Did you know that UBCM provides Group Benefits insurance coverage to over 3,000 employees employed in the municipal sector and provincial affiliated community based agencies? Through the UBCM Group Benefits Plan, your organization can create a customized plan design that meets your specific needs and conforms with your individual collective agreements. 

Feel free to contact Elvira if you want a review of your plan design. Being part of a large buying group allows us to offer more options for customization at a lower cost. Email Elvira today!
Thank You for Stopping by our Booths in GFOABC, and LGMA!

UBCM recently had the opportunity to attend both GFOABC, and LGMA as a trade show exhibitor, sharing information on UBCM's Group Benefits Plan and Funding Programs. We wanted to thank each and every person who stopped by to connect. It was great to see everyone in person!
We want to remind you that if you aren’t part of UBCM’s Group Benefits Plan, and are interested in learning more about the plan, we encourage you to email Elvira. UBCM will happily provide you with a quote to see if our Group Benefits Plan is the right fit for you. Through increased bargaining power, improved access to benefit coverage, and reduced costs, UBCM strives to provide the best plans possible for our members.
If you are currently part of our Group Benefits Plan, and would like to discuss plan changes or a review of your current plan, please contact Elvira
UBCM's Booth in GFOABC
UBCM's Booth in LGMA
Current Contact List for UBCM Group Benefits

Here is a complete, and current contact list for all your group benefits needs:


Elvira Khismatullina
UBCM Benefits Administrator
Phone Number: 604-270-8226 ext 111    
* Main contact and advocate for your plan
* For expediting requests
* Advice during bargaining or plan design changes
* Industry expertise and advice


Peagle Mathew
Group Service Representative, Group Business
Phone Number: 604-419-2767
* Service questions and issues
* Claims inquiries and eligibility questions
* Billing/invoice questions
* Member enrollment questions and inquiries

Jill Hernaez
Account Manager
Phone Number: 604-419-2171 ext 2171 
* Expedite requests
* Quotes for plan design changes and reports

Rachelle Quarry
Account Executive, Strategic Accounts
Phone Number: 604-313-9244
* Advocate for your plan with PBC
* For expediting requests
* Advice during bargaining or plan design changes/quotes
TIME TO RENEW! Understanding Group Benefit Renewals
Time has flown by this year. We're already halfway through 2022! This means that renewals are coming up. The UBCM Benefits Plan Renewal happens on October 1st of each year. We've compiled a detailed document explaining benefits renewal factors, the renewal process, types of plan funding, and so on. 
If you have any questions, please contact Elvira.
Are you up-to-date with your health-check?

Preventative health care is incredibly important, because early detection of actual or potential health issues can help greatly in improving quality of life.

For example, comprehensive eye exams don't only focus on vision: they can identify health issues in other parts of your body, such as diabetes.

Here are some health tests, and health related information that can help you kick-start your journey:

Did You Know: Disease Support Programs Under PBC Policies

You may have noticed that under many PBC contracts there is a coverage included under the name Disease Support Programs. The intent of this category has been to provide coverage for InspireHealth, a program that provides members diagnosed with cancer with services ranging from participation in support groups to consultations with medical professionals.

A few years after this benefit was added under PBC group benefits plans, however, the BC Provincial Government announced that they would provide coverage for InspireHealth as part of BC MSP. Since BC MSP would be considered the first payor for these services, the coverage is therefore accessed under a group benefit plan only when the services rendered are not covered by BC MSP but are covered by the group plan (very rare).

For the majority of participating members under the UBCM Group Benefits Plan, the label Disease Support Programs remains in your contract because (i) the rare possibility that a service may be declined under BC MSP, and (ii) the possibility that this coverage is removed from BC MSP in the future.

PBC continues to explore services available in the market, and this category could include coverage for other programs in the future should they be deemed appropriate.

The group benefits market is continually changing, and our aim is to help you understand your programs and the options available to you in order to effectively navigate this changing landscape.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Elvira if you have any questions or concerns about this information.
Paying your PBC Premiums

Premium invoices are generated 12 days before the end of the month. We encourage plan administrators to ensure changes are updated in ADMINnet prior to this date so that it is correctly reflected on next month’s invoice. 

Here is an example of the PBC timeline for premiums:
PBC accepts cheques, and they also accept EFT and PAD.

If you would like more information, or if you have any questions, please connect with Elvira. We're here to help!
Getting ready for Summer Adventures

Before you pack your bags and go for your dream vacation, it might be helpful to check the Travel and Tourism page from the Government of Canada. The site includes information on travel advice and advisories, and documents needed for travel.

Within the site, they also have a page for Travel Health Information. This includes checking if you need additional vaccinations for your destination.

Don't forget to review your benefits coverage: the one through your employer, as well as your additional insurance if you decide to purchase some.

If are enrolled with PBC, and have emergency travel insurance covered under your plan, don't forget to bring your Medi-Assist details.

If you're planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, refer to PBC's article: Allergies and the Great Outdoors. They have a lot of tips, including doing research on your destination to prepare the necessary precautions, and medications to keep you safe!
Contact us at:
Elvira Khismatullina
UBCM Group Benefits Administrator

Union of BC Municipalities
Phone: 604-270-8226 extension 111

For the list of the UBCM and Pacific Blue Cross contacts click here