Dr. Rais Vohra was awarded the City of Fresno’s 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Committee Community Service Award for his service to the Fresno community. He was also the recipient of the Executive of the Year Award from the Central California Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America for his communications work during Fresno County’s COVID-19 response.
Invited Presentations
Dr. Jessica Mason, and Emergency Medicine Education Fellow, Dr. Jessie Werner gave the following presentations:
  • At SEMPA Live on November 19: “'Pain in the…': A review of recent literature on managing common painful complaints in the ED." This lecture is also available on the SEPMA Live! On Demand virtual educational channel.
  • At OMED 2020 on October 16: "Procedures and Findings in Urgent Care"
  • Grand Rounds for MetroHealth and Cleveland Clinic EM program

Dr. Mason also spoke to Highland Emergency Medicine Residency Program.
Media Coverage
Several of our faculty were featured in local media for their tireless work in treating and educating the public about COVID-19 and the newly-developed vaccines to combat it:
Announcements and Activities

  • We welcome our new faculty, Dr. Ryan Ernst! Dr. Ernst comes to us from the University of Utah School of Medicine where he was a Clinical Instructor. Dr. Ernst has also been the Co-Director of the Access & Innovation in Medical Education Fellowship, a joint venture by UCLA and EM:RAP. He will be joining us as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, and will serve as UCSF Fresno EM Director of Global Health.

  • Dr. Brian Chinnock will be serving as site primary investigator on Project PREVENT, a CDC project investigating COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness among healthcare workers.
  • Under the department’s partnership with American Ambulance, several of our faculty and learners, Fred Wu, PA-C, Thomas Spangenberg, PA ResidentDrs. Geoff StrohDanielle Campagne, and Jessica Fujimoto, supported a recent paramedic class training on January 28 (pictured above) by lending their expertise.
  • The COVID-19 Equity Project, headed by Dr. Kenny Banh (pictured above), was at the Mary Ella Brown Community Center along with SJV PRIME students. They participated in a listening session sponsored by West Fresno Family Resource Center to hear from community members about health care concerns.
  • Drs. Jessica Martin (R2), Jesus Martinez (R2), Enid Picart (R1), and Paloma Marin-Nevarez (R1), (pictured below) spoke with Environmental Services staff at Community Medical Centers regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in both English and Spanish to help answer questions and address concerns. CMC developed an informational Spanish-language video for distribution of Dr. Marin-Nevarez’s presentation.
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Save the Date
Virtual Yoga: 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training - Session 1
(More dates to be announced)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training - Session 2
(More dates to be announced)

6th annual UCSF Fresno Education Symposium. Keynote address by Dr. Rosny Daniel: Antiracism in Medicine: Our Role in Creating Equity. The lecture will be followed by concurrent workshops and educational research and curricular development abstract presentations.