• Inaugurated into the Academy of Medical Educators for 2020: Drs. Shruti Kant, Evelyn Porter and Will Shyy
  • Eleven physicians from our department were selected for the Haile T. Debas 2020 Academy of Medical Educators (AME) Excellence in Teaching Award: Drs. Nancy Anaya, Brian Berger, Carol Chen, Kavita Gandhi, Starr Knight, Liz Kwan, Susan Lambe, Toff Peabody, Eric Silverman, Sonny Tat and Andi Tenner
  • Dr. Aaron Harries was awarded the 2019-2020 Maxine Papadakis Award for Faculty Professionalism and Respect
  • The 2019-2020 Fourth Quarter Bedside Teaching Award recipients were: Drs. Rosny Daniel (Parnassus), Starr Knight (ZSFG), and Evelyn Porter (Mission Bay)
  • Dr. Nida Degesys was selected to serve as a national panel reviewer for ACEP's geriatric emergency accreditation committee
  • Dr. Zlatan Coralic was awarded the 2020 AME Excellence in Interprofessional Teaching Award
  • Sandra Lieu has been selected as a 2020 recipient of the Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators Jaclyne Witte Boyden Staff Service Award. This award recognizes staff members each year for outstanding contributions in support of medical education at UCSF.
Research Grants
  • Drs. Maria Raven, Ralph Wang, Jahan Fahimi and Nida Degesys (pictured above in Achievements section) were awarded a $1.6M contract from NIOSH-CDC to lead a multi-site clinical trial at six EDs examining N95 reuse and extended use, building on the JAMA Research Letter on N95 reuse and extended use published earlier this year
  • Drs. Charley Murphy, Maria Raven and their team at Parnassus, and Dr. Kathy LeSaint and her team at ZSFG were awarded a $50,000 grant and $100,000 grant, respectively, by the California Bridge Program to support behavioral health counselors to build capacity for improved treatment of substance use disorder and mental health disorders
Invited Presentations
Dr. Rob Rodriguez (pictured below in Media Coverage) gave Grand Rounds at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Jacobi-Montefiore Residency Program; Albert Einstein School of Medicine on September 2 with a presentation entitled, "Precision CT Approach in Adult Blunt Trauma"
Media Coverage

Dr. Ellen Weber, Editor in Chief of the Emergency Medicine Journal, published a podcast with Katherine Henderson, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, entitled Can COVID-19 be an opportunity for the future of Emergency Departments?

Drs. Maria Raven (pictured above in Research Grants) and Rob Rodriguez were featured in the following articles:

Dr. Rob Rodriguez was also featured in the following articles:

On August 27, Dr. Toff Peabody was a presenter at the Quarterfinals of the UCSF Digital Health Awards, "the Academy Awards of Digital Health"

On August 27, Dr. Guy Shochat was a panel member for I’m On the Front Lines of COVID-19: Ask Me Anything, an online event hosted by the long-standing Science on Tap science education series

August 13 saw the 6th annual Spokes for Folks bicycle tour of several sites that are referral centers for the UCSF DEM: Healthright 360 Navigation Center, Tom Waddell Urban Health Clinic, Harbor Lights Recovery Center and Field Care Clinic Site 1 at Southeast Health Center. Participating in the ride were Drs. Rosny Daniels, Scott Fruhan and John Brown (Faculty), Alia Church, Karina Stime, Paul Hausknecht and Nick Stark (Residents) and Nurse Practitioner Nick Evans. The weather was excellent with warm temperatures, moderate winds and not much traffic. The ride concluded with a socially-distanced picnic with both healthy and not-so-healthy refreshments at the FCC site 1.
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Special Publications

Fellowship Activities
Drs. Amelia Breyre and VJ Bains are our current EMS/Disaster fellows. They deployed as physicians with California Medical Assistance Team (CALMAT) from September 1 through 9 to provide medical assistance at the fire camps (CALFIRE, firefighters and supporting staff) in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Fresno. They were part of a CALMAT team of a multidisciplinary team of nurses, EMTs. This is the first time CALMAT has ever provided medical care directly to CALFIRE and our fellows report that it was a fantastic experience in learning more about CALFIRE, disaster medicine and poison oak exposure!  
Staff Announcements
Effective September 11, Nick Slater will be joining our DEM Staff team and will serve as our Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator.
Nick is a recent California transplant and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Family, Youth, and Community Sciences from the University of Florida. He has worked in clinical research for five years, coordinating clinical trials and investigator driven studies in Florida, as well as UC San Francisco. Aside from work, he enjoys traveling, playing tennis, watching obscure movies, and baking. A fun fact about Nick is that he performed improv and sketch comedy in a traveling group during college.
Our clinical research coordinators, Virginia Chan and Angela Wong, are each WINGS Grant recipients for the August 2020 cycle. Virginia received a $300 grant in Microbiology, and Angela received a $300 grant in Health and Social Behavior.
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