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From the Helm Typhoon Haiyan
November 2013

Yap is fine. Typhoon Haiyan passed us a few days ago before reaching super typhoon status. We experienced dark skies, high winds and rough water, but sustained no more damage than a few blown over trees.

Picture of Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Manta Ray Bay Resort dive dock

The business is running strong and we have clear skies and water again. I personally wanted to thank everyone who inquired and sent good energy our way during the storm.

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  • Help Keep Yap on the Map
  • All that's missing is you...

  • Help Keep Yap on the Map

    Vote for us in for the 2014 Tauchen Awards.

    Please take 2 minutes and put in your vote for the Manta Ray Bay Resort, here's how:

    1. Go to:
    2. Enter your mail address in the center of the website and the security code shown to the right. A minute later you will find a mail in inbox, click on the link to open the website to hand in your vote.
    3. Scroll down to Kategorie 12: Basis Indopazifik (category 12: dive center indopacific / categoy includes pacific as well) - Enter Mikronesien in the first field, Yap in the second and Yap Divers in the third one
    4. Scroll down to the lower end and fill in your first name (Vorname), your second name (Nachname), Street and no. (Stra´┐Że, no.), phone number (Telefon), country (Land).
    5. Submit!

    According to the editorial staff, the private information will be treated confidently and not be forwarded for any other purpose, you are free to omit your address and phone number.

    All that's missing is you...

    The trade winds are about to start blowing and the Mantas mating. We are entering one of the best times of year to experience Yap.

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