Did you know that UBCM provides Group Benefits insurance coverage to over 3,000 employees employed in the municipal sector and provincial affiliated community based agencies? Through the UBCM Group Benefits Plan, your organization can create a customized plan design that meets your specific needs and conforms with your individual collective agreements. 

Feel free to contact Elvira if you want a review of your plan design. Being part of a large buying group allows us to offer more options for customization at a lower cost. Email Elvira today!
Hello World, Here I Come!

Many safety restrictions have been lifted in BC, which has been viewed as a hopeful segue to the tail-end of the pandemic. In-person events are slowly filling our calendars, many office workers are heading back to their respective offices, and loved ones are travelling to meet for the first time since 2020. How exciting!

Here at UBCM, we have a few in-person events coming up! Click here to view our upcoming events.

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Please note that current Provincial Health Orders indicate that:
  • Vaccine passports will continue to be required for entry in public events, services, and businesses
  • Employers are required to have Office Safety Plans in place

Come April 8th, at 12:01am, vaccine passports will no longer be required. However, air travel will continue to require proof of vaccination. Additionally, employers are no longer required to have Office Safety Plans, but instead transition to communicable disease prevention guidance.

Before you pack up and go, we recommend visiting the BC website for the most up-to-date information.

Stay safe, and take care!
Updated Contact List for Group Benefits effective April 1, 2022

Here is a complete, and current contact list for all your group benefits needs:


Elvira Khismatullina
UBCM Benefits Administrator
Phone Number: 604-270-8226 ext 111    
* Main contact and advocate for your plan
* For expediting requests
* Advice during bargaining or plan design changes
* Industry expertise and advice


Rachelle Quarry *Effective April 1, 2022*
Account Executive, Strategic Accounts
Phone Number: 604-313-9244
* Advocate for your plan with PBC
* For expediting requests
* Advice during bargaining or plan design changes/quotes

Jill Hernaez
Account Manager
Phone Number: 604-419-2171 ext 2171 
* Expedite requests
* Quotes for plan design changes and reports
2022 Dental Fee Guide Adjustments

Click here to see the full guide, prepared by George & Bell Consulting.

The communication focuses on the dental fee guide, which outlines the schedule of fees a dentist can charge for various services (i.e., fillings, x-rays, crowns, etc.). The schedule is adjusted each year by the provincial dental association, and since insurance carriers generally establish their reasonable & customary (“R&C”) levels based on the provincial fee guide, the adjustment to the fee guide inherently increases the coverage (in dollars) offered under dental plans.

In other words, since the 2022 adjustment to the BC dental fee guide is 7.35% on average, most plan sponsors should be prepared to expect a similar increase in dental claims under their group benefit plan.

Contact Elvira if you have any questions!
Paid Sick Leave Policy in BC

One of the many needs highlighted during the pandemic was for workers to having the option to take time off without losing pay. On January 1st, 2022, this was addressed by the province by introducing legislation specifically for paid sick leave.

On March 28th, the province has introduced amendments to clarify that:
  • annual sick leave entitlement is for each calendar year, regardless of the date the employee begins employment
  • clause regarding collective agreements will be amended

These changes will come into effect upon Royal Assent. For further details, please click here.
Contact us at:
Elvira Khismatullina
UBCM Group Benefits Administrator

Union of BC Municipalities
Phone: 604-270-8226 extension 111

For the list of the UBCM and Pacific Blue Cross contacts click here