The RNA Transcript, April 26, 2021
The RNA Collaborative celebrates
its first year of success!
Launched at the initiative of the University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine, the RNA Collaborative Seminar Series is a growing grassroots effort, now supported by the international RNA Society and involving 21 RNA research partners from across the world, including the US and Canada, Asia, and Europe. It was inaugurated on April 22, 2020, with a seminar hosted by the Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine,

The RNA Collaborative aims to promote and disseminate the exciting RNA research currently emerging from across disciplines and academic institutions. It fosters and strengthens connections within the RNA scientific community across the globe. Within just one year, the Collaborative has welcomed 21 partners, demonstrating the dynamism of RNA research and the curiosity and collaborative spirit of RNA scientists.

“Congratulations to the RNA Collaborative in their milestone of uniting RNA researchers and advancing engaging and inclusive RNA science. The RNA Society is proud to be a partner in this incredible initiative and excited for the continued opportunity to work with the Collaborative to highlight the work of a diverse and highly talented group of researchers and spread their cutting-edge advances in RNA to our members and throughout the greater scientific community."
—Kristian Baker, CEO, RNA Society

What is the role of RNA in your research?
We use scRNAseq to identify transcription factors that play critical roles in determining neuronal subtypes.

Thursday, April 29, 8:30 am–4:30 pm EST | Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine

6th Annual Symposium
Friday, April 30, 2:00 pm ET | U-M Chemistry

"Innovations in Targeting Dynamic Proteins With Small Molecule Modulators"
Julie Garlick; advisor: Anna Mapp
Monday, May 3, 4:00–5:00 pm ET | U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine

“Regulating the Regulators: Control of RNA Binding Proteins during Embryogenesis”
Olivia Rissland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, RNA Bioscience Initiative, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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Our members' publications are available through Altmetric. Five queries are currently available: "RNA," "microRNA," "Transcriptome," "Translation," and "Molecule." Please make sure to have at least one of these key words in your title or abstract. Below are recent highlights.
A translational riboswitch coordinates nascent transcription-translation coupling, Surajit Chatterjee, Adrien Chauvier, Shiba S. Dandpat, Irina Artsimovitch and Nils G. Walter, PNAS April 20, 2021 118 (16) e2023426118;

Abstract: Bacterial messenger RNA (mRNA) synthesis by RNA polymerase (RNAP) and first-round translation by the ribosome are often coupled to regulate gene expression, yet how coupling is established and maintained is ill understood. ... A model emerges wherein mRNA structure and transcription factors coordinate to dynamically modulate the efficiency of transcription–translation coupling.
A PRC2-independent function for EZH2 in regulating rRNA 2′-O methylation and IRES-dependent translation, Yi, Y., Li, Y., Meng, Q. et alNat Cell Biol 23, 341–354 (April 2021).

Abstract: Dysregulated translation is a common feature of cancer. Uncovering its governing factors and underlying mechanism are important for cancer therapy. .... Our findings reveal a previously unrecognized role of zeste homologue 2 (EZH2) in cancer-related translational regulation.
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"Flaviviridae" refers to a group of viruses whose name come from the word...
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Yellow in Latin
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By the end of 2021, how many kilograms of RNA will Moderna Therapeutics have made?

ANSWER: On March 3rd, 2021, Melissa Moore, Chief Scientific Officer at Moderna Therapeutics, gave a webinar organized by the U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine within the RNA Collaborative Seminar Series. Dr. Moore then said that by the end of 2021, Moderna will have made the extraordinary amount of 140 kgs of RNA. She also explained how the mRNA vaccine works, and how it was developed in record time of just 45 days. READ MORE ABOUT THE WEBINAR
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