Volume I Issue 7 ~ October 14, 2018
1. Academics Spotlight
This week we are excited to honor our students who have been recognized for their outstanding academic achievements.

National Hispanic Scholars:

Sara Atashi
Carmen Boixo Fernandez de la Cigona
Andre Lawrence
Sophia Lopez
Hana Meroth
Ryan Tahbaz
Kristen Tomasevic
Ryan Ramos

National Merit Semi-Finalists:

Youngeun Kim
Dylan Shiao
2. Athletics Spotlight
PVHS football will play versus Redondo on Monday at 3pm at Redondo after their game last week was cancelled due to weather. Come out and support our Sea Kings!

Cross Country hosted the first bay league meet at home. The boys won the meet and the girls came in 3rd.

Girls Volleyball defeated rivals Peninsula at home in three games to make a clean sweep over the Panthers and secure a spot in the playoffs.

Girls Tennis beat Mira Costa with a 13-5 win.

Girls Golf placed 2nd in the Ayala tournament led by Meg Yoshida's tournament low score of 69. They also swept Torrance to win the Ocean League Title.

Boys Water Polo beat Redondo 11-5 at home on Monday.
3. Activities Spotlight
This week BTC sponsored our annual College Week. With Sophomores and Juniors taking the PSAT and PreACT, this week is about spreading the college spirit. Teachers participated in an East vs. West tug-o-war during nutrition where the West coast colleges were victorious. The highlight of the week was the door decorating competition between every 5th period class. Congrats to Ms. Palossari's 5th period class on having the winning door!
4. Comedy Sportz
Comedy Sportz season started on Thursday night with their kick off match versus our leadership groups of ASB, BTC, and Red Tide. The competitions are always a hit with our students and this one was no exception. Thank you to all of our students who participated and everyone who came out to support our programs on campus.
5. PSAT and PreACT
Last Wednesday was the national testing date for the PSAT and PreACT taken by Juniors and Sophomores. Thanks to the hardwork of our CCC and PTSA, every 10th and 11th grader had the opportunity to test here at PV. These tests are great practice exams to get students prepared for taking the actual tests later in high school. This was an invaluable opportunity for our students and thank you to everyone who helped to make this day happen!
6. FASFA Workshop
The College and Career Center hosted a workshop for all of our families about FASFA, the college financial aid process. This is just one of the workshops that our CCC has hosted in order to help inform students and families about college, the application process, and more. Their next workshop is hosting Road Trip Nation on Thursday October 18th at 6:30pm.
7. Model United Nations
One of our signature programs, Model United Nations, or MUN, participated in their first competition of the year this weekend. Over 20 students went to the Cerritos High School MUN Conference to represent PVHS. Our students did a fantastic job and look forward to many more competitions in the upcoming months.
8. Student Spotlight
Senior Gavin Malcolm McJones won the Olympic Class Regatta in Laser Radials in San Diego on October 6-7th, Gavin won every race and will be one of the first names on a perpetual trophy. This regatta win has pre-qualified him to attend the US Sailing Youth Championships 2019. Good luck Gavin!
9. Guest Speakers
While our Juniors and Sophomores were busy testing, the counseling department and the college and career center teamed up to provide guest speakers to our Freshmen and Seniors. Seniors heard about college application secrets and our Freshmen got to hear an inspirational message about mindfulness. Thank you to both of our speakers for supporting our students!
10. Next week at a glance
  • This week is Career Week at PVHS! Come for the launch of the new lunchtime program, "Information Insights" a career Q&A series with professionals from a wide array of work fields. The library will host three guest speakers this week, Monday, Thursday, & Friday, come hear their stories and ask your questions! Have a suggestion for future speakers? Visit bit.ly/infoinsight
  • Water Polo vs. Laguna Beach
  • Mandatory club meeting at lunch in the MPR
  • Career Talk at Lunch in the Library: Financial Adviser
  • Football game at Redondo 3pm (Rematch from Friday's game that was cancelled due to weather)

  • Club Rush at Lunch
  • Golf vs. Redondo
  • Tennis vs. Redondo
  • Volleyball Wildcard Game

  • Club Rush at Lunch
  • Golf League Finals
  • School Site Council Meeting 3pm

Thursday :
  • Career Talk at Lunch in the Library: Environmental Design
  • Water Polo @ Mira Costa
  • Volleyball Round 1 CIF
  • Tennis vs. Leuzinger
  • Road Trip Nation and Princeton Review present Best Fit College and Best Fit Careers on Thursday, October 18, at 6:30 pm at PVHS.

Friday :
  • Career Talk at Lunch in the Library: Inventor and Entrepreneur
  • Water Polo @ Damien
  • Football vs. Leuzinger

Were only 10 school days away from the Skecher's walk! Be on the look out for more information about how to join the PV High team soon!
Health and Wellness


There is the inevitable, seemingly never ending struggle between children and teens trying to establish their own identity, and live by their own rules, and we parents trying to teach them, guide them, and protect them from dangerous behaviors and actions. Sometimes it feels to both sides like there are rules for everything, nothing is acceptable, and there is a constant tug of war regarding rules and expectations. To cope with this, and ultimately achieve better relationships and results, I advise parents to adopt what I call the “A-B-C” method.

The core principle is to understand that all behaviors are not equal, and for parents to be able to distinguish between essential and non-essential issues. I suggest dividing the issues with your teenagers into A, B, and C categories. “A” category issues are essential, and non-negotiable. It is important to note that for each of these categories, there are no hard and fast rules as to what is to be included – each set of parents decide what fits for them. The most important issue is that both parents be on the same page, or the result will be massive splitting.

“A” category issues are things like taking drugs or drinking, attending school, not being verbally or physically abusive, and behaviors which are absolutely unacceptable. The child needs to know that these behaviors and rules are non-negotiable, and parents will do whatever it takes to insure compliance. Most parents can identify “A” issues relatively easily.

“C” issues are things your child does, that you don’t like or agree with, but that you can live with. Again, it is each parent’s personal decision as to what constitutes a “C” item, but it is things like the color or length of their hair, how well they clean their room, how they spend some of their time. My recommendations regarding “C” issues are to let your child know how you feel, but let them make their own choices. This is an important step in them developing their self-identity and to independence.

Finally, “B” issues are those areas where parents express their desires and expectations, children express their points of view, preferences, and choices, and there is an attempt at negotiation, bargaining, and compromise. “B” issues can be things like curfew times, attending events or parties, screen time on cell phones or devices. The goal on “B” issues is to try and arrive at compromise and understanding, learning to give and take, and both points of view receiving respect and validation.

Although not a hard and fast rule, you should try and achieve a balance between A-B-and C behaviors, perhaps close to a third for each. When caught in a battle, you can ask yourself, “is this A, B, or C” and act accordingly. The problem for many parents, and children, is when everything begins to be an “A”, ie, how you clean your room becomes as much of a battle as whether you try drugs, and the child then begins to tune everything out, and hears everything as an absolute demand. These children
experience and perceive their parents as trying to control all aspects of their life, and a common reaction is to rebel against everything.

Think about your own situations, and try and place rules/expectations into A-B-C buckets. I think you will find a much more pleasant response from your children. I am impressed that parents with whom I have presented this to have taken it to heart, remembered if for years, and found it works extremely well.

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at askdrgelbart@gmail.com.

Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center
General Info
600 Cloyden Road, Palos Verdes Estates, 90274 ~ 310-378-8471 ~ pvhs.pvpusd.net