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Rocky Mountain Field Institute is offering an exciting opportunity for UCCS students to earn 4 Geography/Environmental Studies credits while living and learning in the mountains. Students will learn outdoor leadership, Leave No Trace Ethics, backcountry navigation, alpine mountaineering, and risk management skills. 

The SGA Election Applications' DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, FEB 15 @ 5PM!
Joining SGA allows students to get in on the ground floor of our quickly growing university and opens the door to unique networking opportunities.
Most importantly, it is a chance to engage in servant leadership.

Senator of Sustainability
  • Coordinate monthly meetings with the Office of Sustainability.
  • Initiate and maintain open communication and cooperation with organizations, which include but are not limited to, the Faculty Advisory Committee on Sustainability. 
All SGA Members - Duties and Responsibilities
  • Submit a written Monthly Report to the members' Branch Leader.
  • Serve on at least one (1) University Committee and at least one (1) SGA Committee during both the fall and the spring semesters.
  • Could be Bicycle Advisory Committee, PRIDE Committee, Sustainability Committee, Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee, etc.
  • Attend all assigned meetings, such as but not limited to: Branch meetings, University and SGA Committee meetings, and Leadership and Development meetings.
  • Present an oral report of activities and accomplishments at each branch meeting.
  • Respond to inquiries and requests for service as required by their SGA position.
  • Hold a minimum of two (2) Outreach/Office hours each week during the fall and the spring semesters to conduct SGA business and meet with students.

Sustainability Demonstration House is Going Net Zero!

     The Office of Sustainability is excited to announce that the UCCS Sustainability Demonstration House has received funding from the Green Action Fund to retrofit our vintage 2000's house to be as energy efficient as possible, or Net Zero. What is Net Zero you ask? Simply put, it means to produce on-site or purchase the same amount of renewable energy as the total amount of energy used by the house. By doing this, we can reduce the contribution of the house toward anthropogenic climate change.
     We aim to transform this typical American residence into an interactive, educational Green Hub to engage the UCCS and local community on the impact their homes have on local and global environmental systems (and how they can adapt to save money and our planet). It is meant to be a center of applied learning and innovation, where projects are developed, described, and documented and where students are able to develop skills through experiential learning and project management. As such, we hope that this Green Hub will create a place where our greater Mountain Lion family can Learn, Connect, and Act on a wide range of sustainability initiatives to foster experiences that will allow them to think critically, in order to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world.
     Sustainable features at the Sustainability Demonstration House may include waterwise landscape, low water irrigation design, solar panels integrated with onsite battery storage, a wide range of efficiency demonstrations, an edible garden, projects focused on biodiversity and adaptation, an EV charging station, an Ozone research garden, and more, depending on student interests and changing technologies.
     Partnerships with many private companies have been key to our success and have already provided photovoltaic panels (Sunshare), high-efficiency toilets (Niagara), window film to reduce heat gain (Huber-Optik), Net Effect carpet tiles made from recycled fishing nets, (Interface Inc.), a full home energy audit (Energy Resource Center), and waterwise landscape materials and consulting (Colorado Springs Utilities). We would like to thank our many partners for their generous contributions and look forward to working with more partners as we continue to develop.

If you would like to get involved, learn more, or have suggestions, contact the UCCS Office of Sustainability by phone (719) 255-3089, by email, or stop by the Demonstration House ( Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm). Stay up-to-date with our progress by following us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Mireya Mayor 
Pink Boots and A Machete 
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2019 * 7:00 PM @ the ENT Center for the Arts

Mireya Mayor is a primatologist, explorer and Emmy Award-nominated wildlife correspondent for the National Geographic Channel. She'll share stories, images, and film clips of her adventures, offering a look at the hardships of life in the field, along with the discoveries that make it worthwhile.

Partially funded by UCCS  Green Action Fund .
Foodshed Forum 2019
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2019  8:00 AM-4:30PM @ University Center | Berger Hall

The purpose of the foodshed forum is to build the relationships needed to regenerate the local food economy in the state of Colorado. This year, the primary forum theme is "Farm to Institution", which recognizes the ability and opportunity of institutions to positively impact our local food system. 

With the pressure of climate change, the need for better nutrition, and concern for mental well-being, we have an urgent need to promote and strengthen our connections to agriculture. The concept of Farm to Institution is a sensible starting point for the regeneration of an ethical local food system. It recognizes the need to keep small to medium-sized farms in business and recognizes the immense benefit the farming community brings to the citizens of our region. Their knowledge of the land shared history, and ability to adapt to the needs of the local community, make these farmers indispensable.

Goal #1 - To build relationships between food hub/farmers and institutions interested in local food procurement
Objective #1 - promote mutual understanding of the value of local food among buyers and suppliers through food and farm literacy
Objective #2 - encourage procurement commitments among food hub/farmers and institutions
Objective #3 - develop opportunities for institutional food service personnel to gain more knowledge and skill in production planning, procurement, and processing in kitchens, on farms, and in hubs through workshops and field trips.
Goal #2 - To reinforce the identity and shared knowledge of a local food community in the Pikes Peak region and engage people in food literacy and citizenship
Objective #1 - host small educational food forum events throughout the year to inspire and engage community members
Objective #2 - highlight resources and share stories through websites, e-newsletters, and local papers
Objective #3 - motivate community members to get involved in local food and farming opportunities as engaged food citizens

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Little Steps.Big Impact.

2018 Campus Sustainability Award - Joel Tonyan
UCCS Campus Sustainability Award
Do you know an employee or a group of employees at UCCS who has helped advance sustainability on campus? 

Nominate them for the 2019 Campus Sustainability Award to recognize their efforts. Nominations are due no later than Friday, March 1, 2019.          

Candidates will be judged on their record of exceptional educational, professional, civic, or other advancement of sustainability, with emphasis on activities on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus. The award is designed to recognize candidates acting beyond their primary University responsibilities. We define campus sustainability as, "An engaged learning community demonstrating leadership in our policies, programs and practices toward local and global ecological integrity, social equity, and economic vitality."
Specific requirements are that the candidates:
  1. be employees of UCCS, 
  2. be in at least their third year of employment at UCCS, and
  3. have not received the award previously.
  1. Candidates for this award may be an individual or a group of individuals.
  2. Anyone may nominate the candidate(s); self nominations are accepted.
  3. Supporting materials are to be assembled by the nominator and must include:
    1. A brief nominating letter that attests to the candidate's qualifications for the award;
    2. any other supporting materials related to the candidate's sustainability activities particularly those that demonstrate the impact, innovation, or value of these activities;
  4. The nomination and supporting materials should be delivered electronically to the Co-Chair of the Campus Sustainability Award Committee, Joel Tonyan,
Office of Sustainability | Hiring Student Positions for Sustainability Assistants

Join a group of passionate folks working to make UCCS more sustainable. Projects focus on environmental, economical, and equitable justice. 

Go Green | Sustainability Internship Program

The Go Green: Sustainability Internship Program allows you to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and expand your knowledge of sustainability practices. While Go Green internships are voluntary, these unpaid internships can often be utilized for academic credit. Our interns have gone on to work in a wide array of jobs related to sustainability. 

Go Green: Interns have the opportunity to choose the projects they work on, and pursue something they are passionate about. Historically, students have completed a wide range of internships with the Office of Sustainability. These topics include event programming, projects management to development and implementation of Green Action Fund proposals. These internships can also offer you the opportunity to work with a wide range of community partners. 
Office of Sustainability | UCCS | 719.255.3089 | |