Date: 29 January 2019
TO: United States GLOBE Teachers
FROM: Jennifer Bourgeault
SUBJECT: GLOBE Teacher Network

Dear GLOBE Teachers,
For those of you new to GLOBE, I'll take a line or two to introduce myself. My name is  Jen Bourgeault and I am the United States Country Coordinator and the coordinator for the New Hampshire GLOBE Program.  Some of you may have been in contact with Haley Wicklein who works with me. Together we compose both 'offices' and are based out of the University of New Hampshire Leitzel Center.  
The U.S. GLOBE Office works with the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) to support GLOBE Partnerships and teachers across the country. The U.S. GLOBE Office also coordinates the regional Student Research Symposia (SRS) by working with leadership teams in each of the six hosting locations. The 2019 SRS is funded by grants from NASA (Grant No. 80NSSC18K0135) and Youth Learning As Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES). NSF funded the initial two years (2016, 2017) and NASA funded the 2018 series. **Travel support is available to bring a team of students!**
Thank you for all you do to contribute to the success of GLOBE in the United States! While Partnerships are hosting the SRS series, teachers work with their students to develop the projects that are presented. Partnerships provide excellent professional learning for pre- and in-service teachers and teachers implement it into the classroom, working out the best fit for their curriculum. Partnerships and teachers bring a GLOBE presence to NSTA through workshop offerings and by staffing the NASA and NOAA booths. Both Partnerships and teachers share GLOBE-related classroom resources with the broader science education community and their own networks. 
The amazing GLOBE teachers and students inspire us to try and do better when it comes to supporting this work. My email today is to tell you a little about the network that we are building and to invite you to join it, tell us what you need and help us improve on what we started. Please click on the links that most appeal to you, sample the GLOBE teacher network that exists and then add your contributions. We'd love to create more stories like this one from 5 teachers who are planning to attend a Student Research Symposium.  
We are just getting started and can't wait to hear from you! 
  • Teacher listserve for the Student Research Symposia: These regular emails are sent out every 2-3 weeks and include updates on important SRS deadlines but also "just in time" resources to assist classrooms in carrying out GLOBE research! You can sign up so you don't miss a thing. This particular issue has a feature story from Nate Raynor, a teacher in New Mexico.
  • Teacher Watercoolers: We gather here virtually to hear from teachers on what GLOBE looks like in their classrooms. They are posted afterwards here if you can't join us in person. We are looking for volunteers to share so please consider signing up.
  • The SRS Science Practices webpages: Webinars, handouts, blogs by teachers on how they teach a particular skill, links to external pages, all organized by the NGSS practice!
  • GLOBE Teacher Hotline: Do you have a question that might be answered by a fellow GLOBE teacher? Fill out this short form and we will connect you to one based on your question and their area of expertise. Do you have expertise in implementing GLOBE? Join the Hotline team!
  • United States GLOBE Educators Facebook page: Join us here if you frequent Facebook. Make sure you answer a few questions and then 'like' the page so our posts make it into your feed.
  • US GLOBE Twitter: Yes, we even have one of those. We like to diversify our reach.
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