Our Signature Collection Grassroots Volunteers Rock!
UCP is honored to be teamed up with local grassroots volunteers to collect signatures for 3 ballot initiatives (below) over the next 9 weeks!

Our goal is 500 signatures / week for the Cape & Islands, and the team is off to a great start on week #1 with events planned and already being executed below.

If you want to join our volunteer army of patriots responsible for Congressional District #9, please contact the applicable leader:

Cape & Islands - Adam Lange, adamlangegop@gmail.com
Bristol County - Jessica Machado, jessiecab0315@gmail.com
Plymouth County - Summer Schmaling , summerkgs@gmail.com

Cape & Islands Week 1 Signature Collection Plan

Bourne - Thursday 4-6PM, Bridge Back The Blue Rally (Pam Kulibaba)

Bourne - Monday 7-9PM, Bourne RTC Gray Gables VFW (Alice Zinkevich)

Dennis - Thursday 5-6PM, MAFA Meeting Dennis Fitness (Cherrill Lewis)

Falmouth - Sat & Sun noon - 5PM, Petco & Windfall Scranton Ave locations (Pam Kulibaba)

Mashpee - Sat 530PM Family Fun Night / Fireworks, Mashpee High School (Phyllis Sprout)

Yarmouth - Friday noon, Cape Cod Women's Republican Club (Cherrill Lewis)

Yarmouth - Sat 10-noon Saint Patrick's Parade, Skull Island Start Location (Dean Dauphinais)

Outer & Lower Cape - Sun 1-3PM Flag Officers 4 America Event, Brewster Sportsman's Club (Cherrill Lewis)
No Gas Tax Ballot Question -
This proposed law would prohibit Massachusetts from imposing any tax, fee, revenue-generating measure, or market-based compliance measure if it would reduce or restrict the supply of gasoline, diesel fuel, special fuels, or other motor fuels available to meet consumer demand.
Infant Healthcare Ballot Question -
This proposed law would require that, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, if a child is born alive, all reasonable steps in keeping with good medical practice shall be taken to preserve the life of a child born alive.
Voter ID Ballot Question -
This proposed law would require prospective voters to show a photo identification before being given a ballot at a polling place on Election Day. The photo identification presented would have to be issued by a branch of the United States Government, or by the state, or by a tribal authority recognized either by the United States or the state. Voters who do not present such identification would be permitted to vote if they execute an affidavit attesting to their identity and residence.
Back The Blue @ Bourne Bridge!
Thanks to all those that came out Thursday at the Bourne Bridge Rotary to defend our heroes in blue!
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