On November 9, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris announced the formation of the Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board, a panel of leading health and science experts who will interface with state and local officials and provide critical guidance to the President-elect to shape our federal response to the pandemic. Three UCSF faculty members, including Dr. Rob Rodriguez from our very own Department of Emergency of Medicine, have been honored with an appointment to serve on the 13-member advisory board. (Read more about the advisory board at the UCSF News Center)
  • Dr. Starr Knight (pictured below in ACEP 2020) has accepted the role as the inaugural Director of Faculty Experience for UCSF at ZSFG effective December 1. This new role was created to be an additional resource to advance the university’s commitment to being an enriching, supportive work environment, where faculty, staff, and trainees at ZSFG are able to flourish.  Dr. Knight, who was selected from an impressive group of candidates, will partner with many groups across the organization including the UCSF Departments at ZSFG, the ZSFG Dean’s Office, ZSFG Care Experience Team, and UCSF Health, to name a few. In this work she will help identify opportunities for improvement with a particular lens on provider and faculty wellbeing.
  • Dr. Andi Tenner was appointed Operations Section Chief for COVID Command in October. This role oversees all of the city-wide operations for COVID response including all health operations as well as community outreach and safe housing sites. 
  • Dr. Andi Tenner will join the Department of Public Health (DPH) Population Health Division (PHD) team as Director of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (PHEPR) in January. This role oversees the strategic planning for emergency preparedness within DPH and CCSF, directs and coordinates planning and response to emergencies and disasters, and oversees emergency preparedness grants and activities for DPH. She will be taking a leave of absence from UCSF when this role begins, but will still be around working a few shifts per month at ZSFG.
  • Dr. Riham Alwan received a 2020-21 Short-Term Mentor Award. Dr. Alwan’s mentee in the Summer Explore Research Fellowship program, Dahlia Kaki, submitted a glowing nomination letter that spoke highly of Dr. Alwan's guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Drs. Emily Frank, Christine Ju and Mahnoosh Nik-Ahd were awarded the Teach for UCSF Mini Certificate in Simulation Teaching.
  • Dr. Israel Green-Hopkins completed the Advanced Training Program in Health Care Delivery Improvement through the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research at Intermountain Healthcare. This 4-week program is designed to provide in-depth quality improvement training to healthcare professionals.
  • Dr. Aaron Harries was awarded the 2020 Maxine Papadakis Award for Faculty Professionalism and Respect, which recognizes faculty who are exemplars in treating students and others in the clinical environment with professionalism, courtesy and respect.
  • Dr. Aaron Kornblith (pictured below in Research Grants) is now a Faculty Affiliate of the UCSF Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute. Dr. Kornblith was nominated by his colleagues and his affiliation was approved by the executive committee of the Bakar Institute. This affiliation will enable Dr. Kornblith to expand his research collaborations, as well as gain access to computational health sciences resources.
  • Dr. Brian Lin was selected by the Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP) Advisory Board at UCSF School of Medicine as the recipient of the 2020 Charlotte Baer Memorial Award, presented annually to a volunteer clinical professor of the School of Medicine in recognition of distinguished service. This award is named in honor of Dr. Charlotte Baer, who was a practicing internist in San Francisco and a volunteer clinical professor for almost 30 years.
  • Dr. Debbie Madhok is the new Chairperson for the Stroke Committee of the SF EMS Agency.
  • Dr. Debbie Madhok was honored with a 2020 Empower Award by the Council of Korean Americans, a national organization, on November 21.
  • Dr. Jill Mongelluzzo was accepted for SAEM approval of an Emergency Medicine Education Scholarship Fellowship. The Med Ed fellowship is now the first to be SAEM approved and can serve as a model for future applications.
  • Dr. Ashkon Shaahinfar was awarded the Teach for UCSF Certificate in Clinical Teaching.
ACEP 2020 : October 26-29
Dr. Chris Colwell, speaker:
  • Management of Pelvic Trauma
  • Managing the Agitated Trauma Patient
  • Resuscitation of the Trauma Patient
  • Cruising the Literature: Trauma 2020 (presented live)

Dr. Starr Knight, speaker:
  • Life-Saving Procedures in Trauma
  • Soundwaves and Soft Tissues
  • Chest Tubes-Pearls & Pitfalls (presented live)
  • Working as a Female in the ED: Coffee House Chat (presented live)

Dr. Jeff Tabas, speaker:
  • The Heart of the Matter - Risk Stratification Tools, Cardiac Imaging, & Latest Treatments: ACEP Connect
  • Number Needed to Treat: Pinpointing ED Interventions That Matter Most
  • Atrial Fibrillation Update 2020: Don't Miss a Beat (presented live)

Dr. Mimi Lu, speaker:
  • Pediatric Nightmare: Endocrine and Metabolic Emergencies
  • Pediatric Tricks of the Trade: What They Didn't Teach You in Residency

Committee activity:

Dr. Maddie Grade (R2):
  • Attending pre conference EMRA and ACEP Council as one of 3 EMRA Health Policy Fellows who serve as alternate ACEP council delegates

Dr. Nick Stark (R3):
  • ACEP Quality & Patient Safety Committee meeting (EMRA/ACEP-appointed member)
  • EMRA Administration & Operations + Health Policy Committee annual meeting (Admin & Ops Vice Chair, ACEP meeting lead
  • Co-leading meeting and panel "Life After Residency: Contracts, Careers, Pay & Policy" which was broadcast nationally to residency program didactics sessions
  • Representing UCSF-ZSFG EM Residents at the EMRA Representative Council meeting
  • Receiving the ED Practice Management Association (EDPMA) Scholars award from EMRA
Research Grants
  • Dr. Jackie Grupp-Phelan received a Notice of Grant Award for a new PECARN research study: "Headache Assessment of Children for Emergent Intracranial Abnormalities."
  • The ZSFG Social Medicine program (led by Dr. Hemal Kanzaria) was one of five ZSFG programs awarded grant support through the "Transforming Mental Behavioral Health Fund." 
  • Drs. Aaron Kornblith and Gabriel Devlin (Pediatrics) received a research award from the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value for their project “Determining Emergency Department Utilization on Child Epidemiology During COVID-19 (DEDUCED COVID).”
Invited Presentations
  • Dr. Raj Daftary presented at Pediatric Grand Rounds on October 13: "Under 5 Mortality: Keeping Kids Alive."
  • Dr. Ellen Weber presented two talks at the African Federation for Emergency Medicine Scientific Conference. On November 9, live panel: "Getting published and getting noticed." On November 11, keynote lecture: "Why do Research in Emergency Medicine in Africa."
  • Dr. Chris Colwell (pictured above in ACEP 2020) gave (virtual) Grand Rounds on September 24 on “Mass Casualty and Disaster Management” and “Sedation of the Trauma Patient” at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Dr. Jackie Grupp-Phelan (pictured above in Research Grants) presented "Motivational Interviewing Interventions for Suicidal Youth" at Pediatric Grand Rounds on November 10.
  • Dr. Hemal Kanzaria (pictured above in Research Grants) was an invited presenter and panelist at a Health Affairs Event on October 29 entitled, "The Practice of Medicine: MIPS and The Social Determinants of Health." The entire event is viewable at healthaffairs.org
Media Coverage
  • Dr. Guy Shochat was asked to return to speak at Science On Tap - Oregon & Washington, a live (now online) interview show. He joined epidemiologist Dr. Maayan Simckes for an episode called "I’m On the Frontlines of COVID-19, Ask Me Anything." The first version in August was such a hit, they asked the two of them back, and this new episode aired live online on October 22 and is available via the Science on Tap archive.
  • Dr. Chris Colwell (pictured above in ACEP 2020) was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle on substance abuse deaths for an article that was published on September 23 entitled A Demon Inside Me.
  • Dr. Jackie Grupp-Phelan (pictured above in Research Grants) was featured in a New York Times article from November 1 about reopening San Francisco public schools and a recent surge in suicidal thoughts among children seen in the Mission Bay ED, entitled In San Francisco, Virus Is Contained but Schools Are Still Closed.
  • Dr. Hemal Kanzaria (pictured above in Research Grants) was interviewed on KCBS Radio on October 10 for World Mental Health Day. Recordings of clip 1 and clip 2 are available online. 
  • Dr. Andi Tenner (pictured above in Achievements) was featured in an ABC7 news article from November 24, entitled Artists color San Francisco Presidio field hospital with powerful images of healing during COVID-19 pandemic.
Pictured above: Wendy Staub, Drs. Carol Chen and Nisa Atigapramoj at the PEM CME conference from October 16-17 where Drs. Chen and Atigapramoj were the course chairs of the inaugural Pediatric Urgencies & Emergencies: When to Send, When to Mend CME conference.  
UCSF DEM members help the SFDPH COVID Command Center organize and distribute bedside ultrasound and point of care lab testing to the 2 Alternate Care Sites. Our EMS/D Fellows will be developing the protocols for their use, and assisting the Ultrasound Section and ZSFG lab leaders to train the clinical staff. Pictured below at Moscone Center South Red Loading Dock are Dr. Gurvijay Bains, EMS/D Fellow, Amber Quevelog RN of ZSFG, ACS Unit Leader, Dr. Amelia Breyre, EMS/D Fellow, and Dr. Tim Hong (R4).
Dr. Jeff Tabas (pictured in ACEP 2020) is co-chairing a course for UCSF Osher's Mini Medical School for the Public. The course is called What's Next: COVID-19, Science, and the Public Health.
It's a series of six virtual presentations of leading UCSF scientists describing their research on COVID-19 on Wednesday evenings from October 21 to December 9.
PEM received a faculty/staff morale grant to sponsor a couple of Dandelion Chocolate Tasting events which took place October 27 and November 12 together with our BCHO colleagues. Drs. Heidi Werner and Nisa Atigapramoj submitted the grant and coordinated the logistics.
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Special Publications

Graterol J. COVID-19's disproportionate impact on the Latinx communitySAEM Pulse. Sep-Oct 2020;22-23.

Noble J. The third wave is here, but we still need to reopen our schools. San Francisco Chronicle. 22 Nov 2020.
Resident Activities
Dr. Sojung Yi (R3) has created the Social Justice Discussion Club (SJDC) along with Peds resident Dr. Leanne Duhaney to create a space to discuss important social issues. They also turn their powerful discussion into action by donating to an organization related to that day’s discussion, voted on by the group members. For the February session, the SJDC group members will be reading and discussing “Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.”

Dr. Nick Stark (R3, pictured above in ACEP 2020) has continued to upgrade our access to ZSFG resources on shift, now with the development of the E*Drive. The E*drive is a new one-stop shop for all your ED-related questions, including clinical guidelines (COVID info, admission agreements, trauma/medical protocols including our brand new Droperidol Guidelines) and more!

Dr. Maddie Grade (R2, pictured above in ACEP 2020) successfully implemented the VotER project at ZSFG and UCSF to encourage patients to register to vote, and to help them to do so with QR-Code enabled badge-backers distributed to ED staff.
Staff Announcements
Effective November 6, Stefany Zagorov joined our DEM Staff team and will serve as our Junior Specialist for Dr. Renee Hsia. Stefany graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2020 with a BA in Public Health. During her time at Berkeley, she was involved in various education roles, first as a Teaching Assistant, and, later, as a Peer Educator for the school's Violence Prevention program. Her interest in public health stems from her lived experience, and she is especially interested in how health policy plays a role in creating a more equitable healthcare system. In her free time, Stefany enjoys reading, crocheting, skiing, and taking care of her many plants.
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