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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I hope this finds you healthy and safe. The COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan has been an extremely challenging time for all of us. For me personally, the long hours and the new responsibilities that this has thrust on our team has only made me more grateful to be at Michigan. Our faculty has demonstrated what makes us so special - unwavering commitment to patient care, inspiring volunteerism, relentless innovation and changes to plans, and incomparable determination in battling the challenges brought by this pandemic.
Our division is in awe of the overwhelming support that we have received from individuals and local businesses. Many of our local leaders and establishments generously donated food, extra supplies, and sent cards and signs of thanks. These acts of kindness meant the world to us. They reminded me, every day, the privilege it is to be a health care provider.
Today, there is good news to share. Over the past few weeks, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Michigan are trending down and we are moving to opening many businesses and establishments across the state. I hope this success continues with continued use of masks and compliance with social distancing recommendations.
While our efforts and focus over the past few months have been focused on managing COVID-19, our faculty and teams have continued to make substantial progress and advancements in other domains. This edition of our newsletter will therefore share not only COVID-19 stories, but also many of the advancements, awards, cutting-edge research, promotions, and accolades our team has brought home. As always, there is no shortage of the many things our division continues to achieve.
I encourage you to share your comments and suggestions for future issues at  umhospitalmedicine@umich.edu . Please also  visit our website   regularly to keep updated on our patient care, research, and educational programs. And, as always, Go Blue!
Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine
Michigan Medicine
Hospital Medicine COVID-19 Photo Gallery
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Hospital Medicine in Awe of Overwhelming Support
Hospital Medicine gives a huge shout out to all the individuals and businesses that supported our teams on the front lines. The food donations and gift cards to purchase food provided comfort and needed energy. Thank you to: Fortune Cooking Food Truck, No Thai!, Pizza House, the Charles Reinhart Company (North Office), Diana Barman, Dr. Jessica Mellinger, Dr. David Sphalinger, Dr. Pratima Sharma, and Gary Cunningham, Marianne Sarazin, and many others who have chosen to keep their contributions private. Your gesture of kindness and support in ensuring food and water for those on the frontlines was deeply appreciated. To find out how you may give to the division, please visit our online giving page .
  • "I've been a doctor for nearly three decades and I have never felt this much love from society before. Thank you," stated Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH.

COVID-19 - Hospital Medicine In the News
The Division of Hospital Medicine has been featured in nearly 30 COVID-19 related articles from local and national news agencies as well as top medical journals. A few of these stories are highlighted below.
Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc Shares His Experience Working on the Front Lines of COVID-19

"With most diseases, there's a pattern we'd like to see. With this, there is no pattern. It's the old. It's the young. It's the healthy. It's the non-healthy," Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc said, "A lot of doctors feel like they're on their heels."

Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc - A Hospital Hero Interviewed by the Detroit Free Press

"One of my first coronavirus patients was a young guy who is younger than me, in his late 20s," Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc said. " He lifted weights and had no medical history, except once as a kid, he had to take an inhaler for what someone said was asthma. And so he was not someone that you’d think of as being really high-risk for this."

Read more in the Detroit Free Press.
Jessie Kimbrough Marshall, MD, MPH Quoted by CNBC - COVID-19 Unmasks Longstanding Racial Health Disparities

Jessie Kimbrough Marshall, MD, MPH comments on how the accessibility and cost of food have contributed to the racial health disparities we see today, “.....COVID-19 did not create these racial disparities that we are seeing. It simply magnified these disparities in unbelievable ways," Dr. Marshall said.

Scott Flanders, MD - Teaming Up for COVID-19 Data Collection to Advance Treatment

“What we learn from this work will not only help now with currently hospitalized patients, but also in the future, should we experience another wave of COVID-19 patients,” said Scott Flanders, MD , program director of the  Michigan Hospital Medicine Safety Consortium  (HMS).

Hospital Medicine Faculty Uses Genome Sequencing to Target Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment
A team of Hospital Medicine researchers in the  Ginsburg Lab   is applying its expertise in genome-scale CRISPR screening to identify novel genetic interactions relevant to the COVID-19 viral infection.

Their project “Whole-Genome CRISPR Screen for Cellular Determinants of COVID-19 Infection” is utilizing CRISPR technology (a tool used to edit genes), which enables them to engineer hundreds of millions of precise changes in the human genome and then identify those changes that control ACE2 production.

Brian Emmer, MD, PhD (top right) leads the project, along with principal investigator  David Ginsburg, MD (bottom right), James V. Neel Distinguished University Professor and Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine ( Division of Genetic Medicine ),  Human Genetics , and  Pediatrics .

Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH Discusses COVID-19 and How It Has Changed His Leadership Role

Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH discusses his leadership role and how it's changed as a result of the pandemic, key leadership messages, and what he's looking for from his leaders. His key takeaways are to remember that your most precious asset are your people and rolling up your sleeves to do the work are key.

 Read more in BMJ Leader.
Jason Ham, MD - Leading Community Wellness Zoom Check-Ins

During the COVID-19 surge, members of the Hospital Medicine Wellness Committee recognized the emotional toll it was having on those on the front lines. Led by Jason Ham, MD, the Wellness committee initiated Zoom check-ins, which allowed faculty and staff to drop in, connect and share stories, anxieties, and gratitude. The meetings were well attended with many expressing appreciation and gratitude for each other during these challenging times. The wellness group also drafted a letter to family to share what faculty members may be going through as they work on the front lines. Read the letter here . The division plans to continue to offer these every week for as long as possible. 
(above L to R): Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc ; Sarah Hartley, MD ; Vikas Parekh, MD ; Richard Schildhouse, MD ; and Marisa Rodriguez (division administrator) received the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine Chair's Award for Impact. This award is designed to recognize a person or persons (faculty or staff) who have performed a function for the Department of Internal Medicine that has or will lead to a significant and lasting impact for any of the tripartite missions of the Department. For this year's award, several key figures emerged that stepped up to the plate to activate the Respiratory Infectious Containment Unit or RICU that played the initial central role in Michigan Medicine’s response and preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Daniel Cronin, MD was the recipient of the Kaiser-Permanente Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Michigan Medical School. The award recognizes outstanding teachers who have demonstrated superior teaching ability. Dr. Cronin's receipt of this award is the fifth consecutive Kaiser Award for Hospital Medicine. Read more .

Dr. Cronin also received the Evan Newport HOPE Award which is given annually by Michigan Medicine's Office of Patient Experience Program. The award honors staff, faculty, students or teams who have demonstrated ongoing commitment to the philosophy of patient and family-centered care. Dr. Cronin is the first recipient of this award in the Division. Read more .
Michael Lukela, MD and Mark McQuillan, MD were elected to Michigan Medicine's Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs (ECCA).
Created and led by Scott Flanders, MD , the Hospital Medicine Safety Consortium received the Society of Hospital Medicine's Team Award in Quality Improvement. Findings from many of their initiatives have formed the basis for regulatory and guideline changes and policies in the United States and beyond. This is the first time a team from our Division has won this national award. Read more .
Anupama Goyal, MD selected as an American College of Physicians (ACP) Top Hospitalist chosen by the ACP Hospitalist's editorial board for her accomplishments in areas of hospitalist practice such as patient care, quality improvement, and medical education. Dr. Goyal's selection marks the third year in a row that a faculty member from Hospital Medicine has been selected for this achievement.   Read more .
Julieann Grant, MD inducted into the 2020 incoming class of the Clinical Excellence Society in the Department of Internal Medicine. The award recognizes faculty who, by their peers and their division, exude and demonstrate clinical excellence towards their patients and colleagues. Dr. Grant was recognized for her relentless focus on high quality patient care while caring for some of our most complex patients on the Heme PA service.  Read more.
Sarah Hartley, MD received the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine Special Recognition for Contributions to the House Officer Teaching Program Award. The award recognizes a faculty member's contribution as a teacher, mentor, and role model.
Lauren Heidemann, MD received the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine Special Recognition for Contributions to Medical Student Teaching Program Award which recognizes a faculty member who goes above and beyond in their efforts to educate students. Dr. Heidemann was recognized for her continued support of students for many years and in multiple capacities.
Nathan Houchens, MD received the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine Richard D. Judge Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching. The award is the department’s highest award for medical student teaching, based on quality of teaching and ability to serve as a role model for students. Dr. Houchens is the third recipient of this award in the Division of Hospital Medicine. 
Michael Lukela, MD received the 2020 Medicine-Pediatrics 
Program Directors Association (MPPDA) 
Leadership in Med-Peds Award which is given to a physician who has made significant contribution to medicine-pediatrics as a profession. Dr. Lukela was recognized as being a national leader in MedPeds, having made significant contributions to the needs of students and residents. Read more .

Megan Mack, MD inducted into the 2020 Clinical Excellence Society in the Department of Internal Medicine. The award recognizes faculty who, by their peers and their division, exude and demonstrate clinical excellence towards their patients and colleagues. Dr. Mack was recognized for her many clinical contributions to patient care and also for her leadership in running the MFH service.  Read more .
Elizabeth McLaughlin received the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine Staff Award for Excellence which honors a staff member’s leadership, exemplary work performance, commitment to customer service, and process improvement.  Read more .
Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc received the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Junior Investigator Award which recognizes early-career hospitalist researchers who are leading the way in their field. Dr. Vaughn's research was regarded as being “transformational to patient care” on a national scale. She is the second recipient of this award in our Division.  Read more .
Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference
While the Society of Hospital Medicine's annual conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, our Division is proud to share the work that was selected to be presented and the many accolades we received at this year’s meeting. A complete list of our accepted presentations and abstracts can be found here . Key highlights include:

Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc - Looking at Veteran Affair's Leadership Role in Healthcare - Associated Infection Prevention

Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc   published a study in  JAMA Network Open   where her research team found that between 2005 and 2017, the use of 12 infection-prevention practices to prevent Clostridioides difficile infection and central line-associated bloodstream infection increased in Veterans Affairs hospitals. These findings suggest that VA safety practices for preventing hospital-acquired conditions continue to improve over time. 

“The real reason I wanted to look at the VA was to see whether the national policies and strategies that had been implemented had driven an increase in infection prevention,” Dr. Vaughn told Contagion® . Read more .
Michigan Hospitals Collaborate to Meet Stewardship Requirements

Authors  Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc   and   Scott Flanders, MD   with support from project manager, Jennifer Horowitz, MA, recently published a manuscript in  Open Forum Infectious Diseases.  They surveyed 46 hospitals participating in the   Michigan Hospital Medicine Safety Consortium   (HMS). The goal of the consortium is to increase safety standards in hospitals - standards that are part of the Joint Commission's stewardship requirements to receive accreditation. The    Coordinating Center   for HMS is housed at Michigan Medicine. Read more .
Valerie Vaughn MD, MSc and Ashwin Gupta, MD Receive Funding From Moore Foundation to Study Diagnostic Errors When Treating Infections

Last year, the  Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation   , a non-profit organization focused on environmental conservation, science, and patient care, announced a commitment of $85 million over six years to improve diagnostic performance and prevent diagnostic errors.
 With support from their mentorship team, Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc   and  Ashwin Gupta, MD   were awarded nearly $500,000 in funding over 18 months (January 2020-June 2021) to study two of the most commonly misdiagnosed bacterial infections in the hospital: pneumonia and urinary tract infection. Through utilization of a unique data set from the  Michigan Hospital Medicine Safety Consortium , they hope to design and validate measures related to misdiagnosis of these infections in the inpatient setting and to study outcomes associated with misdiagnosis.

In the future, Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Gupta hope these measures can be used as a foundation on which to build interventions aimed at reducing diagnostic error related to infections in hospitalized patients.

Hospital Medicine Wellness Lecture Series

The Wellness Lecture Series offers faculty and staff presentations that are meant to educate and inspire. The series kicked off in August 2019 with a talk on meaning, compassion, and well-being and in January 2020 a visit from Michigan Medicine therapy dogs as well as a lecture on burnout, resilience and well-being. In February 2020, a session titled the  Joys of Medicine   was presented by Heather Burrows, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Professional Identity and Balance Director and co-lead of the Graduate Medical Education Wellness Committee. The Wellness Committee continues to plan new and exciting content for 2020! 
Peer Support Network

Many hospital medicine faculty and staff have undergone training developed by the Michigan Medicine Compassionate Peers and Stress Support Network. Peer supporters are trained to provide one-on-one confidential support to their colleagues. The peer support interaction provides a safe and confidential space to express reactions to a stressful event or time by speaking to someone who can relate directly to the circumstances involved. 
promoted to Assistant Professor and Medical Director of our new hospital medicine program at Chelsea Hospital.
selected as Assistant Director for the Michigan St. Joseph Service. 
Rafina Khateeb, MD, MBA promoted to Associate Professor and Associate Medical Director for Trinity Affiliates.

selected as Director for the Michigan St. Joseph Service.
Vikas Parekh, MD promoted to Associate Vice Chair for Inpatient & Hospital Operations for the Department of Internal Medicine.
Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program

The Division of Hospital Medicine at the University of Michigan is among the few divisions in the nation to offer a dedicated two-year research fellowship in the field of Hospital Medicine. The fellowship is built within the curriculum of the  National Clinician Scholars Program  (formerly, the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program) at the  U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation .
Dr. David Flood is the 2020-2021 Hospital Medicine fellow. Dr. Flood earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and completed his internal medicine/pediatrics residency at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Matriculants of the Michigan Medicine Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program have been and remain some of the most sought after faculty in the country. They have conducted practice changing research and have presented and shared their research at the highest levels of scientific inquiry. 

Up to two fellowship positions are available each year for qualified and highly motivated candidates.

Dr. Vineet Chopra's and Dr. Sanjay Saint's Words of Wisdom - Make a Friend Before You Need One

In the Leadership and Professional Development Series of the Journal of Hospital Medicine, Drs. Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc   and  Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH   recently published an article focused on the important social skills needed for leadership positions. The “make a friend before you need one” strategy focuses on building connections and authenticity at work as a means to gain support during difficult times. Read the article .  
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