You Are Invited -- Betsy DeVos, U.S. Secretary of Education and courageous champion for educational freedom and opportunity, will be in Colorado Springs June 26th for a special "Brown Bag Lunch" presentation to celebrate Parents Challenge’s 20th Anniversary — what an honor, and what an exciting privilege to have her help us celebrate this milestone!
Three-out-of-four students in
Parents Challenge family earn
Daniels Scholarship
Yesenia and Victor Torres raised their five children with the belief that getting a great education is the key to achieving the American Dream.
With few financial resources and stuck in a neighborhood plagued by
low-performing schools, they set out to find a way to secure a brighter
future for their kids.
“At the time we were living check-to-check and knew that our children were falling behind but lacked the resources to help them,” explained Victor. “Parents Challenge changed that and not only allowed us to send our kids to better schools but taught us how to support them in every aspect of their educations.”
“Our children are athletes, but not in the traditional sense,” he continued. “They strive for academic excellence, and understand the importance of character, leadership, and service.”
An indicator of the high-standards set by the students is that, to date, three-out-of-four of their students earned the prestigious Daniels Scholarship, which has allowed them to attend the college or university of their choice. Their fifth student is still in high school and also plans to apply for the Daniels Scholarship.
Parents Challenge to expand educational support for students from families in financial need through grant from Anschutz Foundation  
The Anschutz Foundation has awarded a two-year grant to Parents Challenge in support of its programs that empower low-income families in the Pikes Peak Region with the resources to choose the best educational option, for their children -- be they traditional public, private, charter public, or home schools. 

“Too many kids in the Colorado Springs region are trapped in poor-performing schools, limiting their access to quality education and the tools to reach their potential,” explained Steve Schuck, founder of Parents Challenge. “Thanks to support from the Anschutz Foundation we will be able to help even more families pursue and achieve their dreams.”

Parents Challenge currently serves 200 students from 119 families in the Colorado Springs region, having served 2,400 over the past 20 years. Parents are empowered by attending evening sessions that mentor them in subjects they themselves identify and must be active in their child's education including the submission of reports on their child’s academic and social progress. 
Focus Group Empowers Parents to Provide Input on Program/Workshops
Each year Parents Challenge hosts a focus group that offers the opportunity for parents to provide input on the four key areas of the program: Parental Empowerment, Scholarships and Grants, Student Services, and Community Engagement.

The Parents Challenge focus group met in early May for a broad-ranging discussion that covered topics focused on students including encouraging academic excellence, developing strong character, encouraging community service, preparing for a career, and avoiding negative behaviors that prevent young people from achieving their full potentials.
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