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Friday, September 22

That’s a wrap!

Thanks to everyone for joining the 2023 Convention. We look forward to a year of hard work coming out of the endorsed resolutions, and developing the ideas and solutions generated in breakout sessions and workshops.

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Premier Eby responds to local government questions

UBCM Past President Jen Ford facilitated a question period with Premier David Eby in the closing segment of UBCM 2023 Convention. Inquiries covered the overlapping crises of housing affordability and supply, wildfire risk and response, community safety, the toxic drug crisis, decriminalization, and local government finance support. 


He gave updates on what his government is focused on from pressing the federal government for housing support to consulting with local governments on the detailed regulations of a new Emergency Management Act. Eby announced new funding ($4.75 million) for volunteer fire fighter training for wildfires and ($20 million) to support transportation for cancer patients in rural areas. The Premier also announced that funding previously announced at the UBCM Housing Summit to support local government capacity building will be made available shortly to local governments


On decriminalization he emphasised that the biggest challenge is not willingness or funding, but people to do the work. Eby said his government is working to support internationally-trained health care professionals get accredited in BC, and exploring certificate programs that would enable people to work under the supervision of psychiatric nurses, to alleviate get more support in place quicker. 


“There’s a lot more work to be done, and we will do this in partnership. It hasn’t always been this way, but my commitment to you is that our gov will do this in partnership with you,” Eby said.

UBCM President Trish Mandewo

UBCM’s new President, Trish Mandewo addressed delegates Friday morning.


“The first thing I am going to do is sit down with the Province to review priorities that have emerged from this convention. The resolutions you endorsed will sharpen our advocacy. Housing and affordability is front and centre, again. Climate change is rewriting the rules for society, from the health impacts of wildfires to dramatic impacts on BC’s forest. You also have set a clear priority for decriminalization to be better supported than it is currently,” she said.

The election for the rest of the Executive concluded Friday. For a full overview of your new UBCM Executive click here.

Resolutions results

Delegates were able to consider every resolution brought forward, with invigorated debate.

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Federal address: Jonathan Wilkinson

Jonathan Wilkinson, federal Minister of Energy and Natural Resources addressed delegates today highlighting recent initiatives to address housing, climate change and emergency response. Minister Wilkinson called upon the Province of BC to match the federal government’s recent decision to remove the GST from purpose built rental housing construction by removing the PST as well.

UBCM’s long time parliamentarian retires

The man who makes sure UBCM’s resolution process goes smoothly has retired after 36 years on the stage. Ian Izard has worked with UBCM since 1987. Over breakfast this week, Ian has been known to pull out his dog-eared copy of Brown’s Rules of Order for some light reading before heading on stage to oversee the process of resolution debate. We are indebted for Ian for his years of service, and wish him a happy retirement.

UBCM in the News

CBC Vancouver’s Stephen Quinn spoke with Councillor Trish Mandewo, UBCM president-elect on local government priorities coming out this year’s convention. The Vancouver Sun captured key questions asked of Minister Kahlon and others at the Cabinet Town Hall for housing policy. The Tyee also shared a story on delegates’ housing questions from the policy session earlier in the week. The Black Press highlighted the City of Langley’s move towards a fully digital permitting process as part of a provincial pilot project.

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