The RNA Transcript, December 21, 2020

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The Cambridge RNA Club is an informal seminar series bringing together the RNA community in Cambridge and surrounding areas. The GDR RNA aims to bring together French teams working on the targeting of RNA, its modifications and its use as a tool.

Launched in April 2020 at the Initiative of the University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine, the goal of the RNA Collaborative seminar series is to promote and disseminate emerging RNA research and to establish and strengthen connections within the international RNA scientific community.
and new member of our Executive Committee

Dr. Scott is interested in understanding how a persons sex, genetics and physiology influences both gene expression and degradation to create differences in gene expression between people, and how differences in gene expression influence disease.
Wednesday and Thursday, January 6–8, 2021 | Intersections Science Fellows Symposium
This multi-institutional symposium will showcase the work of mid- to late stage postdocs in biomedical science on January 6-8th, 2021, virtually. This exciting symposium aims to showcase the science of outstanding postdocs specially those who are from backgrounds historically underrepresented in academia to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in academic science. 
For more information, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter @InterSciFellows.
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Wednesday, January 13, 4:00–5:00 pm EST | RNA Collaborative Seminar Series, NCI RNA Biology Initiative hosting

“Ribosome collisions and sites of quality control revealed by ribosome profiling”

“CRISPR screening to identify biologically important microRNA targets”

Monday, January 25, 4:00–5:00 pm EST | U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine, RNA Innovation Seminar Series
ZOOM REGISTRATION REQUIRED (please register early)
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Our members' publications are available through Altmetric. Five queries are currently available: "RNA," "microRNA," "Transcriptome," "Translation," and "Molecule." Please make sure to have at least one of these key words in your title or abstract. Below is a recent highlight.
High-throughput screening to discover inhibitors of the CarD·RNA polymerase protein–protein interaction, Stefan, M.A., Velazquez, G.M. & Garcia, G.A. in Mycobacterium tuberculosisSci Rep 10, 21309 (2020).

We expect that the development of a new and improved anti-TB compound with a novel mechanism of action will relieve the burden of resistance. This CarD FP assay is amenable to HTS and is an enabling tool for future novel therapeutic discovery.

Key Points
  • An innovative digital assay technology enables rapid, point-of-care measurement of multiple protein biomarkers in blood.
  • Continuous monitoring of protein blood biomarker profiles is demonstrated for critically ill human patients with a digital assay.
Fellowship opportunity
Share your science, share your passion!

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History offers fellowships to share your science with the general public.

The Science Communication Fellows program is for faculty, post-docs, PhD, and graduate students who are interested in sharing their research with the general public. The Fellowship uses the NSF-supported Portal to the Public guiding framework to bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research.