Volume I Issue 9 ~ October 28, 2018
1. Academics Spotlight
Mr. Pinkleman's ceramics classes were fully engaged in their projects this week. Students could practice their skills with the wheel to make a pot, paint and glaze their work from the previous class, or start on the process of making a woven basket. With aprons on students were ready to go and enjoying the time to get hands on in the classroom.
2. Athletics Spotlight
Our Sea Kings continue to hold the title of Kings of the Hill after their victory Friday 28-0 over the Panthers. This win also gave our football team the title of 2018 Bay League Champs for the 8th year in a row. Congrats boys!

Girls Tennis beat Peninsula for the first time since 2009 and are now the Bay League Champions! The girls continue to compete in CIF in individuals and team competition. Madisen Olsen and Cara Hung also won the Bay League Doubles! They beat Mira Costa’s 6-4. They will now play in doubles CIF as well.

PV Varsity surf team took the win against South 91 to 56 with Trevor Khan, Briggs Peus, Rodney Buck, and Savannah Scriven all placong first in their heats. 
PV junior varsity took the win against San Pedro 91 to 51 with Logan McKay, Leo Monteil, Ethan Emery, Sage Roth-Berg, Andrew Laurin and Sarah Buch all placing first in their heats.

Girls Golf players Meg Yoshida and Keira Wang advanced to the CIF individual finals. The entire team will play in the CIF team finals on Monday.

Boys Water Polo beat Peninsula 17-7 to make them Bay League Champions! They play in the first round on CIF on Tuesday.
3. Activities Spotlight
Thursday at lunch ASB brought all of our Sea Kings out to the park during lunch for our annual Kings of the Hill rally. There were performances from choreo, song, and the cheer team. With the upcoming drama production, there was also a dance battle and trivia contest between our football players and our drama students. The rally was a huge success in getting everyone ready to take down the Panthers at the game on Friday.
4. Rivalry Week
It was Rivalry Week here at PV. Our spirit week was all about creating positive school spirit and getting our Sea Kings excited for the annual PV v Pen Football game on Friday. From Pajama day, Meme day Monday, Hat day, and Red Tide spirit day, our Sea Kings were getting in the mood. Rivalry week ended with a pump up picnic at lunch on Friday and a Sea King victory on the field, crowning our team Bay League Champions and Kings of the Hill!
5. Crosswalk Karaoke
You might have seen The Late Late Show with James Corden's sketch Crosswalk Karaoke. Our PVHS drama department had our own rendition of the sketch Wednesday morning as part of morning drop off. Once traffic stopped, our drama students would perform and show a preview to advertise the upcoming drama show. Our students received countless rounds of applause with honking and cheering from every car.
6. A Midsummer's Night Dream
Drama's fall production "A Midsummer's Night Dream" opened Friday night. With three sold out shows this weekend, make sure to buy your tickets to the show next weekend soon. You do not want to miss this production that features a New York twist on the classic Shakespearean novel. Tickets can still be purchased for next weekend's shows by clicking here .
7. LA Sparks Assembly
The LA Sparks outreach team visited our school this past week to talk to our students about mental health, vaping, peer pressure, and more. Students got to ask questions and engage in a conversation with their peers about these behaviors. Team mascot Sparky also stopped by to engage with our students in this discussion. Thank you to all of our classes who came out for this opportunity.
8. Student Spotlight
The PVHS Varsity Sailing Team dominated the 1st Regatta of the Year. Gavin McJones and Lukas Kraak along with their crew Grant Coors and Sophia Lopez traveled with their team to Monterey Bay for a 2 day Regatta. They competed against 30 other High Schools and finished 3rd. This is a great win for PVHS Congratulations Team!
9. Skechers Walk
This morning students, parents, staff, and community members joined together to walk in participation at the annual Skechers Friendship Walk. PVHS raised over $10,000 to support this cause and our Peninsula Education Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped to make a difference!
10. Next week at a glance
  • Red Ribbon Week starts today!
  • Golf Team Finals
  • 2018 Free Korean Lunch Day! To promote the excellence of Korean culinary, the tasty and healthy Korean Lunch will be served to Palos Verdes High School students and staff on Monday 29. This event is sponsored and supported by the Korean Food Global Association and funded by the Korean government to promote Korean Food. 

  • Boys Water Polo first round of CIF versus Aliso Niguel at home at 3om
  • Movie Afternoon in the Library. Come watch some Halloween favorites with your friends after school.
  • Understanding PV Teens: A panel discussion on the challenges, stresses, and temptations facing our teenagers in the Palos Verdes Community at 7pm in the OAR

  • CIF Tennis at home at 3pm
  • Pumpkin Palooza in Sea King Park during lunch!

Thursday :
  • Golf Individual Finals
  • Drama performance 3:30pm

Friday :
  • First round of CIF for Football
  • End of Quarter 1
  • Swim team tryouts at 3:30pm for new swimmers only
  • Drama performance at 7pm
Health and Wellness


As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, there is a new major problem targeting teenagers: VAPING. The Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) has declared youth vaping an epidemic, and is trying to ratchet up the control of these devices and substances to teenagers. Vaping has become the most popular tobacco product among teenagers, with nearly 12 percent of high school students, (almost 2 million) and 3 percent of middle schoolers (500,000) admitting to using the devices in the last 30 days. Of greater concern is the incredible growth daily of the number of kids trying it. While cigarette smoking is decreasing among teenagers, vaping is on the rise, as kids falsely perceive it to be safer than smoking tobacco. In this week’s column, I will cover some of the basics that parents should know about, and in future columns will address the allure for teens, the neurological and psychological basis for using, the consequences, and what can be done.

According to the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, “Vapes and e-cigarettes are battery operated devices that people use to inhale an aerosol, which typically (though not always) contains nicotine along with flavorings or other chemicals.” Vapes come in an array of styles, looking like cigarettes, pipes, and everyday objects like flash drives, pens, inhalers, and other objects. As popularity and use increases, manufacturers go to great lengths to assist teens in hiding the devices and deceiving adults around them, like putting them in hooded sweatshirts with the teens smoking through the seemingly harmless cord. These are strange manners of administration created by the vaping companies, considering they strongly declare that vaping is for adults only – sure! E-cigarettes are known by many different names, including e-cigs, hookahs, mods, vape pens, JUULs, jeweling, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

The devices work by placing a liquid cartridge into a battery powered heating element, which atomizes the solution, and is breathed in by a mouthpiece. Although the liquids are often flavored, the vaping is usually odorless and smokeless, and generally undetectable. The liquids are also often flavored and packaged to give the appearance of something fun and harmless. Unfortunately, that is where the problem starts. Most vaping products that teens use have high levels of nicotine. According to the manufacturer of JUUL, the most popular device, a single JUUL pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes!

The younger kids start using a vaping/nicotine product, the higher the chances for addiction to nicotine, and the stronger the addiction. 40% of kids who vaped started using tobacco products, compared to 10% of youth that did not smoke at all. That is just the beginning. Teens who begin to vape are twice as likely to move on to marijuana products as those who do not vape, with marijuana in the form of hash oil, wax, and other potent THC products. Nicotine and THC are extremely dangerous and damaging to the vulnerable, developing teen brain. Again, that is just the beginning. There are a host of severe medical, psychological, and developmental problems which arise out of vaping. I will cover these in future articles in detail.

Knowledge is the first step in battling this epidemic. It is, literally, happening right under our noses. Although our kids believe, and want us to believe, that vaping is harmless, that is far from the truth. They are being manipulated by big business, who are motivated by huge profits, both now and in the future. What teens perceive as harmless actually has severe, and long term negative consequences.

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at askdrgelbart@gmail.com.

Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center
General Info
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