We love to say Oregon Spring weather is different and crazy and this year is no exception. Following a relatively dry winter, and a record dry April, May started hot and dry but has been mostly rainy ever since. And the forecast has continued to rain through at least… Memorial Day weekend. As can be seen in the graph below, every year we see these rainy and dry periods through the spring with our weather not staying consistent until we get into mid to late June. This makes irrigation programming in the early spring a challenge as the forecast changes often and guessing with manual programming leaves you to over or under irrigate as the weather changes. 
We've been promoting and currently have over 300 properties on weather-based irrigation and continue to promote it as a significant way to save money through reducing irrigation when needed based on weather data as opposed to lucky guesses. On average, sites with weather-based irrigation use 20 to 40% less water than those manually programmed. With the subscription-based model that we're now offering through our premiere partnership with Weathermatic, there is minimal upfront cost, eliminating the need for capital expenditure. For those properties not on weather-based irrigation, we will be promoting this with our 2021 budget process.  
Watch our YouTube video about Smartlink here: https://www.youtube.com/watch