Navigating the UBCM Convention 
The 2020 UBCM Convention will take place online, September 22-24. This bulletin contains information on how to access and participate in Convention online.
Convention Platform
The online home of the UBCM Convention will be a website. Attendees will access it by using a web browser. The website uses a platform called PheedLoop, that enables us to bring together live-streaming of plenary sessions and workshops; voting during the AGM, elections for Executive positions, and the resolutions session; live chats with exhibitors and other attendees; and general information about Convention.
A menu on the left side of the Convention platform will give attendees access to different parts of the UBCM Convention. Here is a description of the menu options.
Lobby - the main starting point for the Convention platform
Live Program - view the Convention program and click on a session to view the live-stream, or if the session is not currently live, see the session description
Tradeshow - view and interact with exhibitors
Elections - view candidate videos, biographies, and information about voting
Virtual Lounge - chat and interact with other attendees
Event App - learn how to use the Event App to access Convention information on your phone or mobile device
My Profile - customize how you receive and share Convention information, and are represented on the Convention platform
Help - general instructions for using and troubleshooting the Convention platform, voting, and debate tools
Logout - log out of the Convention platform
Attendees who are voting delegates* will use a specific section of the Convention platform to input their votes. During the AGM and the resolutions session, votes on motions or resolutions will occur as they arise for debate. Voting for Executive positions will occur during the time set in the Convention program.
* Anyone may register to attend the UBCM Convention; however, only elected officials from a UBCM member First Nation or local government are eligible to vote during the AGM, the elections for Executive positions, and the resolutions session. These elected officials, when registered to attend Convention, are "voting delegates".

During the resolutions session, debate will take place by telephone. Voting delegates wishing to introduce a resolution (if they are the sponsor) or speak to a resolution, will be instructed to call a toll-free number. An operator will ask for the caller's Convention credentials and place the caller in a queue, where the caller will wait for the Chair to invite them to speak on a resolution.
Note: before calling the toll-free number to debate a resolution, voting delegates must mute their computer audio. This is due to a significant and noticeable delay between the audio that the caller will hear over the phone, and the audio that will be live-streaming on the Convention platform.
Login & Password 
Each registrant should watch for an email on Friday, September 18 that will provide them with a login and password for Convention, and a link to the Convention platform. Attendees will use this login and password to access the Convention platform.
Over the course of Convention, if the web browser is closed, or the computer is shut down, attendees may be prompted to enter their login and password again the next time they try to access the Convention platform. So please keep the login and password handy during Convention!
Voting delegates will also use their login and password in a specific section of the Convention platform to access voting.
Note: in order to vote, each voting delegate must log in individually to the Convention platform and voting section. Their vote will only be counted if they are logged in as an individual voting delegate.
Technology Required 
To participate fully in the UBCM Convention online, each attendee should have:
  • a computer or tablet, with a web browser, and the capability for audio output (speakers or headphones)
  • high-speed Internet connection
  • or voting delegates, a telephone (can be either landline or mobile) if they wish to introduce or speak to a resolution
Viewing Convention as a Group 
Some local governments may be arranging for elected officials to come together - appropriately distanced - in a board room or council chambers to view sessions at Convention. This should work well, as long as voting delegates remember the following:  
  • In order to vote, delegates must each use a separate computer or tablet to log in to the Convention platform. They can mute the audio on their own computer/tablet, using it only for voting, while continuing to view the Convention session with the group on the larger screen.
  • During resolutions debate, voting delegates who wish to speak to a resolution should leave the group and move to a separate space to call the toll free number. Otherwise, the delay between the phone audio and the Convention platform audio will make it difficult for everyone to follow, hear, and participate in the debate.
Help & Troubleshooting 
During Convention, for assistance troubleshooting any issues that registrants might have accessing Convention, there are several options.
While logged in to the Convention platform, for immediate assistance:
Click on the "Help Desk" chat button at the bottom left of the Convention website, to begin a live chat with a technical expert from trusted providers ICS Events and Data On The Spot.
Voting during the AGM, elections for Executive positions, and resolutions session:
Data On The Spot
Toll free: 1-833-DOTS-123 (1-833-368-7123)

General assistance with Convention website: 
ICS Events
Or click on "Help" in the menu at the left side of the screen for general instructions on using the Convention website.
Registration or other Convention-related matters:
UBCM Richmond Office
Tel: 604-270-8226

Detailed Convention Program Available 
The full convention program is now available to download from the UBCM website. This program includes descriptions of all the workshops, and sets out the timing and speakers. There is also information on the trade show exhibitors, the delegates lounge,  2020 sponsors, and on how delegates can get support during the convention.

Community Excellence Awards Ceremony 
The winners of this year's Community Excellence Awards will be announced in a ceremony starting at 1:20 pm on Wednesday, September 23rd. The awards recognize and celebrate UBCM members that have implemented projects and programs demonstrating excellence in meeting the purposes of local government in BC. This year there will be videos of each of the short-listed nominees so delegates will be able to have a look at the best projects from across the province. 
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