• Dr. Peter Sokolove was appointed to ACEP's Geriatric ED Accreditation (GEDA) Advisory Board.
  • Dr. Nida Degesys was selected to be the Assistant Medical Director of the Parnassus ED effective November 1, 2020.
  • Dr. Nick Glomb was voted as Provider of the Year in the Mission Bay ED.
  • Dr. Carol Chen began her new role in December as an MD/Epidemiologist for the Outbreak Management Group of the SF Department of Public Health at COVID Command Center. She co-leads the SRO team focused on vulnerable populations living in single room occupancy buildings in San Francisco.  Dr. Raj Daftary also started in January in a similar role co-leading the Schools team.
  • Dr. Riham Alwan was chosen to serve as a consultant on the Social Medicine Team.
Grants and Funding

  • Drs. Maria Raven, Ralph Wang, Jahan Fahimi and Nida Degesys (pictured above in Achievements) received a grant from NIOSH and CDC to conduct a multisite N95 reuse and extended use study.
  • Drs. Robert Rodriguez, Ralph Wang, and Juan Carlos Montoy (pictured below in Media Coverage) were awarded a subcontract for Project INSPIRE, a prospective multicenter CDC-funded study of the long-term health outcomes for people with COVID-19.
  • Dr. Jackie Grupp-Phelan co-authored an important and very timely article in JAMA Psychiatry entitled Prospective development and validation of the computerized adaptive screen for suicidal youth. This study was the major product from the PECARN Suicide Screening U01 grant. The highlight from the JAMA Psychiatry website provides additional information, and the NIH press release is available at this link as PDF.

  • UCSF was awarded 3 years of funding from the Dolby Family Foundation to develop a best-in-class Geriatric ED within our ED at Parnassus. In addition to addressing the many, complex needs of our geriatric patients, our GED will have a particular focus on dementia care. This application was preceded by a 9-month planning grant and made possible with the dedication and hard work of a multi-disciplinary effort at UCSF led by Dr. Nida Degesys (PI) and Drs. Jim Hardy (pictured below) and Maria Raven (Co-Is). It includes colleagues and co-investigators from Geriatrics, Neurology, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, as well as many of our own ED nurses and AP. It has been a massive undertaking to get to this point. Some of the accomplishments include completion of a specialized Apex GED build, the development of over 20 GED policies and procedures that will improve care for high risk patients over the age of 65, development of multiple education and training modules, and implementation of GED shifts staffed by APP “GEDIs” (geriatric ED implementors). Dr. Degesys will be the UCSF GED Medical Director, and Dr. Hardy will serve as the GED Director of Outreach and Community Engagement. Dr. Raven will continue to provide outstanding mentorship to the group.
  • Dr. Carol Chen (pictured above in Achievements) received gift funds from State Farm to support the to support the department's Child Injury Prevention Program..

Faculty Development Grant Awardees:

  • Dr. Anneka Hooft (Population Health and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)) – The grant will support the Introductory course training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) These techniques can be used epidemiologically to examine the effects of geography on health.
  • Dr. Debbie Madhok (Introduction to Statistical Computing training) – The grant will support the cost of enrollment in BIOSTAT 212 at UCSF which will increase the department's knowledge of statistical software.
  • Dr. Nancy Anaya (Development of a standardized curriculum for residents and faculty in ultrasound guided regional anesthesia)  -- The grant will support a NYSORA simulator and Articulate 360 software. This project will develop a curriculum for facilitate residents and faculty to develop competency in performance of femoral and fascia iliac nerve blocks.
Invited Presentations
  • Dr. Nida Degesys (pictured above in Achievements) was invited to present at and represent geriatric EM on December 8 at the Milken Insitutes's Building Dementia Workforce Capacity to Improve Screening and Diagnosis.
  • Dr. Jon Gelber gave an oral presentation on November 3 at the 2020 Resuscitation Science Symposium on the publication on which he was the primary author, entitled A prospective study of the incidence of intracranial hemorrhage in survivors of out of hospital cardiac arrest.
  • Dr. Mimi Lu gave Grand Rounds for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland on January 13, with a presentation entitled "PEM Chalk Talk."
  • Dr. Rob Rodriguez (pictured above in Research Grants) was an invited speaker at the UCSF Latinx Center of Excellence, Salud Luminary series, panel discussion of "Frontline Providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic" on January 28. He was also a featured speaker on January 29 at Congressman Jared Huffman's town hall (Marin County) on January 29.
  • Dr. Jeff Tabas gave Grand Rounds at UCLA Ronald Reagan/Olive View Emergency Medicine program on September 3 with his presentation entitled "Avoiding Pitfalls in the ED Management of Atrial Fibrillation."
  • Dr. Ellen Weber presented COVID Vaccine FAQs to the California Community of Practice for case investigators and contact tracers, a (virtual) audience of 375 people, and for California’s COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy.
Media Coverage
  1. - Election angst? In states that back losing nominee, residents' mental health may falter. November 2. (Also appeared in BrightSurf Science News, Newswise, ScienceBlog, et al)
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Dr. Judy Klein has been working with the Marin Medical Reserve Corp, volunteering at the main mass vaccination site as both a medical consultant and vaccinator. She reports that it's "beyond rewarding to work answering vaccine-related questions and immunizing our first responders, health care workers and soon the elderly and essential workers (including teachers!!)"
Dr. Lily Muldoon, who serves as the Executive Director of Organic Health Response, was instrumental in designing and implementing the regional COVID response plans for Lake Victoria, Kenya. Her work was highlighted at the Global Health Day 2020 in the Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility at the University of Minnesota. Above left, a picture from June of our nurse and community health worker team in Kenya providing emergency services on Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria. 

Since the start of the global COVID pandemic, Dr. Muldoon co-founded and serves as the Medical Director of Something Labs, a volunteer coalition protecting frontline medical workers by quickly innovating and bridging the gap between supply chains and the medical system. Dr. Muldoon has been recognized by multiple Rotary Clubs for her efforts, including the Rotary Clubs of Castro, Millbrae, Novato, Oakland, Pacifica and San Francisco. So far Dr. Muldoon and her team (pictured above right) have raised over $1 million and distributed over 240,000 pieces of PPE (face shields, PAPR cuffs, vent connectors, gowns, intubation boxes, etc) to 640 primarily under-served locations.
Our EMS fellows Drs. Gurvijay Bains and Amelia Breyre hard at work at the COVID Command Center. Dr. Bains is working on upgrading the lab capability at the operational Field Care Clinic site at Southeast Health Center, and the standby Long Term Care site at the Presidio to do several CLIA-waived tests on site for rapid patient turnover. Dr. Breyre has provided point of care ultrasound materials at the same sites and is working with our Ultrasound faculty on providing training and quality improvement programs at both sites. They are also sharing Medical Director duties for the DPH Mass Vaccination Clinic at Moscone North with Dr. John Brown. The site is unique in that it utilizes EMTs and Paramedics on the vaccination teams along with nurses, disaster service workers, logisticians and IT personnel.
Save the Date
From Dr. Starr Knight:

Happy Black History Month Team!
This month [February] we celebrate the numerous contributions made by African American/Black people within our society. As we reflect on the largest global civil rights movement in history (Summer 2020) which acknowledged that Black Lives Matter… I challenge you to push yourself further and reflect on how each of us has supported Black life and enhanced joy and wellness in the Black Community.
From Dr. Rosny Daniel:

Happy Black History Month, everyone!
Just wanted to say - I am honored to be a part of our program and a part of UCSF - an institution that truly takes diversity and equity to heart. We still have a lot of work to do, but I think we are leaders in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion and I am proud to be a part of that work.
This month, there are a ton of events for Black History Month. I encourage you all to attend, participate, learn, contribute, and reflect this month as we continue to work towards equity and antiracism. There are some AMAZING events on the UCSF Black History Month calendar, so please check them out.
I am the co-faculty lead for UCSF's Black Men in Medicine organization. On 2/11 we hosted a screening of Black Men in White Coats. If you would like to join our next virtual screening of the film available Fri February 26 to Sun February 28, please do.
Stay woke.
  • Dr. Rosny Daniel is one of the Co-Faculty leads for the UCSF Black Men in Medicine Organization. This group hosted a film screening of Exploring and Empowering Our Community: Black Men in White Coats Film on February 11Drs. Starr Knight and Joe Nelson (R4) were featured panelists at the film screening event.
  • KQED Presents: A Love Supreme, Black History Month Drive-In at Fort Mason - Feb 23 at 8pm - When the Waters Get Deep follows the story of local musicians that uses hip-hop, jazz and soul to tell stories about the effects of policing, mass incarceration, and gun violence, and the bandmates work to create spaces for healing in Black and brown communities. The 35-minute film will debut at KQED's first drive-in screening at Fort Mason on February 23rd at 8pm. We will be hosting a simultaneous digital screening of the film on our YouTube channel. A link will be sent to registrants who sign up for a live-streaming ticket prior to the event.
  • Black Men in White Coats Virtual Screening - Feb 26 to Mar 1 - Less Black men applied to medical school in 2014 than in 1978 and Black men have the lowest life expectancy in the United States. With only 2% of American doctors being Black men, this comes as no surprise. This documentary dissects the systemic barriers preventing Black men from becoming medical doctors and the consequences on society at large. Join AAMLO for a special virtual screening of a film project that “seeks to increase the number of Black men in the field of medicine by exposure, inspiration, and mentoring." The founder and executive producer is Dr. Dale Okorodudu. For more information visit:
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Special Publications

Lee W, Straube S, Sincic R, Noble JA, Montoy JC, Kornblith AE, Prakash A, Wang R, Bainton R, et al. Clinical evaluation of a COVID-19 antibody lateral flow assay using point of care samples. medRxiv. 4 Dec 2020;2020.12.02.20242750. doi: 10.1101/2020.12.02.20242750. Preprint. PMID: 33300003. PMCID: PMC7724668.
Resident Activities
Dr. David Dillon (R4) received the extremely competitive Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) 2020 Research Achievement Award for his work with Dr. Rob Rodriguez (pictured above in Research Grants) on “Screening Performance of Chest X-Ray in Adult Blunt Trauma Evaluation: What Does It Miss?” This award recognizes the best abstract, presentation, and manuscript by a resident at the SAEM20 Annual Meeting.

Dr. Sojung Yi (R3) has created the Social Justice Discussion Club (SJDC), along with Pediatrics resident Dr. Leanne Duhaney, to create a space to discuss important social issues. They also turn their powerful discussion into action by donating to an organization related to that day’s discussion, voted on by the group members. For the February session, the SJDC group members will be reading and discussing “Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.”
Dr. Nick Stark (R3) has continued to upgrade our access to ZSFG resources on shift, now with the development of the E*Drive. The E*drive is a new one-stop shop for all your ED-related questions, including clinical guidelines (COVID info, admission agreements, trauma/medical protocols including our brand new Droperidol Guidelines) and more!

Dr. Maddie Grade (R2) successfully implemented the VotER project at ZSFG and UCSF to encourage patients to register to vote, and to help them to do so with QR-Code enabled badge-backers distributed to ED staff. Following her lead, we had 1510 page visits at UCSF alone and an estimated 569 new/updated registrations!
Staff Announcements
On December 11, our DEM staff enjoyed a Dandelion Chocolate virtual tasting event organized by the department as a staff team-building activity.