The month of March has been a whirlwind of uncertainty, emotion, and rapid change. Fortunately for us, the UA has a tremendously talented and dedicated community of principals, educators, and school staff who mobilized quickly to transition from brick & mortar schools to create a virtual education landscape in just a few days. Thanks to them, more than 80% of our students have remained connected, engaged, and productive during this first week of remote learning.

Our central team has also worked tirelessly to forge ahead as a remote community, making sure our school leaders and educators had the systems and supports they needed to transition quickly.

Here is a glance at what the Urban Assembly has accomplished in just one week:
Developed an Online Learning Community ( OLC )
Our central team curated a resource collection for school leaders, staff, students, and families to ensure they remain connected and productive during this time. The OLC is updated hourly, and prioritizes not just sharing “helpful links,” but taking the content in those helpful links and turning it into plug-and-play tools that school staff can turn-key immediately. 
Closed as Many Technology Gaps as Possible
This week, Chancellor Carranza praised UA principal Merilee Valentino at UA School for Law and Justice after she spent the weekend delivering devices to her students, including one particularly grateful student living in temporary housing . Kristin Kearns-Jordan, UA CEO, spent the day carpooling with principals as they delivered devices to students, and schools shared extra devices and equipment with other schools to meet needs and close as many tech gaps as possible - this is the UA way. 

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Activated the Power of Our Network
We cultivated a resource sharing system within our family of schools so that innovative practices in one virtual school can be transmitted widely and immediately to our other remote schools. The richness of the collaboration has been integral for new and veteran UA principals alike. See below for their reflections, and view the power of our network in action , even when remote.
As you may have seen in the news , many NYCDOE students still do not have functional technology or internet connectivity. For that reason, we are fundraising to meet these needs with urgency.
100% of money raised for our #FundTheGap Campaign is used for direct student and alumni needs as they transition to remote learning.
See a heartfelt thank you from a student at
UA Institute of Math and Science for Young Women:
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