Draft maps for neighborhoods: Please tell us your thoughts on MHA proposed zoning changes. 

Comment period extended to June 30.

We have released DRAFT maps for your review. Extensive community outreach has brought constructive ideas and local knowledge to the process of developing principles and those principles are reflected in draft proposed zoning changes. 

We know that zoning and land use can be wonky. We also know that Seattleites are up to the challenge and care about getting more affordable housing in our city. For those of you not yet land use experts, we have created a video that will help you make sense of the maps and guide your feedback. 

We want to hear from you so join the online conversation, head to hala.consider.it. As always, in-person meetings are a big part of this process, too--see below.   

Get in touch with us. We are happy to come to your meeting or answer questions: halainfo@seattle.gov