Hello and hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend! Today's note is going to be short and sweet, as I've "gone fishin'" myself, but have never missed a week of bringing you some food for thought and inspiration! And since the US Women's Soccer Team as been doing us proud this past week (and you can also see co-captain Megan Rapinoe's interview about being American here ), I thought I would dig this PGG out for you :) (Team USA will be playing the Netherlands this Sunday in the finals for the World Cup!) For more on that theme here's my PGG Video of the week where I remind you to be the best version of YOU, and the link for the Instagram post (with my mic drop!)to remind you should not pretend to be anything that you're not. As always, please feel free to let me know y our feedback about any and all that I'm doing :) Big hug <3 Kristina
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Originally published June 29, 2010

I had not paid much attention to the World Cup until last week when I happened to catch the second half of the US-Algeria game. The best part was that I was watching it on Univision , so when the United States won, the emotional factor went off the charts with the Latin announcers scream-singing “GOOOOOOAALLLL” accompanied by the unbridled enthusiasm that only they can express about the how and why of the win, especially after the bad calls against them in previous games. La esperanza! La fe! El corazon sobre la forma! La lucha y el espiritu de este equipo que triunfo, que es justo!

If you don’t speak Spanish, the gist is this: It was all about the spirit, determination, fight and heart of the team, not necessarily anything technical that got them the win.  After that experience, I watched with excitement their dramatic game with Ghana three days later. Although they did not advance further, Team USA surely did not lose.

The flamboyant, gender-bending US Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has had ups and downs throughout his career and his share of unfair marks by international judges. All along he refused to be anything but who he is and always excelled when he put the “Johnny” back in the performance along with his love of the sport - and his costumes.

Although he did not bring home a medal from Vancouver, he skated his personal best and received incredible press, speaking engagements, his own TV reality show, and a bright future ahead. Because he worked extremely hard, remained genuine and let his spirit shine through, Johnny surely did not lose.

What both our soccer team and Weir have in common with their world competitions is that they represented the United States with passion and perseverance. In true American style, they embraced who they are, carried on in spite of all obstacles and were victorious in their own ways.

In honor of our Independence Day holiday, let your U nique S pirit and A uthenticity overtake whatever you do and see what happens. If you’re having a little trouble, then give me a buzz so I can help you find the moxie in your mojo for accomplish whatever it takes to make your country proud!

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