The RNA Transcript, February 8, 2021
Wednesday, February 10, 4:00– 5:00 pm EST | U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine

“A timely confluence: the backstory of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine”
Melissa Moore, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Moderna Therapeutics
This webinar is hosted by the University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine within the RNA Collaborative Seminar Series. The RNA Collaborative groups 20 RNA research centers and institutions worldwide. It is supported by The RNA Society. MORE INFO ABOUT THE RNA COLLABORATIVE

Growing up in Chennai, in South India, Ameya Jalihal, Ph.D., has always loved going on nature walks, watching birds, and collecting insects and seashells. While observing nature and biodiversity, young Jalihal had many questions that fueled his passion for life sciences....

Wednesday, February 10, 10:30 am EST | EMBL, free course

Exploring non‐coding RNAs in RNAcentral
RNAcentral is a database of non-coding RNA sequences that provides a unified view of >40 specialised databases. This webinar will give an overview of the data found in RNAcentral as well as the RNAcentral website.
Wednesday, February 10, 11:00 am EST | U-M Cellular & Molecular Biology, Medical School

Doctorate thesis defense
"Functional and Mechanistic Characterization of Heterochromatin-like Domains in Bacteria"
Haley Amemiy, advisor: Peter Freddolino, Ph.D.
Monday, February 15, 4:00–5:00 pm EST | U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine, RNA Innovation Seminar Series

“Dynamics of co-transcriptional pre-mRNA processing and assembly of related biomolecular condensates”
Karla Neugebauer, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Cell Biology, Director of Graduate Studies, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Director, Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine, Yale School of Medicine

Moderator: Mats Ljungman, Ph.D., Radiological Oncology, Medical School, co-director of the U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine
Tuesday, February 16, 3:00 pm EST | U-M Human Genetics, Medical School, CMB short course (free)

"Common and Rare Regulatory Variation in Genetic Disease"
Stephen Montgomery, Ph.D., Departments of Pathology and Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine
Tuesday, February 16, 7:00 pm EST | Center for RNA Science at Institute for Basic Sciences (IBS) and Seoul National University (SNU)

Mini-Symposia series on "RNA Biology & Therapeutics"
Howard Chang (Stanford), Joshua Mendell (UTSW), Miao-Chih Tsai (Cell)
Thursday and Friday, March 11–12, 2021 NHLBI Long Non-coding (lnc) RNAs Symposium: from Basic Mechanism to Human Disease

This virtual symposium will bring together basic scientists and clinicians in order to foster new and productive research collaborations towards both basic and translational advances, as well as offer valuable training and presentation opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculties.

The call for abstracts is now open and accepting submissions until February 12: 
May 25–June 5 | 26th Annual Meeting of The RNA Society (virtual)
RNA 2021 On-line boasts an expanded scientific program and extensive networking and professional development opportunities for participants. Visit the meeting website for full details and to register

New for 2021, the RNA Society has launched an initiative to encourage meeting participation and inclusion of RNA researchers who might not otherwise be able register for RNA 2021 – the RNA 2021 Inclusion Initiative. This program provides complementary registration for RNA Society members who are first-time meeting attendees or who affiliate with a broad group of under-represented RNA researchers.

Registered meeting participants can submit abstracts until March 1st, 2021, for consideration for an oral presentation, and April 15th, 2021 for poster presentation.
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Our members' publications are available through Altmetric. Five queries are currently available: "RNA," "microRNA," "Transcriptome," "Translation," and "Molecule." Please make sure to have at least one of these key words in your title or abstract. Below are recent highlights.
Multi-trait transcriptome-wide association studies with probabilistic Mendelian randomization, Lu Liu, Ping Zeng, Fuzhong Xue, Zhongshang Yuan, Xiang Zhou, American Journal of Human Genetics, January 2021, DOI10.1016/j.ajhg.2020.12.006Pubmed ID33434493

Keywords: Transcriptome-wide association studies, multiple traits, probabilistic Mendelian randomization, PRM, pleiotropy, UK Biobank, blood pressure
Transcriptomic signatures and repurposing drugs for COVID-19 patients: findings of bioinformatics analyses, GuobingLi, ShashaRuan, XiaoluZhao, QiLiu, Yali Dou, Fengbiao Mao, Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, Volume 19, 2021, Pages 1-15,

... we systematically evaluated the effect of SARS-CoV-2 on gene expression of both lung tissue and blood from COVID-19 patients using transcriptome profiling....