UCLA High School Band Day – Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, CA 91103
Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Hello, Marching Band Parents!

UCLA High School Band Day is upon us!

This Saturday, please:

  1. Feed your marcher a healthy breakfast!
  2. Have them wear their royal blue practice shirt and shorts/leggings to wear under their uniform, plus black socks and Dinkles.*
  3. Pack them lots of snacks – nuts, fruit, bars, crackers, etc. – and maybe give them some money in case they have time to buy concessions at the Rose Bowl. We will provide each student with two bottles of water to take into the stadium. We will also provide sandwiches for lunch.
  4. Drop them off at Samohi NO LATER THAN 8:00 am!

* NOTE: If your student doesn’t want to wear their Dinkles all day, you can let them wear another pair of shoes and bring their Dinkles, but just know they will be restricted to one clear backpack to wear into the Rose Bowl (provided by us), so they won’t be able to fit a lot in there.
^^ Dinkles! — Rehearsal shirt! ^^
There is a STRICT clear bag policy at the Rose Bowl. Absolutely no opaque bags allowed.

After the bus ride to the Rose Bowl, each marcher will receive a clear drawstring backpack to take into the stadium, along with two SEALED water bottles. They will be instructed NOT to open their water bottles outside the stadium – only sealed water bottles are allowed in. They can put their snacks, phones, and other items into the clear backpacks and leave any extra/bulky items on the bus.

8:00 am: Call time at Samohi

8:00 - 8:45 am: Rehearsal

8:45 - 9:15 am: Load the small trailer

9:15 am: All students on buses; each will carry their own uniforms onto the bus

9:30 am: Buses depart Samohi

10:30 am: Arrive at Rose Bowl

10:30 - 10:45 am: Eat snacks you brought with you (no snacks provided)

11:15 am: Prepare for sectional practices

11:30 am: Sectional practice begins with UCLA section leaders

12:30 pm: Start all-bands rehearsal

1:30 pm: End all-bands rehearsal

2:00 pm: Lunch (sandwiches and water provided)

2:45 pm: Change into uniforms

3:00 pm: Line up to walk into stadium

4:30 pm: UCLA vs. Washington kickoff

6:00 pm (APPROXIMATE): High school bands perform together during halftime

7:00 pm: Change out of uniforms, all students back on buses for return trip

7:15 pm: Buses depart Rose Bowl. Students will be instructed to contact parents and let them know they are returning.

8:15 pm: Buses arrive at Samohi. All students are expected to return their uniform to the racks in the band room and help unload the trailer. 
Parents Can Still Buy Tickets!
Buy your tickets to watch from the stands at Ticketmaster (link below) or one of the resale sites. The students will sit in either the north end zone (Gate N / Sections 11 & 12) or south end z one (Gate A / Sections 25 & 26). We will not know where Samohi will be seated until they enter the stadium on game day; however, tickets for both end zones are General Admission, and you can sit in either end zone after purchasing your ticket.

Para los estudiantes - ¿Qué necesito?

  • Sus zapatos de marcha (dinkles) y medias negras.
  • Camiseta azul de práctica.
  • Traiga algo de comer y dinero en caso de que haya tiempo para comprar concesiones.

Nota: Hay una regulación en el Rose Bowl - absolutamente ningún bolsas opacas de más de 4.5" x 6.5". Proporcionaremos a cada estudiante una mochila de plástico transparente para llevar al estadio.

Horas importantes para las familias

8:00 am - Hora de llamada de los estudiantes en Samohi
9:30 am - Los autobuses salen de Samohi
11:30 am 1:30 pm – Practica en el Rose Bowl
2 pm – Almuerzo: Sandwiches y agua (provisto por Samohi)
4:30 pm - Hora de inicio del juego UCLA vs. Universidad de Washington, en el Rose Bowl
6:00 pm - (APROXIMADO) Show de medio tiempo en el Rose Bowl
8:15 pm - Hora estimada de llegada en Samohi; todos los estudiantes debe ayudar a descargar el remolque antes de la salida, aprox. 8:30 pm

UCLA BAND DAY = entrada gratis para todos los estudiantes de la Marching Band. Las entradas para la familia y los amigos están disponibles en el sitio de Ticketmaster.