U.S. EnviroBank Monetary Reform Act
Read and Sign the Petition to Pay Off  Our Federal Debt & More!
Citizens all across our Nation support the right that the US Treasury holds to create and supply all the money needed to provide for the services of America.

You can help support us and this greater American movement to:

  • Pay Off Federal Debts
  • Pay Off Student Loans
  • Reduce America's Taxes and Debts
  • Fund Water Infrastructure such as NAWAPA
  • Fund U.S. EnviroBank Projects Supporting the Environment

President Lincoln and his first Republican Congress  approved the use of 
Greenbacks Currency to fund the American Civil War, which unified our Nation and helped to end slavery in America.  Then in 1913, We The People were turned over into what has now become more than a century of economic slavery to the Federal Reserve and it's imposed system of  National Debt.

The U.S. EnviroBank Monetary Reform ACT  sends the President and his administration a reminder that they have Constitutional authority to execute the 2 Step National Economics Reform and Recovery Plan which will help free us of debt, and lead us all towards economic recovery.

  1. Direct the Treasury Department to issue U.S. Notes similar to Lincoln’s Greenbacks and electronic Greenbacks in digital deposit format, to pay off the National debt, all student loan debt and to fund essential watershed infrastructure US EnviroBank projects.

  2. Increase the reserve ratio that private banks are required to maintain from 10% to 100%, thereby terminating their ability to create money, while simultaneously absorbing the funds created to retire the National debt.
The Value of Water Campaign
The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure
What Is The Value of Water?
Essential. Reliable. Invaluable. 
Water... i t’s the thread that weaves together our daily lives. It keeps our communities healthy, our cities running, and our economies growing. Water is a cup of coffee, the produce aisle, better production, increased exports, and greater American strength. While essential, water infrastructure is largely invisible.

Few people realize what it takes to treat and deliver drinking water every day or how wastewater is cleaned so that it can be safely reused or returned to the environment. The high quality of life we enjoy in America.
The Value of Water Campaign commissioned an economic i mpact analysis to understand how increasing investments i n the nation’s water infrastructure can affect economic  growth and employment.

U.S. EnviroBank
The U.S. EnviroBank Monetary Reform ACT reminds the president of his full Constitutional authority to establish the U.S. EnviroBank that could fund NAWAPA and ALL of our Nations' water related infrastructure without raising our taxes, slashing public services, cutting pensions, or privatizing industries.  Read Ellen Brown's Web Of Debt blog...  I f China Can Fund infrastructure with Its Own Credit, So Can We!
SOB Stories
The Water Quality Protection Program, sponsored by NOAA, is a coalition of twenty-seven federal, state and local agencies, public groups, representatives of the agricultural, boating, equestrian communities, and businesses  working to develop and carry out long-term, proactive water quality management plans for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary's eleven watershed regions.
About Water For Fighting Political Action Committee
The Water For Fighting Political Action Committee is a California based non-profit organization founded in 2004. Our passion is water; and the wise-use of all water related resources for the betterment all. 
We are committed to providing comprehensive online educational resources and materials, and raising awareness to the sensitive and complex water problems and issues we all face. It is our goal to present for your support, the plans, solutions and projects that will make this world a better home for generations to come.

The Water For Fighting Mission is to take action on our civic commitment to raise awareness of, educate the public to, and to initiate and/or support programs that protect our water world from all threats foreign, domestic, economic and natural. 
"Change is Inevitable... Survival Is Not!"
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