Online Claims & Billing

Online billing and claims submission is now available for all attorneys. To access the claims/billing portal, please visit the U.S. Legal website at and enter your credentials (password will be the last 4 of the SSN or EIN, whichever is on file with U.S. Legal.) For billing, after you have successfully logged in, please select “click here to submit a claim” which will open a separate window. Please select the plan type you are billing for, if the case is for a CDL Driver, the case will be found under "CDL ONLY" and vice versa for our family plan members. You may search by USL No: This is the CDL Case number on the right-hand side of the invoice form attached to the Assigned to attorney email or you may search by USL Member NO : which is the number in the subject line of the emails corresponding with the case. From there you can search through cases based on case status i.e. Assigned, Un-Billied, Pending Confirmation, Intake, In-Process, Pending Approval for Payment, or Denied.

Disposition documents MUST BE ATTACHED for billing. If the documents are not attached, payment on the claim will be delayed until received. If the documentation is not submitted within 90 days of the final court date, the claim will be denied.You will receive at least one, and up to 3 reminders to submit the required documentation before the denial notification is sent.

IMPORTANT: Please do not service members on referral (pre-existing, Criminal, Appeal) cases until the retainer fee has been paid by plan member. Should they refuse to pay, U.S. Legal is not responsible for fees.

To update your Network Attorney profile or for information regarding authorizations or claims, please contact:

Toll Free: 844-894-5297
Fax: 904-562-5996

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Do you have a colleague who many be interested in participating as a Network Attorney for U.S. Legal Services? If so, they can contact us at or visit for more information.