We in the ED have received enormous support from our community by way of food and PPE to help keep us fed and shielded during these times of COVID. Our community, however, has given us something even more important by sheltering in place. This has not only led to flattening of the curve, but to saving lives - those of HCWs and those of our most vulnerable patients. So we wanted to give thanks back to our community for doing what they do, so we can do what we need to do. We did this by creating a short video as a tribute to our community made with pictures and footage from our faculty and staff at ZSFG, and even a song from our very own Dr. Scott Fruhan who wrote and performed this song just for this project!

  • Dr. Carol Chen was selected to participate in the Teaching Scholar Program (TSP)
  • Dr. Carol Chen has also assumed the role of Child Injury Prevention Lead for DEM
  • Dr. Chris Colwell was awarded ACEP’s National Faculty Teaching Award
  • Drs. Sally Graglia and Margaret Lin-Martore have been selected by the School of Medicine to serve as Bridges Coaches, starting July
  • Dr. Jeanne Noble was awarded ACEP’s National Emergency Medicine Excellence in Bedside Teaching Award
  • The 2019-2020 3rd Quarter Bedside Teaching Award winners are: UCSF: Dr. Will Shyy, and ZSFG: Dr. Dan Repplinger
  • Dr. Will Shyy was awarded ACEP’s National Emergency Medicine Junior Faculty Teaching Award
  • Dr. Sonny Tat was offered a physician leadership role for the Benioff Children’s Hospitals Access Initiative
  • Dr. Andi Tenner was appointed Medical Health Division Director for the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 response.
  • Dr. Mary Mercer is serving as a subject matter expert for the DPH response
  • Drs. Mary Mercer, Cecily Sotomayor, Kevin Padrez, and Andi Tenner assist in covering for Dr. John Brown when needed as the Medical Health Operations Area Coordinator (MHOAC)
  • A brand new 2-year PEM fellow didactic curriculum was designed by Dr. Shruti Kant (pictured below in Research section) in academic year 2019-20 and implemented in July 2020.
Research Grants
  • Dr. Shruti Kant received funding for the Improving Pediatric Acute Care Through Simulation (ImPACTS) project from Benioff Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Hemal Kanzaria was awarded a $100,000 grant by SFGH Foundation to help meet patients' health-related social needs, e.g. hygiene kits, food and transportation vouchers, phones, and medisets, during the COVID-19 pandemic .
  • Dr. Aaron Kornblith's proposal titled “Determining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on maltreatment and behavioral emergencies in children” was selected for funding by the UCSF Research Development Office as part of the UCSF COVID-19 Related Rapid Research Pilot Initiative
  • NFEM awarded a $10,000 COVID-19 grant to Dr. Debbie Madhok for her proposal titled "The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown Orders on the Incidence of Traumatic Brain Injuries"
  • Dr. Robert Rodriguez received a UCSF COVID-19 Related Rapid Research Pilot Initiative grant for “A longitudinal assessment of anxiety levels and stress mitigation measures for front line physicians during the acceleration phase of the COVID-19 pandemic”
  • Dr. Anita Vashi received funding from HSR&D Innovation Initiative Program (ORD) for her proposal titled "Telehealth for Acute Care in VA", as well as from VA HSR&D COVID Rapid Response funding (ORD) for her proposal titled “Impact of COVID-19 on ED and UC Use and Veteran Outcomes”
Invited Presentations
  • In July, Dr. Ellen Weber gave a presentation to the SF-Marin Medical Society with an update on COVID and contact tracing in San Francisco
  • On June 24, Dr. Robert Rodriguez (pictured above in Research section) gave a virtual lecture at the University of Maryland Critical Care Symposium that was attended by approximately 2700 participants, entitled "Updates in the Management of the Ventilated COVID Patient"

  • Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore (pictured above in Achievements section) has been invited to give a Medical Education Grand Rounds oral presentation in September on her project: "Evaluating a Web-based Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Diagnosis of Intussusception". Drs. Heidi Werner and Aaron Kornblith are also co-investigators on that project.
  • Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore gave a Research Platform presentation at the annual PEM POCUS (P2) Network virtual meeting in May about her POCUS for Intussusception educational project.

  • Accepted for presentation at the AIDS 2020 conference in July: Fuchs JD, Carter H, Evans JL, Graham-Squire D, Moughamian A, Pfeifer-Rosenblum R, Imbert E, Kushel M, Bobba N, Bennett A, Borne D, Kanzaria HK. A hotel-based isolation and quarantine (I&Q) strategy to deliver integrated medical and behavioral health services to persons with COVID-19 who are experiencing homelessness or living in congregate settings.
Media Coverage
On June 22, UCSF-ZSFG DEM partnered with Bay Area community organization Paint the Void, San Francisco-based activist and artist Jen Bloomer, Zuni Cafe, and the SFGH Foundation to paint a mural entitled, "How We Care Shapes Who We Are," located at Zuni Cafe at 1658 Market Street in San Francisco. Drs. Jess Chow (who was interviewed by KPIX5 and CBS Evening News) and Mindy Duong (R3) helped to coordinate efforts for the event which drew almost two dozen participants.
Developed as a pilot program by the EMS providers and the EMS Research Committee with the assistance of Drs. Juan Carlos Montoy, Mary Mercer (pictured above in Achievements section), David Malmud and Eric Silverman, the CADDiE (Centralized Ambulance Distribution project) was revised and became a COVID response project to improve system distribution of stable ambulance patients across our 13 receiving hospitals to help with the pandemic surge in hospitalized patients. As of July 8, the program had been up and running for 83 days and had directed 10,500 ambulance transports to SF 911 ambulance receiving hospitals. The CADDiE function, located at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium EMS Transportation Hub is staffed with a combination of Base Hospital Physicians and Paramedic Supervisors; so far over 20 UCSF/ZSFG EM residents, faculty and fellows have performed shifts at the hub and provided valuable feedback. We are in the process of revising and improving the program in light of the current reemerging surge, with the long term goal of providing paramedics with real-time emergency department and hospital capacity data at the time of destination determination and diminishing the need for ambulance diversion. Pictured below is Dr. John Brown at the CADDiE desk.
(Below) PEM Dinner Club organized by Dr. Shruti Kant. These after hours meetings have occurred quarterly for the past 3 years. Due to COVID-19, we hosted our first virtual PEM dinner club on May 19.
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Residency and Fellowship Activities
The UCSF-ZSFG Emergency Medicine Residency and Fellowship Graduation was held on June 9. Congratulations to all of our graduates and thank you to all of our faculty for their teaching, guidance, and mentorship of our residents and fellows!
The following awards were presented:
  • Faculty Teacher of the Year: Elizabeth Kwan, MD
  • Graduating Resident of the Year: Cortlyn Brown, MD
  • Intern of the Year: Olivia Hall, MD
  • ZSFG Krevans Awardee: Oluwatosin Adenuga, MD
  • Nurses of the Year: Cecilia Carvajal, RN, Meggie Hui, RN, & Eva Velarde-Rios, RN
  • Support Staff of the Year:  Amy Furr, Jason Rosenbury, & Christopher Vogt
  • Consultants of the Year: Erik McDonald, MD & Katherine Wong, MD
  • zsfgCOVID, the COVID-19 resource at ZSFG, developed by Drs. Nick Stark (R3), Madeline Grade (R2) and Toff Peabody (Faculty), has now expanded to include both ED and Inpatient protocols through collaboration with Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. We recently had an article accepted by WestJEM which details the development and implementation of the platform: "Streamlining Care in Crisis: Rapid Creation & Implementation of a Digital Support Tool for COVID-19" (accepted for publication and in process).
  • On June 15 at the GME Celebration and Awards program, the Residents & Fellows Leading Interprofessional Continuous Improvement Teams (REFLECT) project of Drs. Anna Bilski, Cortlyn Brown (pictured above in Graduation section), Stacey Lakin, Jessica Paz, Nick Stark and Jessica Zhang was selected to be highlighted as an outstanding project based on the alignment with our age-friendly health system as well as opioid reduction efforts.
  • The 2020 Virtual Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) was from April 16 to 19. Dr. Cortlyn Brown was honored at the event to continue leadership in the position of Strategic Planning Council Member.
  • Dr. Madeline Grade has spearheaded a project to help patients register to vote during their ED visit in conjunction with the VotER project. QR badges and registration codes are being rolled out at both UCSF and ZSFG!
A message from our Chief Residents
Welcome to the Class of 2024! We have 15 bright and shining new EM Interns starting in our department in July! If you see them on shift, take a moment to say hi, introduce yourself, and show them the ropes. They are in it for the next four years, so now's the time to welcome them into our family and teach them the good habits that don't seem to stick with those pesky R4s.

Drs. David Dillon, Kevin Hanley, and Emily Neill
Staff Announcements
Effective July 13, Susan Sudduth is joining our DEM Administrative team and will serve as our Data Analytics Manager. Welcome Susan!
Susan has worked in Healthcare for 25+ years, providing a wide range of support for IT-related projects to hospital departments including the Emergency Department, the OR, the Lab and Hospital Administration. She has focused on working with EPIC data the last ten years. 
Aside from work, she loves DIY projects, camping, cycling, and most recently she enjoyed the birth of her first grandchild. A fun fact about Susan is that instead of doodling when she’s bored, she writes backwards! 
Virginia Chan has been accepted into her dream program, the UC Berkeley’s Master’s in Public Health Program! She will continue serving as Clinical Research Coordinator at DEM since the classes are in the evening. Virginia says she looks forward to growing at DEM as she pursues her MPH. Congratulations Virginia!
Save The Date