May 18,

No. 47

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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Make sure to download our podcast to hear recordings of our events and selected readings from Chinese policy-related documents. In the first few readings we will be highlighting some readings from Qiushi, the Party journal, as they were kind and responsive enough to give us permission to broadcast them.

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Weekly Readings

The atmospherics of U.S.-China relations seem to have taken a turn for the worse, but that may simply be the pessimism inherent in recent reports highlighted in past weeks. U.S. military plans to put pressure on China over its reef construction in the South China Sea and the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs response, however, are the only real recent developments that could have a negative impact. If things are getting worse or the future darker, t hen it is a death by a thousand cuts that has undermined confidence that U.S.-China differences could be bridged...eventually. The four short readings today all look ahead at U.S.-China relations, focusing on a diverse set of challenges to the relationship.

Social Media Watch

While recent events have brought international attention to the use of lethal force by police in the United States, China is not immune. Xu Chunhe (pictured with his family) was fatally shot in front of his family by a police officer on May 2 in Qing'an, Heilongjiang. Netizens are disputing the official story that Xu tried to grab the officer's gun. Chinese police began carrying firearms after the knife attack in a Kunming train station last year. Xu's death brings to the fore questions about police responsibility and whether guns improve or deteriorate safety. Angry Weibo posts in defense of Xu are proliferating. "Go in peace, brother! If only there were no evil police in the world!" @???? writes as a comment on Xu's last Weibo post (@?????), from December.
Policy Phrases in Xi Jinping's  Speeches



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Recently Xi Jinping gave a speech to the Politburo at the 22nd group study session. He referred to the ????. The 3 rural issues are agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.





Documentary of the Week

Seven years ago, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan motivated a great deal of activity from PLA support activities to political activism to non-governmental humanitarian donation of time and money. This week's video is a wide-ranging book talk of a journalist's book ?????168??? on Phoenix Television that addresses the tragedy, its impact, and how China has dealt with other such tragedies or challenges.

Upcoming Events

While in almost any given week Washington D.C. plays host to a number of wonderful China-related events, Brookings has a great one coming up on May 29 that is a bit off the beaten policy topic, if you will, and we think worthy of highlighting:

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