Volume I Issue 19 ~ January 27th, 2019
1. Academics Spotlight
This week's academic spotlight goes to our teachers! While Friday might have been a student free day, our teachers got a chance to be students again and work on curriculum planning, collaboration, and learning new skills from presenters. Teachers were divided by subjects and engaged in conversations focused on learning and best practices in the classroom.
2. Athletics Spotlight
Boys Basketball beat Mira Costa 53-39 and lost to Redondo 51-46.

Girls Basketball beat Mira Costa 54-20 and lost to Redondo 53-39.

Boys Soccer lost to Mira Costa in overtime and beat Peninsula 2-1 and Redondo 1-0.

Girls Soccer lost to Mira Costa in double overtime and to Redondo 3-1.

Girls Waterpolo lost to Mira Costa 12-6 and beat Newbury Park 11-9 in the Los Altos tournament.

Surf team won 79-66 over Redondo Union. The win secures our 2nd place overall slot in the South Bay league. 
3. Open House
Our Sea King family expanded this week as we officially coronated all of our future Sea Kings at Open House. Students, parents, and community members were able to experience life as a Sea King by exploring our academics, signature programs, clubs, leadership opportunities, athletics, and more. Sea King park was packed full with excitement about next year.

If you missed the event make sure to click the link below to check out the videos that highlight all that PVHS has to offer. Our last Principal's forum will be February 6th at 6:30pm in the College and Career Center.

4. Sea King Advocacy Spotlight
On Saturday, Jan.19, Ms Jimenez and several other PV High students met up in Downtown Los Angeles to participate in the 3rd Annual Women's March. It was a good day and way to connect with people from all over Los Angeles about current issues in the world today. 
5. Superintendent Spotlight
PVHS was so thankful that new PVPUSD Superintendent came to the PTSA meeting this past week. Dr. Cherniss spoke to our parents about how great it has been working in PVPUSD these past couple of months in addition to his vision for the district. He also answered parent questions. Thank you Dr. Cherniss for coming to speak to our Sea King families!
6. Counseling Spotlight
Counselors spent some time talking with parents during the first of many upcoming parent presentations. If you missed the presentation click the link below to view the whole powerpoint.

Also, save the date! All parents of current sophomores are invited to the sophomore parent presentations on Wednesday February 6th at 8:30AM and 6:30PM in the MPR (both presentations will cover the same material).  These presentations will cover valuable information regarding high school graduation requirements, post-secondary options and college admission. 
7. Drama Spotlight
Our drama department spent the weekend at the California Educational Theatre Association (CETA) High School Theatre Festival in Fullerton. They entered 1 scene and 3 monologues and Hayden Fuchino won 2nd place in the film festival with his film  PSEUDO.  
8. MUN Spotlight
Model United Nation students went to the Mission Viejo Conference over the weekend where they represented several different countries. Richard Criley won an accommodation for representing the country of Bolivia. All students did a great job!
9. Student Spotlight
Luke Bradley, Hayden Fuchino, Hadley Richards, Shiv Patel, Ebun Kalejaiye, Wesley Park and Lauren Howard (not pictured) represented the Class of 2019 this week by hosting Open House. These Sea Kings were able to share some of the favorite memories of their time here at PV high and speak about the opportunities that being a Sea King has given them over the past 4 years. They represent almost every club, program, sport, or activity that PV high offers and were able to connect with future Sea Kings from all 3 middle schools around the hill and more. They put so much time into writing the script and preparing for the evening and we are so proud them.
10. Next week at a glance
  • Boys Soccer @ Leuzinger
  • Girls Soccer vs. Leuzinger
  • Water polo vs. La Serna

  • Girls Water polo @ Peninsula
  • Girls Basketball @ Leuzinger
  • Boys Basketball @ Leuzinger


  • Boys Soccer vs. Peninsula
  • Girls Soccer @ Peninsula
  • Slam Poetry 7pm in the OAR

Thursday :
  • Girls Soccer vs Peninsula
  • Girls Basketball vs. Peninsula
  • Boys Basketball vs. Peninsula

Friday :
  • Happy Friday Sea Kings!

Health and Wellness

Each week, one of our community partners, Dr. Moe Gelbart generously volunteers his time to provide information for our community related to wellness. Dr. Gelbart is the Executive Director of Thelma McMillen Center in Torrance.


The legalization of marijuana (MJ) in California has taken a difficult situation, and complicated it, especially for teenagers. At the Thelma McMillen center, working with teens to consider their marijuana difficulties is among the most difficult thing we experience. Many teens are what I call “Nobel Prize” winners in MJ, that is they research it, and seemingly know everything about it, and can argue one out of any position designed to point out the harm in use. Of course, they only focus on google hits that confirm their already entrenched beliefs, and reject others out of hand. When confronted with the need to stop using, they endorse things like: it’s natural, an herb, found in nature; the generation of the 60’s/70’s (their parents) used it with no problem; it has medicinal value; it is not addicting, and, most recently….IT IS LEGAL!

Let’s explore some of the myths. Much of this information is found in the book Reefer Sanity, Seven Great Myths About Marijuana, by Kevin A. Sabet, PhD.

Myth 1: Marijuana is harmless, and non addictive. The reality is MJ is addicting. 1 in 6 teens will experience significant dependency on or abuse of MJ. The developing teenage brain is susceptible to significant psychological craving and addiction of MJ. Using criteria of progressive use, inability to stop, and experiencing negative consequences , marijuana is considered an addictive substance. In addition, the potency of today’s MJ is 5-10 times stronger than it was when popularized in the 60’s, leading to a host of serious problems. We see emergency admissions double due to cannabis related problems. Methods of use, like edibles and vaping, combined with higher THC levels, lead to increases in episodes of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, and schizophrenia. There are also negative health effects – MJ is carcinogenic – and negative impacts on productivity, learning, grades, and overall drive and ambition.

Myth 2: Marijuana is medically beneficial. There are medical benefits to MJ, but they are very specific to particular problems, and not the panacea that is advertised by those who endorse use. Very simply put, the medicinal benefits from MJ come primarily from cannabinoid properties, while it is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which produces the euphoric feelings of getting high. Although teens may complain of anxiety, insomnia, pain or other vague issues that they medicate with MJ, they are really seeking the high of the THC, and would reject a medicinal form of MJ that did not include that.

Myth 3: Everyone uses Marijuana. Although your child may tell you this, they are only minimally correct. While almost half of high school seniors have tried MJ, 20% of seniors, 15%
of 10th graders, and 7% of 8th graders report monthly use of MJ. While those figures are way too much, it is not true that “everyone” uses.

Myth 4: If it were bad for you, it wouldn’t be legal and physicians wouldn’t prescribe it. The legalization of MJ has given some teens validation of their belief that MJ is safe, and not a problem to use recreationally. I believe the jury is still out as to the negative effects of legalizing MJ. There are reports from other states and countries that legalizing MJ has led to an increase in use among teenagers. There are more issues related to traffic accidents. It is very difficult to determine when one is driving under the influence, and what the safe level of MJ in the system is. Even more complicating is that MJ is stored in the fat cells, and remains in the system 30-60 days. As for physician prescriptions, there are very strict rules for when a physician should dispense MJ (in fact, it is , technically, a federal crime to do so). Most of the dispensaries “dispense” without the appropriate criteria and use.

In summary, as society struggles with the moral and political complications of whether or not to make marijuana legal, it is important as parents to know that it is a very harmful substance for our teenagers, particularly in light of brain development issues and that negative consequences will impact them for a long time.

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at askdrgelbart@gmail.com.

Moe Gelbart, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center
General Info
In January 2016, California adopted a new law covering comprehensive health education in public schools, Education Code Sections 51930‐ 51939 (AB 329) called the CA Healthy Youth Act (CHYA). Students in intermediate and high school must receive comprehensive health education and HIV prevention education from trained instructors. Each pupil shall receive this instruction at least once in middle school and at least once in high school. Here are some facts about the CHYA.

Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is recommending the following steps to take toward initial, immediate compliance, with future consideration of a complete textbook adoption with the release of the new Health Education Framework in 2021:
1.    Selecting curriculum to cover CA Healthy Youth Act requirements (Board of Education approval process)
2.    Determining who will teach the curriculum and in which grades
3.    Scheduling training, parent education events, and public review of curriculum/opt-out procedures

LACOE strongly encouraged us to use the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group curricula review as a starting point, as they were charged with grading a subset of comprehensive sexual health education curricula for alignment and compliance with the CHYA.

Five of the districts in the South Bay Consortium have selected the same resource, while the others are just beginning this process. Administrators across the greater South Bay have continued to communicate with each other as we move collectively forward towards legislative compliance. PVPUSD will coordinate with LACOE to present information to the Board of Education and entire parent community about the changes.

If you are interested in participating in this Health Task Force work, please complete the following form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=alG_LzE4eUS6iIMJfbVyeR3BiGtsvk5NgKNhK9rVDgpUOEUxVzBNUUxYVzhLRVA4QUJMWkNYOVAzNi4u
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