MZ Tzedek Committee
Summer Newsletter – July 2020 / Av 5780
  1. Welcome from Co-Chairs
  2. Message of values for this moment from Rabbi Spilker
  3. Main activity this summer: “Tzedek Summer 2020: Campaign to Pursue Racial Justice, Climate Justice, Immigrant Justice and Civic Engagement
  4. Climate Justice updates and actions that you can do on your own.
  5. Join a “watch party” of the movie 13th on August 12, 6:30 pm.
Welcome from Tzedek Co-Chairs Diana Dean and Vic Rosenthal:
We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, grieving the death of George Floyd, and facing an election that involves critical races on the federal, state, and local level.  Many among us are struggling with economic hardship, isolation, and fears of the unknown ahead. There are days that we feel overwhelmed with uncertainties. This is a moment, however, that demands that we not hide from what is taking place in our community and beyond. The opposite of “hiding” involves not just seeing what is happening around us. It requires showing up with our full selves, rooted in our values, our stories, and our hopes for the future. These hopes and fears strengthen our resolve to pursue justice in our community and our wider nation, as we seek real and long-lasting change.
We send this newsletter as a first step forward, offering a few ways to join in these efforts, showing up together to repair our world. On behalf of our committee, we welcome all members to be part of our tzedek work. Please be in touch.

A message of our values for THIS moment from Rabbi Spilker:
Our community is in the weeks of communal mourning. As the sun goes down on Wednesday, July 29 th we begin a fast day for all past sufferings called Tisha B’Av, the 9 th day of the Hebrew month Av. Collective grief is something we know about, a way to travel tough times together.
The Haftarah for Tisha B’Av comes from the prophet Jeremiah who lamented as the first Temple was destroyed. In part we will read:
Thus says Adonai, Let not the wise person glory in his wisdom.
Let not the strong person glory in her strength.
Let not the rich one glory in riches.
But only in this should one glory:
In their earnest devotion to Me, for I Adonai act with kindness, justice,
and equity in the world . [ hesed, mishpat, tzedakah , kindness, justice and equity.] In these do I delight declares Adonai! – Jeremiah 9:22-23
These are the values that ground us and give us hope in times of challenge. These are values that compel us to action. These are values that prevent us from sitting idly by. The road to kindness, justice, and equity is a long road, but we Jews know that we are obligated to pursue kindness, justice and equity even if we cannot complete the task ourselves. Let us do so together.
Tzedek Summer 2020:
 Campaign to Pursue Racial Justice, Climate Justice, Immigrant Justice and Civic Engagement
“You shall not hide yourself.” – Deuteronomy 22:3
In pursuit of showing up with our full selves, the Tzedek Committee is conducting a campaign based on sharing stories and building relationships both within Mount Zion Temple and with diverse partners in the community. We believe that the actions we take in the public square -- voting, service, advocacy, activism, and others -- are gifts we give to the people in our lives and in our broader community whom we love and care about.

Help Mount Zion to Become
a Climate Justice Congregation!
In recent months, the Tzedek Committee has begun working with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL) to develop a Climate Justice Action Plan, part of a broader process that will enable Mount Zion to become a Climate Justice Congregation.

If you are interested in being part of one or more of these actions, and/or if you have other ideas to help Mount Zion in the Climate Justice Congregation certification process, please contact Tzedek committee member Lisa Hilbink at .
**Participation from all ages, and at any level, is welcome, and we strongly encourage communicating and working together on this issue, rather than individually, so we can support and inspire each other in these challenging times.**
Neflix Watch Party
Thirteenth (13th)
August 12, 6:30 pm
SAVE THE DATE: Documentary viewing party! Join us for a simultaneous online showing and discussion of the Netflix movie Thirteenth , a documentary on the history of racial inequality in the United States. Details on how to connect will be forthcoming, including how and where to watch the film. RSVP with your interest in watching the film.  

Watch the trailer for Thirteenth :
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