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Dr. Christian Wei
Urgent Update from Dr. Wei
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We just received news from our ministry partner, Dr. Christian Wei, that Saipan took a direct and devastating hit from Typhoon Soudelor.  Please read Dr. Wei's report below.
Super Typhoon Soudelor Hits Saipan

Typhoon Soudelor hit Saipan directly after we had our Sunday Baptism service in the ocean. We had 17 people got baptized on that afternoon. 


On August 2 at around 10:45 pm, the wind started blowing hard and our roof was gone and I got all the family member to the first floor then wind blowing in and water came in and all the house was shaking.  My mother was injured due to the broken window glass which flying into her bed. She was sent to hospital Emergency room and spent the whole night there. We cannot even drive in the wind when she was bleeding so rapidly.  When the wind is slower at about 4:00 pm, we came back to the house, the house is a mess.  On the road, the power line and poles are all destroyed.  It made the driving incredible dangerous. 


Next day, I got up early to check with the whole campus. The damage is so great that excess all the Typhoons we have faced all these years since 1998.  However, we are committed to still training the great commission Christians and will start the school on time. We still have 37 Christian Educators here to finish their training.  They were scheduled to graduate on August 13.


Please pray for us because there is another Typhoon coming on Friday (August 7).


God bless.


In Christ,

Christian Wei


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Click Here for Pictures and More Information from Dr. Wei
Please join me in praying and supporting our ministry partners. 
Working the Great Commission, 

Pastor Wayne Johnson
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