January 2020
Welcome to the '20s!

2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat on the Chinese Zodiac calendar, which some say indicates a strong year for beginnings and renewals. We're looking forward to beginning relationships with many new Certified Service Centers and renewing friendships with our current ones!
Promotional Period: March-April 2020
Trip Dates: Fall 2020

25 grand prize winners and their guests will enjoy a chic excursion to the Country Music Capital of the World: Nashville, Tenn. Urban cool or classic country, you'll find it here.

$25,000 USD total to 150 gift card winners valued up to $500 USD each.
Promotional Period:
June-July 2020

6 winners choose the powersports vehicle of their choice valued up to $15,000 USD.

$25,000 USD total to 150 gift card winners valued up to $500 USD each.
Promotional Period: September-November 2020
Trip Dates: Spring 2021

15 grand prize winners and their guests will tour New York City the right way. Attendees can expect extravagant meals, exclusive tours, and more.

$45,000 USD total to 240 gift card winners valued up to $500 USD each.
Like bacon and eggs.

The newly-launched Parts Master synthetic filter is the first of its kind and the perfect complement to Parts Master synthetic oil.

Visit partsmastersynthetic.com to learn more.
Miles ahead of the competition.

Shop Owner Fred White has embraced both old-school and innovative marketing efforts. In addition to tried-and-true tactics like direct mail, the shop also has built up a video library on YouTube and Facebook.

"The most popular videos tackle frequently-asked maintenance questions such as 'How often should I change my oil' and 'Will I damage my engine if the 'Check Engine' light is on?'

"Others aren't as serious. In one video, White and the shop's service advisor wear fake beards and top hats in a 'Groundhog Day' spoof . At the end of the video, White predicts 'six more weeks of potholes' and invites motorists to check out the shop's alignment special."

We're pumped to be heading to one of the biggest events in the country for professional service technicians , and we hope you'll be there to join us.

The event is quickly approaching and classes are filling up, so register soon if you plan on attending.

We'll be there at the booth show and are planning a hit afterparty for our Certified Service Center attendees!
The ASE rebate portal closes Feb. 15, 2020.

Make sure to submit your invoices and test results no later than Feb. 15th so we can reimburse you for getting your technicians certified.

As a reminder, we've upped the annual rebate to as much as $250 for any number or variety of passed tests per shop.

Contact your parts supplier with any ASE questions.
Congratulations to the 114 shops who joined our Certified Service Center network in 2019 Q4. We're grateful to have you as part of our family and look forward to serving you in 2020.
Earn an Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper scholarship for yourself or your child to go to college!

It's not too early to get started with the application. Visit automotivescholarships.com for details on qualifications and requirements.
Our 2021 Alliance Takes the Hill Convention is going to be the place to be in April 2021. We'll show lawmakers what our industry needs, reconnect with old friends, network with professionals, and party like it's 1999.

If you haven't already, sign up to stay informed about our most unique convention to date.

Don't be left out. Join us in making history.
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We can't wait to take on Indianapolis with our 30 lucky grand prize guests this May. All three drawings have been completed. Congratulations to the 500 gift card winners and the 15 grand prize winners.
The average American sends and receives nearly 100 texts daily. They're checking their phones constantly and responding quickly — which makes texting a perfect way to connect with your customers.

Keeping up with individual text messages to and from hundreds of customers can be confusing, but with autotext.me it doesn't have to be. The platform offers a system for auto texting, digital vehicle inspection, work flow, communication programs, and more to ensure your shop is as efficient and advanced as possible.

And they've offered Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, and Confidence Plus Certified Service Centers an exclusive discount!

We're all about finding good deals for our CSCs , so we'd be remiss not to mention social media opportunities. A Facebook page or other social media presence has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes — and it's completely free of cost, excluding man hours.

We're helping make social media even easier for you by providing shareable news and maintenance tips.
Test your knowledge on engine repair and prepare for the ASE A1 exam by answering the questions below.
1. A technician is checking for piston ring groove clearance. The proper technique includes:
a.) The old ring and a feeler gauge
b.) The new ring and a feeler gauge
c.) Only a feeler gauge
d.) No feeler gauge is required

2. A cylinder power balance test is being performed on a vehicle with sequential fuel injection. The number five cylinder's RPM drop is less than all of the others. Technician A says this could be the result of a restriction in the fuel injector. Technician B says this could be caused by leaking secondary insulation. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

3. A turbocharger wastegate is sticking. Technician A says a stuck open wastegate will result in overboost. Technician B says a stuck closed wastegate will result in underboost condition. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

4.) Technician A says a supercharger uses an intercooler to keep the engine's oil cool. Technician B says intercoolers are used on turbochargers to keep the oil cool. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B
5.) A wet compression test is being performed on a four cylinder engine. The number two cylinder's compression is below specifications and remains the same after injecting oil. This result indicates:
a.) Worn piston rings
b.) A faulty valve
c.) A hole in the piston
d.) Excessive carbon buildup on the piston's dome

6.) A vehicle has blue colored exhaust. Technician A says this may be caused by weak piston rings. Technician B says this may be caused by a leaking fuel injector. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

7.) Technician A says to remove the ridge on the engine block before removing the pistons. Technician B says a block's ridge will damage the new piston rings during installation. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

8.) A vehicle briefly blows blue/gray smoke from the tailpipe when it's first started in the morning. The MOST likely cause of this condition is:
a.) Worn piston rings
b.) Lean fuel condition
c.) Leaking fuel injector
d.) Lacking valve seal