May 2019
A Message from the Dean: Accolades for Aggies
There’s no question about it, UC Davis is a home for talent, from our students to our faculty and researchers.

We’re proud to recognize Katherine Murphy, recently named UC Davis Grad Slam Champ. The plant biology Ph.D. student will compete at the UC-wide Grad Slam on May 10 (watch it live!) where she’ll present a spirited talk on how plant biochemistry can feed the future.

I’d like to congratulate Professor Mark Goldman, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and the Center for Neuroscience, for his recent appointment to the Joel Keizer Endowed Chair in Theoretical and Computational Biology. A strong advocate of quantitative biology, Mark sees the future of life sciences education incorporating more data analysis and computer learning to meet the demands of big data.

Kudos are in order for Kristin Aquilino and her team with the Bodega Marine Lab. The White Abalone Captive Breeding Program had its largest spawn yet. This program is working to bring a prized species back from the brink of extinction.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to all of the amazing students who participated in the Undergraduate Research Conference. We also recognized more than 60 undergraduate and graduate students for their amazing academic excellence and service during an awards ceremony last week. Be sure to visit the Facebook album to view and share the photos of these amazing students.

Go Ags!

Mark Winey, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Biological Sciences
Distinguished Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology 
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CC Catherine Cronin
Sharing Life Sciences with the World: Five #SciComm Writing Opportunities for UC Davis Students

At UC Davis, we’re not just interested in science research. We’re interested in sharing it with the world. Outside of the classroom and the laboratory, our students have ample opportunities to practice their #scicomm skills and publish written works thanks to the various student-run life science journals and blogs on campus.

“Our journal covers anything and everything with ties to biology, from literature reviews and news to case studies and interviews.” -Rachel Hull, editor-in-chief of The Aggie Transcript
For 30 years, BUSP has created opportunities in life sciences education and research for over 1,500 students. David Slipher/UC Davis
Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Change in the Life Sciences

Over the Picnic Day weekend, alumni and friends gathered to celebrate the program's 30th anniversary. The two-year program helps underrepresented students acclimate to college life and gain research experience.

“I can’t tell you a particular time, but all I know is I grew out of my lack of confidence and actually started pursuing things wholeheartedly and actually loving learning... I can fully say I feel like a scientist.” -Christopher Lopez, biochemistry and molecular biology senior
News Highlights
Nitika Mummidivarapu Wins Scholarship for Study at Cambridge
The biochemistry and molecular biology senior is one of 90 students from around the world who have been awarded the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship for postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge.
Disease-Causing Nibbling Amoeba Hides by Displaying Proteins From Host Cells
A parasitic amoeba that causes severe gut disease protects itself from attack by biting off pieces of host cells and putting their proteins on its own surface, according to Katherine Ralston, assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics.
Tech-Based Naturalists: Inspiring Citizen Science with the City Nature Challenge
Designed with data collection in mind, iNaturalist acts like a pocket repository for all things wildlife. It encourages people to explore and record the natural world around them, from the city streets to the riparian woodlands.
Plant Biochemistry to Feed the World via the “Corn Queen” Katherine Murphy
Plant biology Ph.D. student and UC Davis Grad Slam winner Katherine Murphy studies medicinal terpenes found in corn that could help bolster other crops' defenses. She’ll compete in the University of California Grad Slam Finals on May 10 in San Francisco.
Professor Mark Goldman Appointed to the Joel Keizer Endowed Chair in Theoretical and Computational Biology
An advocate for computational and quantitative biology, Professor Mark Goldman will carry on the mantle of the late Professor Joel Keizer, a pioneering UC Davis faculty member and theoretical biologist who spent 28 years on campus.
Endangered White Abalone Program Yields Biggest Spawning Success Yet
The Bodega Marine Laboratory’s White Abalone Program has millions of new additions following its most successful spawning at the University of California, Davis, facility.
Discovering Curiosity
Explore how a passion for science propelled our faculty on the path to research
Fighting Neuromuscular Disorders with New Faculty Lucas Smith
In his new lab at UC Davis, Assistant Professor Lucas Smith, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, investigates how the accumulation of scar tissue affects muscle mechanics. His aim is to develop therapies to alleviate neuromuscular disorders and restore healthy muscle regeneration.

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