Volume I Issue 20 ~ February 3rd,, 2019
1. Academics Spotlight
In Ms. Flemings chemistry class, students are given the opportunity to think critically and work collaboratively in groups. Students made predictions and answered pre lab questions together before moving on to 5 different stations set up around the room. Each station had students analyzing and computing the mass of various objects after a 5 minute time span. Students then had to find other calculations at each station.
2. Athletics Spotlight
Boys Basketball beat Leuzinger 72-61 and the Peninsula Panthers 53-52 with a pair of Jack Good free throws with 2s left. PV finishes tied with peninsula for 2nd in league.

Girls Basketball beat Leuzinger 52-39 and lost to Peninsula 46-41.

Boys Soccer lost to Leuzinger and won versus Peninsula 5-3.

Girls Soccer beat Leuzinger but beat Peninsula 3-0

Girls Waterpolo beat LaSerna 10-8 and beat Peninsula 9-5.
3. PVIT Spotlight
Congratulations to the PVIT VEX Robotics team for bringing home the Judges Award from their Los Angeles tournament last weekend. The two teams had excellent results because, among other features, their robot could automatically aim balls at a target using a vision sensor system. The team has been working day and night, thanks to a ton of parental support, to practice, test, and tune before their next tournament this weekend. We are really proud of (pictured L to R) - Aaron Guo, Dominic Bidondo-Yore, Tyler Ewald, Noah Lin, Cole Welcher, Karl Velazquez, Zach Huang, and Cameron Greene (Not pictured: Chris Salas and 8th graders Connor Peters and Elijah Huang).   Our 3 VEX teams were in 2nd, 3rd and 5th place alliances going into playoffs. Our teams won the tournament champions and design award! Great job Sea Kings!
4. Slam Poetry Night
On Wednesday, 15 slam poets from Tradewinds Literary Magazine performed original performance word poetry to a crowd of 200. Topics ranged from body image to heritage to writer’s block and more. Snaps from the audience demonstrated a connection to the topics being presented. Emcees Sammy Spivey and Cheridan Agnew hosted the evening. Adviser Ms. Pavelka was proud of all of the presenters and grateful to the students who came out to support the event.
5. Yearbook Spotlight
The National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award recognizes those yearbook programs who excel in the creation, coverage and distribution of their yearbook on a nationwide basis. This is the second consecutive year that the award has been given and the Palos Verdes Triton Yearbook has received this award both years. Congratulations to Editors-in-Chief Amy Miao, Ciara Lally, Ava Dahle, Lindsey Staub and Izzy Wilbur, Junior Editors-in-Chief Malia Shitabata and Hana Meroth and nearly 70 staff members. The current leaders and Adviser Susan Pavelka are proud to accept this award on behalf of Palos Verdes High School. 
6. Rivalry Week Spotlight
One of the best things about high school sports is the annual rivalry week and this week our Sea Kings were ready for victory versus the Panthers. With wins in girls water polo, girls soccer, boys soccer, and boys basketball over the Panthers, it was clear that the Panthers were no match for our Sea Kings. Culminating with our Red Tide Nation packing the gym on Thursday night to support our teams, this week really showed everyone that this is our house.
7. TUPE Spotlight
Four PV High students, Luke Stiebel, CJ Haddad, Anna Hill, and Akunnia Akubuilo attended the TUPE Conference this week which focuses on Tobacco Use Prevention Education through youth advocacy. Our students sat in various sessions and worked with other high school students from around Southern California to brainstorm ways in which they could make a difference.
8. Live from 205 Spotlight
The Broadcast Excellence Awards honor the top STN student-produced news programs which aired between September 1st and December 12th 2018. This is a student only contest- Advisers may not write, shoot or edit any part of an Excellence entry. This must be 100% student produced. One winner is selected from each of the 7 regions. 

Palos Verdes High School, Live From 205 has won the West Region, as the best Weekly News Show.  Congratulations to all of the students for their hard work in the Live from 205 program.
9. Student Spotlight
Each January, the SCPGA Junior Tour hosts the annual Banquet of Champions, a night dedicated to celebrating the past season's accomplishments. Recognizing not only those players who have excelled on the course, but also the people and organizations who have supported junior golf. PVHS Sea King Megan Gormley was awarded the Foundation Award which goes to a junior golfer who exemplifies outstanding character, leadership, and integrity. 
10. Next week at a glance
  • The creative writing club is hosting author Jonathon Stewart, Stop by room 509 at lunch
  • This is the last week to buy your winter formal tickets! Tickets can be purchased in the student store from 8:00-3:00 p.m. daily. Come join us for a fun night of dancing with a great DJ, appetizer and dessert stations, and entertainment at The Hanger at the Orange County Fairgrounds! Dress is semi formal and all ages are welcome! No date needed to come and have fun with your Sea King family! Questions, please contact Jama Maxfield at maxfieldj@pvpusd.net
Students with 2018-2019 ASB – ticket price is $100.00
Students without ASB & Guests – ticket price is $115.00
  • AP Testing Registration opens tomorrow! Click here to find out more and to register before the March 4th deadline or ask your AP teacher for more information.

  • PV Juniors Scholarship Information Session in the CCC at lunch
  • Girls Water polo @ Crescenta Valley for the CIF Wild Card game


  • School site council meeting 3pm in the library
  • Girls Soccer @ Long Beach Poly for the first round of CIF
  • Attention Parents of Current Sophomores! The counseling department will be holding sophomore parent presentations on Wednesday February 6th at 8:30AM and 6:30PM in the MPR.  For your convenience we have scheduled a morning and evening presentation that will cover the same material. These presentations will cover valuable information regarding high school graduation requirements, post-secondary options and college admission. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for an individual sophomore counseling appointment with your child's counselor at these presentations. For those unable to make the presentation the PowerPoint will be posted on the school website for you to review at home.
  • Principal's Forum Presentation at 6:30pm in the College and Career Center for all PVPUSD 8th grade families. Come hear from Dr. Tyner about PV High and participate in a Q & A session about life as a Sea King.

Thursday :
  • Elective Fair at lunch. Adjusted bell schedule with a longer lunch. All students are encouraged to go and talk to teachers about different courses for next year before scheduling begins.
  • Boys Soccer @ Santa Barbara for the first round of CIF Playoffs
  • College Essentials Toolkit Presentation Opening Keynote Speaker: Arun Ponnusamy (Collegewise) will be speaking about College Admissions Today: Fact vs Fiction - An Inside Look at the Journey to Finding the Right College – 6:30pm in the MPR
  • Girls Basketball @ Lancaster for the first round of CIF Playoffs

Friday :
  • Boys Basketball hosts Westminster at home for the first round of CIF Playoffs.
  • Have a safe weekend at Winter Formal Sea Kings! Don't forget to bring your ID to the dance!

Health and Wellness

Each week, one of our community partners, Dr. Moe Gelbart generously volunteers his time to provide information for our community related to wellness. Dr. Gelbart is the Executive Director of Thelma McMillen Center in Torrance.


As we all know, teens encounter a variety of stressors in their lives, and develop both healthy and unhealthy ways to cope with their internal difficulties. Among the most alarming coping mechanism that parents can discover is that their child is engaging in self-injury. The behaviors are primarily cutting on oneself, but can include burning, interfering with wound healing (picking at wounds), inserting objects into the skin, punching or hitting oneself, certain forms of hair pulling. It can occur in a very rare, and minimal way, or it can be so severe as to draw blood.

How prevalent is this problem? It is alarming to know that cutting is on the rise among teenagers. It is also alarming to realize that those who begin cutting as teens will likely continue in their adult years, without proper treatment. The statistics are difficult to capture, as much of cutting among teens goes unnoticed and unreported. Some figures include:

* Each year, 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males engage in self injury
* 90% of adults who cut began as adolescents
* Almost 50% of those who cut have been victims of sexual abuse
* Cutting begins early, often at around 14
* 2 million cases are reported annually
* 70% of teens who have engaged in self injury behavior have made at least one suicide attempt
* Perhaps as many as 1/3 of adolescents have experimented with cutting

Why do teens cut? Teens generally cut as a reaction to stress and feelings of helplessness. When internal emotions feel too overwhelming, cutting can provide some distorted sense of relief. 55% of self-injurers said they wanted to get their mind off their problems. 45% said it helped them relieve tensions and stressors. Some people cut on themselves because of a sense of low confidence and self-esteem, and feel the need to punish themselves. Many teens report a sense of emotional numbness, and cutting provides a way to feel, and release feelings. For others, there are friends and websites who encourage the behavior. Cutting also occurs with other emotional difficulties, including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Some experts believe that forms of piercings and tattooing are self injury and self harm. Cutting can be anything from light scratches in times of great distress, to daily cuts so deep they draw blood. Cutters generally cut on their wrists, upper arms, inner thighs, and stomachs.

What should parents do? If you suspect or know that your child has a problem, it is important to communicate with them, and to seek professional help. Be aware that the cutting is a symptom of underlying problems, and just getting them to stop cutting is not enough. They need help finding the source of the emotional pain, and gain healthy tools for coping. It is also important for a professional to help determine if the cutting is a precursor of suicidal ideation and intent. Try to avoid judging, criticizing, or attacking the behavior, and recognize that it comes from a troubled emotional place. Try not to be panicked, repulsed, or shocked – learning that your child is engaging in this is a time for acceptance, love, and assistance.

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at askdrgelbart@gmail.com.

Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center
General Info
600 Cloyden Road, Palos Verdes Estates, 90274 ~ 310-378-8471 ~ pvhs.pvpusd.net