The RNA Transcript, July 13, 2020
Monday, July 13, 2020, 4:00 pm | U -M Center for RNA Biomedicine

"lnc’ing RNA to Innate Immunity"
Kate Fitzgerald, UMassMed , Vice Chair, Research, Department of Medicine,Director, Program in Innate Immunity, Worcester Foundation Chair in Biomedical Sciences, Department of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
. Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 4:00–5:00 pm | RNA Collaborative Seminar Series

"Programmable RNA-targeting by CRISPR-Cas enzymes”

“Coupled protein synthesis and ribosome-guided piRNA processing on mRNAs”

Moderator: Lynne Maquat, Ph.D.
When the COVID pandemic required to postpone all physical gatherings, seminars and symposia were cancelled, leaving a void and a strong need to keep discussing and sharing science across the RNA community. At the initiative of the  University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine,  several centers came together and decided to offer virtual seminars, creating the  RNA Collaborative Seminar Series  with the goal to cross promote RNA research, and strengthen and connect the RNA scientific community. The Seminar Series offers an opportunity for scientists to present their current research and take questions and comments from their peers.

Thank you to the RNA Society for partnering with the Collaborative!
Thursday, July 16, 2020, 12:00 EST | Dana Farber/Harvard seminar series:

"Transcription of the genome: Mechanisms and regulatory strategies"
Patrick Cramer, Ph.D., MPI for Biophysical Chemistry

Our members' publications are now available through Altmetric. Six queries are currently available: "RNA," "microRNA," "Transcriptome," "Translation," and "Molecule." Please make sure to have at least one of these key words in your title or abstract. Below are highlights from the last four weeks.
Transcriptome-wide association studies: a view from Mendelian randomization. 
Zhu, H., Zhou, X., Quant Biol  (2020).

A technical review on thirteen Transcriptome-wide association studies (TWAS) methods. Importantly, we show that these methods can all be viewed as two-sample Mendelian randomization (MR) analysis, which has been widely applied in GWASs for examining the causal effects of exposure on outcome. 
Hippocampal Transcriptomic Changes Due to High-Fat Diet in Prediabetic Mice
Sarah Elzinga, Rosie Henn, Philippe D. O'Brien, Kai Guo, Stephanie Eid, Amy E. Rumora, Lucy M. Hinder, John M. Hayes, Faye Mendelson, Eva L. Feldman and Junguk Hur, Diabetes  2020 Jun; 69 (Supplement 1)

These data suggest that, like the peripheral nervous system, HFD effects similar pathways in the brain and may accelerate age-related gene expression changes in the hippocampus. 

The  Halvorsen Lab  at  The RNA Institute  – University At Albany, has an immediate opening for a postdoc position. The lab focuses on DNA-based biosensors (including COVID-related), single-molecule biophysics, and DNA nanotechnology. 
Learn more at  and reach out if interested.