December 1st, 2019
After finding success by installing Nayax cashless payment and management solutions in its 23 machines in 2018, T Vend – which serves schools, offices, warehouses, gyms, airports, universities and shopping centers in the U.K. – decided to take advantage of Nayax’s consumer engagement platform to drive their sales even more.

The Milton Keynes, U.K. based company was also interested in Nayax’s consumer payment app, Monyx Wallet, because of its ability to offer PayPal as a payment method.

The cashless payment and management solution alone boosted sales by 30 percent.

“After we spent some time using the app ourselves, we realized all the features available, including the very handy customer refund option enabling us to send customers an instant credit to their app during the rare moments of a machine issue,” said James Smith, the company’s director.

Vengo Labs , a retail and marketing technology company that connects digital media and physical products, has launched its data-driven sampling initiatives for retailers, beginning with The Vitamin Shoppe, an omnichannel retailer of nutritional products.

Using Vengo’s interactive digital kiosks that engage consumers and drive trial of new products, retailers can now, for the first time, add data and analytics to the sampling experience.

The Vitamin Shoppe plans to install Vengo interactive digital kiosks in at least 11 stores by the end of 2019 to drive trial of new products.

Vengo Labs’ expansion into grocery and traditional retail will enable retailers to add data and analytics to the customer sampling experience.

Atos , a digital technology company , has teamed with Stora Enso , which delivers renewable products, to provide “intelligent cabinets” for automated retail solutions. The cabinets use RFID technology to allow consumers to purchas e products using credit cards or smartphones.

The consumer only needs a payment card or a compatible payment app to make a purchase. When the cabinet door closes, the consumer is charged via the app for the items he removed. A back-end solution is available to retailers to track transactions.

Stora Enso uses sustainable RFID tags to track and trace stored items. The paper-based tags provide a recyclable packaging solution.

Azkoyen has launched its Vitro S1 compact professional coffee machine with elegant lines designed for the modern business environment. The Vitro S1 provides high capacity in both product canisters and waste trays, designed to offer espresso-based coffee beverages. The machine ensures easy maintenance and cleaning, simple refilling of the coffee beans and granulated ingredients and easy emptying of the coffee waste bin.

The Vitro S1 has obtained the UL certification, the strongest safety and environmental requirement for the U.S. and Canada. The unit has also obtained the  NAMA certificate  for which the materials, design, construction and performance have been analyzed based on environmental temperature studies, sound engineering principles, the research of test records and fieldwork, among other factors.

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