United Children & Parents

Vol. XXIX, Issue 4
Ty Grows Tropical Fruit

Ty Seely has accomplished a lot in his 23 years on the planet. He is graduating from OSU this month with degrees in International Studies and Horticulture.

During his time in college, he was able to travel to Guatemala for 10 weeks, Indonesia for three weeks, and to Puerto Rico twice. He has a passion for growing tropical fruit, and all of these international experiences were able to provide him with crucial experiential learning opportunities. Here is an article published by the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU a bout Ty that tells more: Ty's Story

In that article you can then click on a blog that Ty wrote about his traveling experience in Guatemala. Ty and his family have been connected with UCP Family Support for over 15 years. For the families raising children with ataxia , here's an example showing that possibilities are endless.

Here's a banner on the OSU campus with a picture of Ty in Guatemala!
This is what Ty has to say about his ataxic CP:

"I just thought I'd also mention that for me, horticulture is a therapy. Not only has it been a therapy for the CP, but also for day to day life. I get to work with plants all the time, which I love, but gardening and working with my hands I think really improves moral, even if it can be hard at times. I enjoy doing tissue culture of plants in labs, but it does take a little longer for me to do these things because of the motor skills. But that's okay, we all work through challenges don't we :) Working with plants makes me happy and I think others with CP might also be able to find joy in taking care of plants. Hopefully others can find joy and encouragement from my story and set forth to conquer everything they've imagined too."

Below is a pictures from a presentation he made!
Photos from the 18th UCP Family Conference
Our 18th Family Conference was another successful gathering of families, self-advocates, professionals, and exceptional speakers. Over 200 people participated in this two day event. To see photos from the conference, click here .
Facebook Group for UCP Parents
Did you know that we have a very active, very supportive closed Facebook group just for parents of children with physical disabilities? This fabulous group is for moms and dads of special needs children with cerebral palsy and related conditions who live in the Northwest. It's a great resource to get to know other parents and their kids. Everything from play dates, to feedback on treatments, and exchanging equipment.. Ask to join and we'll add you.
The ABLE Act
Save for Your Child's Future

If your child is under 21, donations to their ABLE account are tax deductible!

The Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was passed by Congress in 2014. This allowed states to establish ABLE plans that allow people with disabilities to save for their everyday needs without losing their state and federal benefits. The Oregon ABLE Savings Plan was established by a group of self-advocates, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. This unique program provides eligible residents and their families the resources, support and holistic services to reach their financial goals. Money saved in an ABLE plan does not count against the asset limits of state and federal benefits.

if your child is under 21, deposits made to their ABLE Act account are tax deductible up to a certain amount.
Holiday Stress Guide:

UCP Family Roller Skating Outing

April 14, 2019
Oaks Park Roller Rink

Susan Cushman
When insurance won't pay
Here's a list of suggestions:

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