June 10, 2019
For Immediate Release 
Lori Fulmer

U.S. Merchants Paid $107.78 Billion in Card Processing Fees in 2018
The Nilson Report on Merchant Processing Fees 
CARPINTERIA, CA - June 10, 2019 - Credit, debit, and prepaid general purpose and private label cards issued in the United States generated $6.962 trillion in payments for goods and services in 2018, an increase of 10.0% over 2017. Processing fees, which include interchange, paid by U.S. merchants to handle all card payments were $107.78 billion, an increase of $11.52 billion, or 12.0%, over the prior year, according to The Nilson Report, the leading card and mobile payment trade publication.
 "For every $100 in combined credit and debit card sales, merchants paid an average of $1.55," commented David Robertson, Publisher of The Nilson Report.
General purpose Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and store, gasoline, medical, etc. private label credit cards accounted for $3.930 trillion in purchase volume last year. Credit cards accounted for 56.46% of combined credit, debit, and prepaid card purchase volume. Merchants paid $86.30 billion in processing fees to accept credit cards, which was 80.07% of total processing fees.
The weighted average of processing fees paid as a percentage of purchase volume from all credit, debit, and prepaid general purpose and private label cards was 1.55% in 2018.   

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