Successful Junior Team Event hosted by ACE Tennis and Cedar Springs Club
ACE Tennis and the Cedar Springs Club hosted the VII Team Championships in the U10, U12 and U14 categories at the Cedar Springs Club in May. The event was the biggest junior team event in Ontario / Canada with 50 teams participating including teams from Alberta, Ottawa Athletic Club, Waterloo Tennis Club, NYTA Club, Cricket Club, GSM Club, ORC Academy, Mayfair West Club, CCTA Mayfair Parkway, TTA academy, ACE TTC, and ACE Burlington.

ACE Tournament Director and Director of Progressive Tennis for ACE Burlington; Kyrylo Tabunshchuk did an amazing job organizing the teams and the event. The
kids thrived on the team spirit and proved that this kind of event grows the sport and the love of the game!

Winners in the U10 category were the ACE Team Roger with players Joseph Cunha, Deniz Karabulut, Clara Tiong and Maria Youssef; pictured top right with coach Walker Lamarche. The Ottawa Athletic Club cam in 2nd with players; Adrian Palframan, Victor Cvetanov Dimitrov, Bronwyn Duggan and Sienna Manashe. The Waterloo Team came in 3rd with players Luka Kostic, Cooper Arroyave, Ilya Sherifali and Angelina Chacko.

Coach Tom Pociecha is pictured lower right with ACE Team Rafa and players Inaya Iqbal, Jagvi Sharma, Jereme Niu and Fouegap Nguepi.
In the U12 category the GSM Team with players Sava Uncianschi, Filip Radulovi, Andrei Caragea, and Amy Mucea came in first place. The Waterloo Team with coach Martin Holly and players Lev Sherifali, Praneel Pichika, Aiden Biss-Mantziounis and Annabelle Ganescu came in second, and the Alberta team took 3rd place with players Sophie Stanton, Madelynn Ludwig, Maksim Gluic and Jaden Mah. Coach Sam Jonas from TTC is pictured with Evan Sobel, Camden Wrobel and Luke Basiji and on the lower right is coach Brandon Alguire from ACE Burlington with players Sofia Bialach, Bianca Ceroni, Eiji Fujita and Chris Bulgaru.
Mikail Iqbal and Muhammed Ali above having a snack break, and Matt Klinger with his group of players on the left.
The GSM Club and player Iulia Bucea, Sava Uncianschi, Filip Radulovic and Lauren Okrainec was the winning team in the U14 category. 2nd place went to the team from Mayfair West Blue; Maria Komar, Justin Kupinsky, Victoria Wang and Megan Mao and Team Mayfair West Red with players Jelena Vico, Lauren Willson, Andrew Li, and Baran Taraz came in 3rd. On top right; coach Victor Hoang with Ovid Sun and Ethan Tiong, discussing strategy.
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