UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Clinical Trials Report
December 2016
Trials Accepting Any Breed

Breed-Specific Trials

  • Genetics
    • Ventricular Septal Defects in Arabians
    • Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in Friesians
    • Bilateral Corneal Stromal Loss in Friesians
    • Limbal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Haflingers
    • Equine Recurrent Uveitis in Appaloosas
  • Neonatology
    • Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome
Trials Accepting Any Breed
  • Dentistry and Oral Surgery
    • Chronic Gingivostomatitis (with and without full-mouth extractions)
    • Dental Disease
    • Root Canal Treatment
  • Oncology
    • Small Cell Lymphoma
    • Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Genetics
    • Myasthenia Gravis
Trials Accepting Any Breed
Trials Accepting Any Breed
  • Cardiology
    • Pulmonic Stenosis
    • Ventricular Arrhythmias during Chemotherapy
  • Genetics
    • Old Age (Longevity)
    • Addison's Disease
    • Cleft Lip and/or Palate
    • Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy
    • Myasthenia Gravis
    • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Internal Medicine
    • Bladder Stones
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Cushing's Disease
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
    • Chylothroax
    • Bloat
    • Colorectal Masses
    • Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts
    • Variety of Tumors
    • Hiatal Hernia/Brachycephalic Obstructor Syndrome
    • Large Bowel Disease
Trials Accepting Any Breed
  • Dentistry and Oral Surgery
    • Discolored Teeth
  • Dermatology
    • Pemphigus Foliaceus
  • Oncology
    • Oral Tumors, including Oral Melanoma
    • Mast Cell Tumors
    • Osteosarcoma
    • Lymphoma
    • Lower Urinary Tract Neoplasia
    • Lung Tumors
    • Nasal Cancer
    • Brain Tumors
    • Liver Tumors
    • Prostate Cancer
  • Ophthalmology
    • Sudden Blindness
    • Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome
    • Infectious Keratitis
    • Nasal Lacrimal Apparatus Blockage
Breed-Specific Trials
  • Genetics
    • Aspergillus spp. Infections in German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Hungarian Vizslas
    • Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy in Bearded Collies
    • Sebaceous Adenitis in Standard Poodles
    • Addison's Disease in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
    • Epilepsy in Belgian Tervurens, Belgian Sheepdogs, English Mastiffs, Giant Schnauzers, and Poodles (all sizes)
Breed-Specific Trials
  • Genetics (cont.)
    • Ectopic Ureters in Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and Siberian Huskies
  • Ophthalmology
    • Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy in Boston Terriers, German Shorthaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers
    • Dry Eye Syndrome in the West Highland White Terrier
  • Theriogenology
    • Subfertility in Labrador Retrievers
Clinical Trials that are "On Hold" 
  • Assessing a New Addition to Treatment for Osteosarcoma in Dogs
  • Evaluating a Stem Cell Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Laser Ablation for Treatment of Ectopic Ureters in Dogs
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs with Acute Severe Spinal Cord Injury
NOTE: Trials that are "On Hold" are not accepting new patients and we do not know when these trials will open back up.  If/when these trials do accept new patients again, we will notify you via this report and post information about the study (including contact information) on the VCCT website.


Clinical Trials that are Recently Completed or Finished Enrollment
  • Looking at the Role of Genetics in Canine Pulmonary Hypertension and Response to Sildenafil
  • Assessing a Novel Non-Antibiotic Treatment for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs
  • Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Body Weight of Obese Cats
  • Assessing Upper Airway Syndrome in Norwich Terriers
  • Assessing Two Medications for Osteoarthritis in Dogs
Thank you for wanting to be a part of our clinical trials program.  We greatly appreciate your desire to participate in and inform others about our trials, and/or refer cases to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH).  The VCCT and our clinical trials wouldn't be here without you!  
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