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~ Companies in the Business School this week ~

Whittlesey & Hadley Interviews - Monday
Virtus Employer of the Day- Tuesday
Kohls, Diversity in Business Lecture - Tuesday
EY Interviews - Wednesday
Ever wonder if employers care about your career?  Spend a few moments on the Career Advisor job site sponsored by PWC.  You do not have to be an accounting student to gain value from this site.  
Employers care about your success!
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 Career Training
Student Commencement Speaker
Graduating seniors are invited to apply for the honor of representing your class at Commencement. 
To apply, you must submit the application with a copy of your resume no later than midnight on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23. The Student Representative Commencement Speaker may also be nominated by faculty or other students but all applicants must submit their own completed application before the above deadline to be considered.
Career Appointments

Individual appointments are available on any weekday or drop in for a quick question during Open Office hours  from 2:30-3:30pm, Monday-Thursday.

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