December 2021
Our Long Term Typhoon Recovery Fund Continues
Help our Partners Recover From Typhoon Odette (Rai)
Thanks to initial support we have raised over $7,000 USD and nearly 70,000 Philippine Pesos to support our partner farmers and communities devastated by Typhoon Odette. Reports are now saying that this was the strongest storm on record ever to hit the Philippines and that there are an estimated 600,000 displaced peoples and families due to the intensity of the typhoon.

We are happy to report that we have heard from all our partner famers in Cebu. While damages are extensive, we are grateful to know they are all ok. The road to recovery will be long and we are so grateful to have your support as we begin to assess damages and help our partners rebuild their homes, farms, and lives.
Prior to Christmas, Harry, our Cebu Seed Production
Coordinator and the Arapal Team successfully delivered water, dry goods, gasoline, fuel, and more, to our partner farmers near the City and to our partner NGO CAFEi. We were also able to help them pack up the mother seed library that thankfully was not destroyed in the storm and will be moved to their new office eventually. Other goods will be delivered to our partner farmers in the South of Cebu in the coming days!

We are grateful to all that helped make this possible and are still accepting support for our farmers' long term recovery. Complete infrastructure and farm rebuilding will be needed.

Please click the button below to send your support to our long term recovery fund.
Philippines Local Donations Can Be Made Via: 

-PH G-Cash via Karen Lee Hizola 09275277370
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-Global Seed Savers Philippines Peso Account
Bank of the Philippine Islands
How The GSS Team Responded to Typhoon Odette
by Sarah Mae Sabado
GSS/P Marketing and Communications Manager
A few friends have asked me, how is your working life with Global Seed Savers? I would usually just answer: "Very good. I am happy with my teammates and excited for new learnings."

But, if someone asked me that question today, my answer would be very different.

In the past week, I have witnessed first hand the real spirit of this organization. I saw how every one extended their efforts, even sacrificing their vacation time to ensure that immediate support is sent to our partner communities. But, what struck me the most was that the entire team wasn't just sending relief. They were pouring their hearts and souls to this endeavor.

I saw how Karen and Sherry genuinely cared for the farmers and their families. Even before damage assessments from the government was out, GSS has already put out a call to action for long term recovery. They (Karen and Sherry) had both anticipated that immediate relief was just the beginning of our response and that this was going to be a long road to recovery for our partner communities. I witnessed how Karen regarded the farmers as part of her own family, while Sherry showed us that distance was not a barrier to act for the people you love and care for.
I saw too, how Harry, along with the team at Arapal, braved long lines and dangerous roads to secure and deliver food, water, fuel to our partner communities devastated by the typhoon. I'm sure that if it was necessary and possible, Efren would have done everything he could to send supplies to Cebu. And of course, Anjanette, despite her distance, would pitch in anything she could to support the relief efforts here in the Philippines.

The way the entire team responded to Typhoon Odette gave me a glimpse of what to expect for the future. Now I understand why Karen once said: "I would go anywhere with this crew. I'm guessing they would do the same, too. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind". I love how Karen and Sherry, together, created this dynamic family ready to act when called.

I am proud to say that I am a part of this team. And I hope that next year, I can do better to be worthy of the role I am entrusted with so I can contribute to the change that Global Seed Savers wants to bring to the world.
Reflections On My Year With Global Seed Savers
by Anjanette Wilson
GSS Graduate Fellow

Photo Below: Sherry and Anjanette pictured in Portland, OR
in October at a Binhi Project Celebration.
I am extremely thankful and appreciative of the experience I gained as a GSS Fellow thus far. Since on-boarding in June, I have attended the Posner Center Symposium, GSS’s strategic planning session, and my first-ever Nourish Celebration!

I have learned intercultural communication, decolonizing international development, environmental communications and marketing, silent auction coordination, international nonprofit operations, and more!

I am immensely grateful for the relationships and connections I have made with the GSS team and GSS the community. I am also appreciative of the guidance I have received from Sherry and the rest of the GSS team. On a more personal note, I have learned so much about my own culture which makes my work even more meaningful.

I am looking forward to the next year as a GSS Fellow with the upcoming and developing projects as well as learning more about advocating for food and seed sovereignty in the Philippines. It has been an enjoyable last few months, and I hope to create stronger relationships and learn more about supporting smallholder farmers.