Volume I Issue 25 ~ March 10th, 2019
1. Academics Spotlight
Mrs. Byrne's french classes celebrated Mardi Gras with the tradition of making and decorating masks. This French holiday is normally celebrated with lots of food, celebrations, parades, and more. What a fun way to bring a little bit of France to PV High!
2. Athletics Spotlight
Baseball beat Carson 4-1 and North Torrance 7-0.

Softball beat Mary Star 3-1 and POLA 10-0.

Boys Volleyball beat South 3-0. Good luck in the Poway tournament this weekend!

Boys Lacrosse beat Harvard Westlake 9-8 and Redondo 15-3. The boys also beat Faith Lutheran 11-5.

Girls Lacrosse won the Rose Bowl Lacrosse Tournament by winning all 3 games. PV won its first match against Los Alamitos 12-1 and then beat out Westlake 7-6 in sudden death overtime to advance to the finals. PV played and beat Redondo after coming back from a 5-2 first half deficit to win the Championship 8-6. The girls also beat Glendale 16-7 at home last week.

Swim had their second non-league meet vs Santa Monica HS. The Boys Varsity team won their second non-league meet (94-75). The 200 yd Free Relay team of: Williams Criley, Henry Boyle, Aidan Wattson, Anthony D'Ambra earned a CIF consolation time of 1:38.60. The Boys 400 yd Free Relay team just missed the consolation time by .02. PV plays West on Wednesday at the new Torrance Aquatics Center and home on Friday vs North.  
3. Blood Drive
The Health Professionals of the Future club partnered with Cedars Sinai to host a blood drive on campus. This event gave students, staff, and community members the opportunity to save a life. Thank you to all of the club members and staff who helped to make this day a success.
4. PVIT Spotlight
30 PVHS students spent their Saturday morning from 9-12:30 competing in the Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) competition. During this one-day competition, students apply math and science knowledge in practical creative ways to solve real-world engineering challenges through an essay, multiple choice exam and a design/build component. This was a fun, hands-on and collaborative event supported by PVIT and Science NHS. Way to go Sea Kings!  
5. Staff Appreciation Week
This week our PTSA spoiled our staff during the annual Staff Appreciation Week. Teachers enjoyed different breakfasts, snacks, and lunch with their colleagues. We are so appreciative of our PTSA and all of their hard work in making this week happen. Thank you!
6. Photo Spotlight
For 10 years selected PVHS Animation Students, lead by teacher Ms. Jimenez, visit one class, grades 1-5, once a month, for the whole school year, teaching age appropriate drawing skills. 

This year students Madison Tody and Kayla Valentekovic took charge of the program. The students gain confidence with public speaking, leadership skills, while teaching something they love to do in their own lives.
7. PVOW Spotlight
Following Human Right's Week and in conjunction with International Women's Day, the Palos Verdes Organization of Women club on campus was able to donate over 100 boxes of feminine hygiene products to the San Pedro Rainbow Shelter. Thank you PVOW for all of your hard work in giving back to the community and to everyone who donated to this great cause.
8. Comedy Sportz
The highly anticipated Comedy Sportz match between the students and staff took place last week in a sold out MPR. Dr. Tyner, Ms. Hafer, Ms. Jarrin, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Driver, Mr. Warren, Mr. Hill, and Mrs. Mindicino all competed against our all star improv team in a hilarious night. It was a close match, but the teachers came out with the win 35-34. Thank you to everyone who participated and came out to support!
9. Student Spotlight
In a previous edition of the Top 10, we acknowledged the hard work of one of our students that was chosen as a finalist for the Coca Cola Scholarship award.

We are proud to announce that senior Hana Meroth is now a recipient of the Coca Cola Scholarship award. Hana is one of 150 students chosen for this award nationwide and will receive a $20,000 college scholarship. To read more about this prestigious award, click here .

Congratulations Hana for all of your hard work and this amazing accomplishment!
10. Next week at a glance
  • Happy Monday Sea Kings!

  • Boys Golf @ Redondo
  • Boys Tennis vs. South
  • Softball @ Torrance Tournament


  • Girls Lacrosse vs. Redondo
  • Swim @ West
  • Softball @ Torrance Tournament
  • Boys Volleyball @ Sierra Canyon

Thursday :

  • Today is Peninsula Education Foundations 1 day 100k fundraiser! Read below for more information or click here to donate!
  • Boys Volleyball @ Mira Costa
  • Baseball @ Torrance
  • Golf vs. Redondo
  • Softball @ Torrance Tournament
  • Boys Tennis @ Mira Costa
  • College Essentials Toolkit 6:30pm in the MPR. Come learn about Options & Opportunities, What KINDS OF COLLEGES are there and what's best for me? Hear about international colleges, colleges in different regions of the USA: small, private liberal arts colleges, large research universities, "Big Sports" PAC12 schools to "Faith Based" schools.

Friday :
  • Softball @ Torrance Tournament
  • Boys Lacrosse @ Westlake
  • Girls Lacrosse vs. Mira Costa

Save the date! Our spring evacuation drill will take place on March 29th.
Be on the look out for more details in the future.

Health and Wellness

Each week, one of our community partners, Dr. Moe Gelbart generously volunteers his time to provide information for our community related to wellness. Dr. Gelbart is the Executive Director of Thelma McMillen Center in Torrance.


I’ve been in practicing as a psychologist for 42 years. When I first started my career, I worked extensively with children, adolescents, and families. I remember seeing troubled children enter treatment, and often saw extreme dysfunction in the family system. Things seemed to make sense. Children were experiencing problems as a result of experiences they had within their families. That realization only lasted a short while, however.

I remember, very early in my career, a young girl was going through severely difficult emotional problems, combined with significant drug abuse. Her parents and family were wonderful, smart, supportive, communicative, concerned, and did everything they could for her, and provided all the professional help they could. In spite of their positive parenting, the young woman was quite troubled. And to make matters worse, the parents blamed themselves, felt guilty, felt they didn’t do enough, and felt fully responsible for their daughter’s problems. I have been struck ever since how willing parents are to take blame for their children’s problems. If their child is depressed, anxious, using drugs or alcohol, in trouble with the law, doing poorly in school, or some other problem, parents are quick to blame themselves, and question what did they do wrong. Interestingly, I have never met a parent who has taken responsibility for their child’s successes. Never do they proclaim “my child is an all-American athlete” or “my child became CEO of XYZ” all “because of me”. It is only when things don’t go well that they feel responsible.

The truth is, parents DO have a major role/responsibility in their children’s development and well-being, but by no means are they fully in control of the outcome. When I work with parents on learning to “be kind to themselves”, I help them recognize that in addition to factors at home, children are influenced by peers, teachers, magazines, movies, television, music, rock stars, celebrities, and more. In addition, they come into this world with a genetic makeup, and a unique personality. If there are mental health issues or addiction issues in their genetic background/history, they will be more prone to those kind of problems than their peers. If children experience adverse childhood events, or trauma, often outside of parental control, their chances of having mental health or substance abuse issues are greatly increased.

Of course, there is social media, quickly becoming one of the strongest influences in the issues that effect your children, and one of the major contributors to stress, depression, anxiety, and drug/alcohol abuse. I compare social media to nuclear power: used properly, it can light up a city, but used incorrectly, it can blow up a city,

So as not to be mistaken, parents have a critical, crucial, and overwhelming role in the well-being of their children. I am only expressing that all problems are not a result of parental mistakes, and even the best parenting cannot prevent children from experiencing problems.

The most powerful parental second guessing I have worked with is the number of parents I have seen who have lost a child to drug issues. Clearly, nothing could be more painful. Every parent I have seen have wracked themselves thinking “could I have done more”, or “I should have done more” or “did I enable too much”. Everyone I have personally worked with had spent years doing everything they could for their child. I cannot ease their pain and their loss, but I work hard to relieve them of the guilt they feel, and remind them that they are not in control of what happens to their children, and we never know how things would have turned out if they had acted differently.

Parents have a role, but they are not fully responsible, for what difficulties their children experience. As parents, we need to work on our parenting, and learn how to communicate effectively, provide unconditional love, strengthen self-esteem, provide appropriate boundaries and consequences, and much, much more. At the same time, parents need to engage in self-care, pursue their own interests and friendships, and learn how to experience joy and meaning in their lives, and not have all of their own self-meaning revolve around their children’s successes or failures.

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at askdrgelbart@gmail.com.

Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center
General Info
If you volunteer in any way, please let us know. Contact: pavelkas@pvpusd.net to be selected for a spread on volunteer work on and off campus.
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