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physical sciences, engineering, agricultural technologies, and computer science
Inagural UC Davis NSF I-CorpsTM Immersive Short Course Launched with Significant Demand
Venture Catalyst collaborated with the Bay Area Node to organize the first National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) Immersive Regional Short Course specifically for UC Davis and Davis-Sacramento community teams. Due to significant demand and a large number of quality applications aligned with program objectives, rather than accepting the standard single cohort, the program was organized into two separate cohort groups with multiple instructors facilitating learning modules along with feedback and team engagement. Over an eight-day period in July, the twelve selected teams were exposed to the Lean LaunchPad methodology with an emphasis on validating technology ideas through customer discovery and were expected to complete at least 15 stakeholder interviews to inform development of an initial business model canvas. Virtual instruction and team presentations were scheduled over three evening sessions. Further demonstrating demand, in addition to the 12 participating teams, several other UC Davis teams were selected and invited to join the course, but chose to take part in a future cohort or explore other opportunities for engagement. 

Six of the academic teams participating in the course were selected by the Bay Area Node to receive formal recommendations for joining the national NSF I-Corps Teams program, which is organized as an intensive seven-week program including a non-dilutive grant to be used for expanded customer discovery activities. The national program targets academic teams focused on technology commercialization in areas aligned with NSF research objectives.
COVID-19 Survey Findings Summary
Every year, UC Davis Venture Catalyst conducts a business climate survey of UC Davis-associated startups and Smart Toolkit for Accelerated Research Translation (STARTTM) program participants. Because of the pandemic, this year's survey included several questions around how COVID-19 has affected business operations. Out of the over 50 companies that responded to this year's survey, nearly 60% indicated that their company is fully operational and COVID-19 had no or little effect on company's operational status. Some of the top ways UC Davis startups and START program participants have mitigated the effects of COVID-19 include applying to the Paycheck Protection Program, ramping up fundraising efforts, applying for a US Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and shifting focus to COVID-related research.
UC Davis Venture Catalyst Knowledge Exchange Webinar
Shoring-Up Your Financial Management: What Startups Need to Consider from an Accounting and Tax Perspective
  • Andrew Newman, CPA, Owner, Newman Associates 

Inevitably, when innovators seek to develop a brilliant idea into a business concept, they will build a business plan, conduct research, and talk to experts about technicalities around the business concept and technology. Discussion around business formation may touch on taxes and accounting, but these activities are regularly set aside to focus on technology commercialization milestones. Financial management is often suddenly prioritized too late when a startup is actively seeking investment capital or has received funding through small business grant. This talk, led by business accounting professional Andrew Newman, will explore what a startup needs to be concerned about from an accounting and tax perspective. The discussion will cover integrating financial management and accounting into day-to-day activities, reporting obligations and filing requirements for taxes, and weighing the importance of utilizing accounting professionals.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 10:30 – 11:45 am
Meet MILO, a Powerful Machine Learning AI Tool From UC Davis Health
Machine Intelligence Learning Optimizer (MILO), developed by the Vice Chair of Informatics and Computational Pathology at UC Davis Hooman Rashidi, is a turnkey software tool that provides a fully automated machine learning and artificial intelligence solution to many different research and business needs. The platform uses machine learning to build and compare hundreds of thousands of models within various optimized ML pipelines. The users then pick and deploy the most suitable model based on their needs and the field’s best practices. In January, MILO was showcased at the UC Davis Venture Catalyst Biotech Innovation Gallery (BIG) Event alongside the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. MILO was recently licensed to mdlogix, a behavioral health software company who owns the BHWorks software platform.... Read More
LiquidGoldConcept Wins Big Ideas 2020 Scaling Up Contest
LiquidGoldConcept, a UC Davis-associated startup focused on simulation-based training in clinical lactation, won the $25,000 Grand Prize Pitch award from the Big Ideas Scaling Up Contest. The company was founded by Anna Sadovnikova, a fifth year MD/PhD student at the UC Davis School of Medicine. The award was for a high-fidelity breastfeeding simulator that is currently developing a virtual simulation platform, the Lactation QBank, to train healthcare providers to use telehealth for lactation support during COVID-19.... Read More
Anna Sadovnikova was also named the 2020 Daniel T. O’Connor, M.D., Memorial Research Grant recipient. The award helps provide a one-year research stipend and supports high-quality translational work that emphasizes a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, “bench to bedside” approach to developing new treatments and therapies.... Read More
Research Investments in Cannabis and Hemp Awarded
The UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Center (CHRC) awarded the Research Investments in Cannabis and Hemp (RICH) grants to five researchers at UC Davis following an internal funding competition led by the Office of Research. The recipients of the grants are exploring various applications and insights related to breeding, human health, toxicology, and economic development…. Read More
Neuroscience Researcher Receives $1.5 Million Grant from Department of Defense to Develop New Diagnostic Tool for Hearing Loss
Lee Miller, a UC Davis professor in the Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and the Center for Mind and Brain, received a $1.5 million grant from the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Miller and his research team, including co-investigator Dr. Hilary Brodie in the Department of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery, which have already developed a diagnostic tool that utilizes an individual’s brain waves to uncover hidden hearing loss, will use the DoD grant to continue developing powerful tools to diagnose hidden hearing loss and other listening problems..... Read More
UC Davis Researchers Adapt Nanotech to Catch Coronavirus
UC Davis professors Daniel Cox (physics) and Michael Toney (chemistry) are the inventors of a patented technique for growing nanoscale protein polymer fibrils. The fibrils act like scaffolds, and can be manipulated to create new materials with specific functions. Cox and Toney developed the technology for applications such as nanowires and biomaterials. Now their goal is to capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. The technology could also be used to coat personal protective equipment, such as fabric masks, and boost their effectiveness against the virus.... Read More
NIH Grant to Create Humanized Mice Susceptible to COVID-19
The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $1.2 million grant to the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program. The funding will be used to create humanized laboratory mice that are susceptible to the COVID-19 virus and to distribute them to researchers for further study.... Read More
New Synthetic Biology Tools Unlock Complex Plant Engineering
Researchers at UC Davis and Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) developed a new set of synthetic biology tools that could unlock advanced plant engineering. The work was led by led by Patrick Shih, an assistant professor of plant biology at the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences.... Read More
Can Clearing Out Tiny Shrimp Restore Lake Tahoe’s Clarity?
Researchers at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) recently identified Mysis shrimp as a major cause of clarity decline in Lake Tahoe. While the researchers now know how to reduce the Mysis numbers to the point where the beneficial zooplankton could return, this process is costly. To address this, TERC is working with UC Davis Graduate School of Management students to turn the gathered shrimp into a marketable and profitable product. One of the ideas is to use these shrimp to make premium dog treats, a $7 billion business in the US.... Read More
UC Davis Aggie Square Will Add Billions to Sacramento Region and Aggie Square Developer Explains Why UC Davis, Why Sacramento
New analysis from the economic research firm Economic & Planning Systems predicts Aggie Square at the UC Davis Sacramento campus will add nearly $5 billion to the Sacramento region’s economy each year and support 25,000 ongoing jobs.... Read More

Tom Osha, the senior VP of innovation and economic development at Wexford Science & Technology, explained that the company chose to work with UC Davis because of its "top-flight status".... Read More
Startup News
Cognivive Inc. Announces World’s First Prescription Interactive Rehabilitation Device Under New FDA Regulation
A virtual reality device designed by Cognivive Inc. to help stroke patients recover mobility is the first approved product under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s new prescription use only “interactive rehabilitation exercise device” classification. The new classification, announced by the FDA in July, was made possible by the 21st Century Cures Act, which aims to accelerate development of innovative medical devices and get them to patients sooner. CogniviveVR, which can be used at home, helps patients recover control over their arms and hands by delivering personalized treatments delivered in the form of highly motivational games..... Read More
Miraculex Rebrands to Joywell, Raises $6.9m Series A for Plant Protein Sweeteners (AgFunder News)
Formerly known as Miraculex, Davis-based startup Joywell Foods is developing a class of healthier sweeteners using natural proteins from West African berries. The startup has raised $6.9 million in a Series A funding round led by Evolv Ventures.... Read More
UC Davis Research Leads to Credit Card Fraud-Fighting App Company (Sacramento Business Journal)
UC Davis computer science professor Sam King co-founded Bouncer, a company that developed technology to allow app-based companies to identify credit card fraud. Bouncer’s Card Scan software development kit allows apps to verify cards by scanning them in transactions with the phone’s camera.... Read More
The Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Medical Research (iHeart)
HiDO Health is working with researchers to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on their clinical trials. The company will send its medication dispensing platform, which is set to the trial specifications, to the trial participants. Each time the device dispenses the medication, a short video captures the medication consumption, while recording “real time” patient compliance data that is leveraged by trial researchers.... Read More
Woodland Could Soon Be Using an App to Help Motorists Find Parking (Daily Democrat)
The City of Woodland will begin using the disc-shaped parking sensors and the app from the parking company JAPA, which was co-founded by UC Davis alumni Mathew Magno and Charles Chen. The devices will be used to help drivers find available parking spaces and notify them via cellphone 10 minutes prior to the parking limit expiration.... Read More
Arcadia Biosciences GoodWheat™ Updates
Arcadia Biosciences announced a collaboration with Arcadia Biosciences Collaborates with GoodMills Innovation to Sell GoodWheat™ in Europe.... Read More
Arcadia Biosciences Announces Collaboration with Corner Foods to Commercialize GoodWheat™ Technology.... Read More
Arcadia Biosciences Announces Partnership with Three Farm Daughters to Develop and Market GoodWheat™-Branded Wheat Products.... Read More
Evolve BioSystems, Inc. announces Dr. Minhthy Nguyen as Senior Vice President of Research & Development
Evolve BioSystems announced that Dr. Minhthy Nguyen, PhD, has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Research & Development. Dr. Nguyen joins the company in anticipation of the pending announcement of positive results from several large clinical studies, positioning the company for a material leap forward in the infant health space.... Read More
Startup Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities at AnimalBiome
AnimalBiome is currently hiring for an animal care specialist and a laboratory technician.... Learn more
Career Opportunities at Arcadia Biosciences
Arcadia Biosciences is hiring for a Technical Seed Sales & Agronomy Advisor.... Learn more
Career Opportunities at Evolve Biosystems
Evolve Biosystems is currently hiring for two research associates and a management position.... Learn More
Career Opportunities at Novoheart
Novoheart is currently hiring for an engineer and three scientist positions.... Learn more
Career Opportunities at Sage Therapeutics
Sage Therapeutics is hiring for a wide range of positions from Vice President of Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety to director level positions.... Learn more
News from the DRIVE Network
Game-Changing Agtech Innovation Company MyFloraDNA Opens in Davis
The agtech startup MyFloraDNA (co-founded by a former UC Davis postdoctoral scholar) opened its new location at the UC Davis-HM.CLAUSE Life Science Innovation Center in Davis. The company specializes in testing fruit and nut trees to help breeders create new varieties of crops , which are more nutritious and produce a larger yield.... Read More
Space, The Final Frontier – For Nematodes
Pheronym, a tenant of the UC Davis-HM.CLAUSE Life Science Innovation Center, announced the results of their fourth peer-reviewed study focused on the results of their collaboration with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space and USDA-ARS during onboard experiments conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) between December 2019 and January 2020.... Read More
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VentureWell E-Teams Grant
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QB3 Life Science Pitch Summit
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Y Combinator Winter Cohort
Application Deadline: September 23, 2020.... Learn More
IndieBio Accelerator
Application: Currently accepting.... Learn More
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UC Davis Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship UC Entrepreneurship Academy
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JLABS Grow Your Biotech: Marketing Fundamentals, Online Presence & Content (Virtual)
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Regional News
Sacramento Kings Crown Humanly as 2020 Capitalize Contest Winner
The Sacramento Kings announced Humanly as the $10,000 grand prize recipient of the 2020 Capitalize contest, powered by Accenture and Sacramento Urban Technology Lab. Humanly is an AI talent recruiting platform that streamlines candidate screening and scheduling for companies with high applicant volume to save time and reduce bias.... Read More
Marrone Bio Appoints Kevin Helash as Chief Executive Officer
Davis-based Marrone Bio Innovations announced the appointment of Kevin Helash as its new chief executive officer. Helash will replace founding CEO Pam Marrone.... Read More
Folsom-Based Biotech Company Quickly Ramps Up Covid-19 Testing Effort in Sac County (Sacramento Business Journal)
Sacramento County is working with StemExpress, a Sacramento-based biotech company, to increase region's COVID-19 testing efforts. The partnership will relaunch five community testing sites where UC Davis will collect the specimens and StemExpress will host the registration and processing, with a goal of providing test results within 72 hours.... Read More
The Better Meat Co. Closes $8.1m Seed Round as Hybrid Trend Combining Animal- and Plant-Based Proteins Gathers Pace (Food Navigator)
The Better Meat Co., a Sacramento-based plant protein company, closed an $8.1m seed round, co-led by Greenlight Capital and Green Circle Foodtech Ventures, bringing the total funding raised by the company close to $10 million.... Read More
Local Startup Developing Wearable Posture Device Raises $450,000 (Sacramento Business Journal)
Smart Spinal Solutions Inc., a startup based in Rancho Cordova, raised $450,000 for the development of its smart wearable posture-correcting device.... Read More
FourthWave Picks 13 Companies for Its Women-Led Business Accelerator (Sacramento Business Journal)
FourthWave, an accelerator for women-led tech businesses, picked 13 companies for its 16-week virtual program, with ten of the 13 companies based in the Sacramento region.... Read More
Innovation Insights
Seed and Initial Financing Deals Dive in Q2 (State Science & Technology Institute)
According to the PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor Q2 2020 reports, by extrapolating the first half data through the rest of 2020, the initial investments are on track to experience a 26% decline compared to 2019. Similarly, seed investments are expected to post a 36% decline over 2020.On the other end, later stage VC investments are expected to post a slight increase over the same timeframe.... Read More
Agrifood Investment Trends in the COVID-19 Era (Finistere)
Finistere and Pitchbook Data reported that investment in the agtech industry totaled $2.2 billion in the first two quarters of 2020, while a record high of $2.7 billion was recorded in 2019. Foodtech raised $4.8 billion the first two quarters of 2020 – this sector saw investment totaling $7 billion in 2019.... Read More
CVCs Committed to Remaining Active Amid COVID-19 (National Venture Capital Association)
According to the Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor Q2 2020 report, by extrapolating the first half data through the rest of 2020, initial venture investments are on track to experience a 26% decline compared to 2019. Similarly, seed investments are expected to post a 36% decline over 2020. On the other end, later stage venture investments are expected to post a slight increase over the same timeframe..... Read More
Innovation in the U.S. Government (National Bureau of Economic Research)
A new paper published in the National Bureau of Economic Research’s (NBER) analyzes innovative efforts of the US government over a 40-year period. Among other findings, the paper shows that intramural innovations, measured by government-assigned patents, are slightly more original and general, but less cited, than patents awarded to private-sector companies..... Read More
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