ACEP 2020 : October 26-29
Dr. Danielle Campagne lectured on the topics:
  • Going to Pieces: Rapid, High Yield ED Ortho Exam
  • Difficult Dislocations

Dr. Eric Schmitt served as Councilor for the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section at the ACEP Council Meeting.

Dr. Sue Spano served as Councilor for the California delegation at the ACEP Council Meeting.

Dr. Nathan Dreyfus (R1) served as EMRA Research Committee Vice Chair and Director of the EMRA CaseCon event.

Dr. Sarah Koser (R1) was awarded Best Medical Student Paper for her 2019 abstract presentation: Implementation of a Substance Use Disorder Bridge Clinic.

Dr. Matthew Lippi (R1) presented the abstract: National Trends and Outcomes of Sepsis Readmission: 2010 – 2017

Ansley Furtado, Academic Research Associate, presented the abstract: Student Satisfaction Towards an Academic Research Program​
Invited Presentations
Drs. Kenny Banh and Enid Picart (R1) were the Keynote Speakers at this year’s 2020 Reaching Out to Aspiring Doctors (ROAD) for the San Joaquin Valley Conference. The purpose of the conference is to provide aspiring doctors, physicians, and surgeons with the information, resources, skills, and networking that is essential to achieving their educational goals with the hope that they will return to the Valley to provide culturally responsive care. Dr. Picart was also the Keynote Speaker at this year’s Growing Health Leaders Conference.
Media Coverage
Drs. Lori Weichenthal and Mackenzie Yore (R4) were interviewed by KSEE24 for an October 4 article about the UCSF Fresno Health Equity Action Lab:

Dr. Weichenthal also participated in a Fresno County Department of Public Health media briefing about the COVID-19 surge that is being experienced across the country and here in Fresno. From the briefing, Dr. Weichenthal was featured in a November 24 article in The Fresno Bee talking about the COVID-19 surge and the physical and emotional burdens the surge places on doctors, nurses, technicians.

Drs. Kenny Banh (pictured above in Invited Presentations) and Rais Vohra were featured in the following articles for their work in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Announcements and Activities
  • Dr. Alex Kaminsky (R4) published a podcast on September 15 with EMRA*Cast entitled Transitions of care.
  • Dr. Saajan Bhakta (R3) is a regular co-host and contributor to the American Ambulance EMS Podcast along with Drs. Danielle Campagne (pictured above in ACEP 2020) and Patil ArmenianDr. Kayla Johnson (R2) was a contributor in a recent episode.
  • Dr. Gayle Kouklis (R2) co-authored an article on Climate Change and Health in the Nov-Dec issue of SAEM Pulse, entitled The climate-smart, environmentally-responsible ED: helping patients by reducing healthcare pollution.
  • Please welcome our new Physician Assistant Residents, Jessica Clary and Haylee DeGrood! Jessica, originally from the Bay Area, graduated from A.T. Still University-Arizona Health Sciences University. Haylee, from Riverside, graduated from UC Davis.

  • Dr. Walid Hamud-Ahmed (R4) led a training session (pictured below) on transvenous pacemakers for emergency medicine residents.
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