February, 2018
A Message from the Dean: Community Science
Young Scientist Program member Anthony Ho shows students how a microscope works. Courtesy photo
Communicating scientific research to the public is an important part of our service mission as a land grant university. We're proud of campus groups like the Young Scientist Program and Science Says for their work to make life sciences research accessible to different audiences in the Sacramento region and beyond.

I invite you to visit the links above to view our recent stories on these two stellar groups.

Whether it's at a local elementary school, or even a neighborhood pub, sharing science creates opportunities to learn, explore and better understand our world.


Mark Winey, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Biological Sciences
Distinguished Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology 
News Highlights
Earth BioGenome Project to Sequence All Life
To protect and preserve the Earth’s biodiversity, a landmark partnership between the Earth BioGenome Project, chaired by Distinguished Professor Harris Lewin, and the Earth Bank of Codes embarks on the ambitious goal of mapping the DNA of all life on Earth.
Engineering Injury Resistance, One Ligament at a Time
Undergraduate researcher Alec Avey, a member of Professor Keith Baar’s Functional Molecular Biology Lab, examines and modifies ligaments in Petri dishes in hopes of finding new therapeutics to aid ligament recovery.
Hydra and the Quest to Understand Immortality
The Hydra, a small freshwater invertebrate, is an advantageous model organism for regenerative biologists. This jellyfish-like creature holds within its genomic code the key to biological immortality.
How Population Genetics Can Help Breed a Hardier Honey Bee
Assistant Professor Santiago Ramirez and postdoctoral researcher Julie Cridland document genetic changes in California honey bees, which may provide insights to help the species thrive under increasing environmental stressors.

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