Volume 18, 9 | November, 25. 2019
Department News
Week 9 - Nov 25 - Nov 27, 2019
Get Ready For Elektra Adapted by Timberlake Wertenbaker in the Shank Theatre December 4-7
Come one, come all! Step right up to see  Elektra  by Sophocles in a new music-infused translation by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Elektra finds herself in an endless circus orchestrated by her father’s murderers: her mother, The Queen, and her mother’s lover who masquerades as The New King. Elektra cannot take part in the charade of happiness and rages against the court, waiting for her exiled brother, Orestes to return and avenge their father. Through music, movement, and the female voice,  Elektra  takes us inside the toxic cycles of violence that plagued the Ancient Greeks and continue as national spectacle today.

Directed by MFA Juliana Kleist-Mendez, Elektra Previews on Dec 2 and performs Dec 4 - 7 at 7:30pm and Dec 7 at 2pm.

For information click the link below.

Professor Allan Havis attends the Kyoto Prize Presentation
Department Chair Allan Havis recently went to Kyoto and Tokyo to witness the Kyoto Prize recipients honored, including Ariane Mnouchkine.

Ms Mnouchkine is a founder and director of the Théâtre du Soleil in Paris. 'Since 1964, she has produced masterpieces with historical and political themes referring to traditional performances of both the East and the West'.

Professor Havis will be the faculty host to Ms. Mnouchkine in March, 2020, when she visits UC San Diego. She will deliver a public evening address; the department is also in the process of planning some informal time with her to engage with students during the day. In preparation for her visit we plan to screen her films. More information will be posted at a later date.

About the Kyoto Prize Symposium:

"The Kyoto Prize is an international award to honor those who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment of mankind. The Kyoto Prize Symposium is a three-day celebration of the works of those receiving the Kyoto Prize. Thanks to a grant from the Inamori Foundation, and the many generous supporters, the symposium lectures take place in San Diego each year and are open to the public at no charge."

Learn more about the history of the prize.   https://www.sandiego.edu/kyoto/info.ph p
Stage Management Professor Lisa Porter Publishes New Text
Congratulations to Stage Management Professor Lisa Porter who has co-authored her first book, Stage Management Theory as a Guide to Practice: Cultivating a Creative Approach (from Routledge), with Professor Narda E. Alcorn, Chair of the Stage Management Department at Yale School of Drama. Professors Alcorn and Porter met in the Fall of 1992 when they started in the MFA program at Yale School of Drama. For more details about the book, click the link below.

" Stage Management Theory as a Guide to Practice  offers theory and methodology for developing a unique stage management style, preparing stage managers to develop an adaptive approach for the vast and varied scope of the production process, forge their own path, and respond to the present moment with care and creativity.

This book provides tactile adaptive strategies, enabling stage managers to navigate diverse populations, venues, and projects. Experiential stories based on extensive experience with world-renowned artists exemplify the practices and provide frameworks for self-reflection, synthesis, and engagement with theory-guided practice. This book empowers stage managers to include the ‘How You’ with ‘How To’ by flexing collaborative muscles and engaging tools to guide any collaborative project to fruition with creativity, curiosity, and the drive to build connections.

Exploring topics such as group dynamics, ethics, culture, conflict resolution, and strategic communication,  Stage Management Theory as a Guide to Practice: Cultivating a Creative Approach  is an essential tool for advanced stage management students, educators, and professionals."

shorturl.at/axSVX Amazon
First-Year PhD Jesse Marchese Produced Musical Wins AUDELCO for Best Revival of a Musical
Before beginning the PhD program at UC San Diego Theatre and Dance, Jess Marchese served as Executive Director of Astoria Performing Arts Center where he produced the Dev Bondarin directed revival of Caroline, Or Change.

On November 18th Caroline, Or Change was selected as Best Revival of a Musical for the 2018-2019 Season by AUDELCO (Audience Development Committee, Inc.). The AUDELCO (Audience Development Committee, Inc.) is an organization that acknowledges and honors Black Theatre and its artists in New York City. Established and incorporated in 1973 by Vivian Robinson (1926-1996), to stimulate interest in and support of performing arts in black communities.

To learn more about Jesse, click the link below.

Sharing Knowledge From the Field

Actor, Director, Playwright and star of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead , Coleman Domingo, brought his considerable knowledge to bear when he worked with the MFA Actors early last week.

Also on Monday, November 18th, Mr. Domingo hosted a Q & A with undergraduate and grad students. He spoke passionately about the many hats he has worn in his career in theatre, television & film.

Mr. Domingo spoke about his early days starting out in the business and answered questions on the challenges faced and the positive attitude needed to persevere with a career in the performing arts. Mr. Domingo was endearing and engaging and was greeted with heartfelt applause at the end of his session.
Workshop Presentation of Second Year Playwright Vivian Barnes Heap at Clubbed Thumb
Congratulations to Vivian Barnes, who after winning the 2018 open-application commission at Clubbed Thumb participated in a workshop this past week of her new play Heap .

Heap is a kaleidoscopic imagining of the book of Job seen through the eyes of his nameless wife and the denizens of their suburban cul-de-sac.

In describing Heap , Barnes said: "My parents are ministers and my mom really loves the book of Job so I sort of grew up knowing the whole thing by heart. Recently, I really felt an itch to write a play about his wife because she gets one line in the story and is never heard from again."
On Monday, November 18th the creative leadership of La Jolla Playhouse spoke with the MFA II's about their upcoming season and the graduate student residency process.
That's a wrap for Man in Love
Congratulations to our incredible cast and creative team on their run of Man in Love , by Christina Anderson, directed by Stephen Buescher!

PC: Manuel Rotenberg
Another Story Told and Gone with Balm in Gilead
A hearty round of congratulations for the cast and crew of Balm in Gilead who completed their successful two week run this weekend.

PC: Left Jim Carmody Right Manuel Rotenberg
Happening Around Campus
Nov 27, at 12:00 pm 2019 Turkey Calling Show In Geisel Library
The UC San Diego Library invites you to learn turkey calling techniques and participate in an old-school radio broadcast filled with music and stories! Investigate the American turkey’s surprising presence in European art and learn more about the bird through turkey calling techniques. This noisy show has become a signature study break for college students at the Library. Younger kids on vacation from local schools are welcome (and they’ll be reciting turkey-related riddles). Presented as an old-time radio show, this celebration is filled with music, sound-effects, stories, and facts of interest.

Nov 27, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Alumni News
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PhD Alumna Publishes New Book With Palgrave Macmillan

Congratulations to UC San Diego Theatre and Dance Alumna, Dr. Maiya Murphy (of the National University of Singapore) on the publication of her new book, Enacting Lecoq: Movement in Theatre, Cognition, and Life, which examines the theatrical movement-based pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq (1921-1999) through the lens of the cognitive scientific paradigm of enaction. 

For more iformation, click the link below.

Alumna Playwright Lauren Yee Returns to La Jolla Playhouse for 2020-2021 Season
The La Jolla Playhouse has announced that Lauren Yee's Mother Russia , Directed by Tyne Rafaeli, will be included in the upcoming 2020-2021 Season.

About the play: Set briefly after the fall of the Soviet Union a pair of Russian surveillance workers find themselves in a love triangle with their assigned target, a fallen pop star named Katya.

For more about the upcoming season, click the link below.

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