Wesley Launches the Fall Semester
“I love the UofA, but it’s far away from my little Tennessee house, and I came up here not knowing a soul. But, last night in fellowship and worship, it was as if my soul let out a big sigh and said ‘Home.’ Thank you!” 

Having the last semester of your senior year of high school snatched away by the virus, transitioning to a new city, and starting college in a context still plagued by the pandemic is tough, to say the least. Jake, a new freshman, texted me shortly after our first Tuesday night meeting to let me know how much the Wesley ministry has already meant to him.  

The truth is, I can identify entirely with Jake. As you may know, my family and I just moved to Fayetteville as well. Starting a new job, a new life, and a ministry during Covid certainly challenges one’s sense of security. Thankfully, I’m not in this alone! Not only is Rachel, our ever-faithful administrator in place holding everything together – but we’ve also hired a new Associate Director, Caleb Martin! 

Caleb has many talents, one of which is leading people into God’s presence through worship. Each week this Fall semester we’re exploring just how far removed from God’s original creation we’ve fallen, and even more importantly, how faithfully He shows up in the midst of our brokenness. Between the brokenness we’re seeing in society, our own personal woes, and the ongoing effects of the virus, there appears to be abundant evidence that we’re far from the home that God intended us for.  

Yet, within about thirty seconds of worship beginning on our first Tuesday night, just like Jake, I too felt as if I had come home into God’s presence. Those of you who have been involved in the Wesley ministry over the years know how God has used it to be a safe place for young men and women to encounter Christ. I’m thankful that even though both Caleb and I are very new to this, God is much bigger than us! I’m also thankful that even though we’ve put in place solid social distancing measures that we’re still able to meet in person and live stream our events on Facebook. 

Home is a very powerful thing. When students have a home that’s uniquely Christian, such as the Wesley House, they know where they can come to find God’s peace and grow with other Christians. Rachel, Caleb, and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support for the Wesley. Not only does God use your faithfulness to bless us as we minister, but also as you pray and help support Wesley, students like Jake are able to breathe in deep the peace of Christ. Please continue to pray for us as the virus has made reaching out to other students who need a home difficult. And finally, if there’s ever a way that I can pray for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Daniel Rupp
College Pastor & Director
U of A Wesley College Ministry
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