral care habits, regular dental visits, eating a healthy diet and avoiding tobacco products.

Learn more about the Fall for Smiles campaign at https://oralhealthamerica.org/participate/fall-for-smiles/   and participate to encourage good oral health care habits. 


for   the 2015 
Texas Oral Health Summit

November 5-7, 2015