February 2022
Concussion News from the University of Michigan
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Concussion Champions participate in outreach and engagement activities to raise awareness of concussion prevention and care. Members of the U-M and state of Michigan community serve as center ambassadors through the Champions program. We are proud to have Jay Alexander, executive director of athletics, Detroit Public Schools Community District; Llyod Carr, retired U-M head football coach; and Mark Uyl, executive director, Michigan High School Athletic Association, as inaugural center champions.
What We're Up To
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Center members Ingrid Ichesco and Lea Franco-MacKendrick were site PIs on the pro2cool System, an FDA-designated Breakthrough Device to treat concussions.
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The Concussion Center is pleased to welcome Tina Chen as our new managing director. She previously worked with the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.
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Director Steve Broglio wrote an editorial for The Conversation highlighting the advances brought about by the last two decades of concussion research and what concussion researchers are currently studying.
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Dr. Robert Stern from Boston University School of Medicine will present a virtual lecture on what we know and need to know next about CTE and its long-term consequences on Thursday, April 7.
Concussion Center Spotlight
Photo: Ingrid Ichesco

Dr. Ingrid Ichesco is a clinical assistant professor of Pediatric Sports Medicine at Michigan Medicine. Her interests include sports medicine, musculoskeletal injuries/pain, concussions, and female athlete care.
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U-M School of Kinesiology PhD student Adrian Boltz co-authored a paper examining the concussion rates of all 23 NCAA varsity sports over a five-year period from 2014 to 2019.
Concussion in the News
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A total of 187 concussions were reported during the NFL this season, continuing a downward trend from an average of 266 concussions per season from 2015-17.
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Top orthopedic physicians and surgeons discuss which injuries will be most prevalent during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, and how they would be treated.
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